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  1. JelleG

    Check if URL contains some value

    That did the trick, amazing! Thanks
  2. JelleG

    Check if URL contains some value

    Thanks! But I also need to check if there is a sld in the URL. I want to add a script, to auto clicks the transfer button when there is 'transfer' and a 'sld' in the URL. Because this means that from outside our WHMCS the check is done that the domain can be transfered and I then want to auto click the transfer button. But this should not happen when someone is checking a domain in the WHMCS cart. So is it possible inside the domainoptions.tpl to check if the URL contains 'transfer' and 'sld'?
  3. JelleG

    Check if URL contains some value

    Thanks that works well! The only thing is, I want to use that line also in the domainoptions.tpl file, but that does not seem to work. Than the code {if $smarty.get.domain eq 'transfer' and $smarty.get.sld} does not work. How can I solve that?
  4. JelleG

    Check if URL contains some value

    Amazing, thanks a lot!! But I want to check if the URL contains 'transfer' and also if there is a 'sld' with some value. Because the sld is dynamic, the second rule does not work, because the 'value' is dynamic. Is this also possible using the GET?
  5. I want to check if my currenty URL contains some value. Therefore I use the following code, but that does not work. {if $smarty.server.HTTP_REFERER|strstr:'domain=transfer&sld='} The full URL; https://example.com/cart.php?a=add&domain=transfer&sld=value&tld=.com What am I missing?
  6. JelleG

    Change page title

    Hi, I want to change the default page title in the header.tpl. On many pages in the clientarea, there I load a page header with the following code: {include file="$template/pageheader.tpl" title="Manage DNS"|cat:' '|cat:$domain} Inside the template/pageheader.tpl file, the title is loaded like; <h2>{$title}</h2> Now I want to change the default page header in the header.tpl file, to load the {$title}. How can I achieve that?
  7. Hi, Currently inside the cart file /templates/orderforms/template/configuredomains.tpl I want to change the {$domainfield} . This is currently load like the following: <input type="text" name="domainfield[0][0]" value="" size="20" class="form-control input-250 input-inline"> * Personal Identification Number (or Organization number), if you are an individual registrant (or organization) in Sweden I want to load the field information, that is currently load after the <input> as a placeholder. How can I change this, so this is load as a placeholder?
  8. Hi, We want to offer free DNS Management inside the Client Area, that are influance the DNS settings by our registrar. But by default this option is not enabled by WHMCS and when it is enabled it creates an invoice for $0,00. So I would like to solve this. 1: The best solution will be, to enable DNS Management by default, when a new domain is registered. This should also not create an invoice, because we offer it for free. Is this something I can achieve by an action hook? And if so, how should that action hook look like. 2: The other option that is possible, but that is not a very nice way, is to disable the invoice when enabling the DNS management inside the client area. So when a client use the "Buy this option for $0,00" inside the domaindetail page, it should only enable the DNS management and should not create an invoice for this. How can I solve this issue?
  9. Hi, I want to edit the Manage DNS template (/templates/template/clientareadomaindns.tpl). I want to add TTL (domain expire), but I can not get it right. I currently have this code, but that does not seem to work. How can I make this work? CODE: <table class="table table-condensed" id="tableDomainsList"> <thead> <tr> <td><select class="form-control input-sm" name="dnsrecordexpire[]"> <option value="60" {if $dnsrecord.expire eq "60"} selected="selected"{/if}>1 Min.</option> <option value="300" {if $dnsrecord.expire eq "300"} selected="selected"{/if}>5 Min.</option> <option value="3600" {if $dnsrecord.expire eq "3600"} selected="selected"{/if}>1 H</option> <option value="86400"{if $dnsrecord.expire eq "86400"} selected="selected"{/if}>1 Day</option> </select></td> </tr> </thead> </table>
  10. JelleG

    Auto register unpaid domain name

    Can you help me with the required hook to achieve this? I do not have the knowledge to achieve this on my own.
  11. Hi, We use for all our clients a due date of 14 days for orders. But currently new domains are only sent to the registrar when the invoice is paid. How can I change this? So that a domain is always sent directly to the registrar, even when the invoice is not paid.
  12. Thanks! So the only solution to the problem, will be to reduce the number of searches? Inside the cart we do not use suggestion tlds, so that should not be the problem. There is no workaround to solve this? Because when the cart is used by many customers at the same time, the error will also appear, I guess .
  13. Thanks for your reply! Tried that, works great! I have somethings a other strange thing. When I check a domain, it says it is already registered, but instead the domain is still available. But when I directly check it again, it works well and I can register it. How can I solve this issue?
  14. Hi, Inside my /orderforms/template/domainoptions.tpl I want to check if the template is "adddomain". I want to check if the template where the domainoptions are displayed is /orderforms/template/adddomain.tpl How can I achieve that? Or can I achieve that by using a custom titlename? So how can I add a custom pagetitle to the adddomain.tpl? I want to use a code like this in my domainoptions.tpl: {if $pagetitle eq 'adddomain'} <form class="domainresults domainfrm" action="cart.php?a=add&domain=register" method="post"> {/if}
  15. JelleG

    Define clientarea displayed blocks

    Thanks, I tried that, but that does not seem to work. That still does only display the unpaid invoices. I want to display the 5 latest invoices, also the ones that are already paid. Is that possible?

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