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  1. Remitur


    You can use also the whmcs tax engine, which is free, but I do not suggest it: https://docs.whmcs.com/Tax_Configuration
  2. Remitur


    Here are the limits: https://www.avalara.com/vatlive/en/eu-vat-rules/eu-vat-number-registration/vat-registration-threshold.html
  3. Remitur


    There's a limit under which you're not forced to have your european VAT number: I don't remember how much higher is this limits, but it has at least 5 zeroes... So, three fixes: If you're under the limit, do nothing If you're under the limit and want to please your customer, add a "vat number" custom field to your configuration, leave your customers edit it inserting their own VAT number, print it on your invoices If you're over the limit, you need this add on: https://katamaze.com/products/billing-extension Note: the 2nd is better than the first because few European accountants pretend (wrongly) the customer's VAT number in any buy documents, even if extra-UE...
  4. Remitur

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    You're the one that, one day ago, wrote: So, yesterday, according to you hosting 200 users on the same server was stupid. Today, you suggest hosting 500 to 1000 users on the same server ... 😄 I can host 100, 500 or 1000 users on a server: it's me to decide and plan how to do it, and many variables are to be managed in such a decision. The best way for KISS ("keep it simple, stupid!") is reducing as possible the number of involved variables. And I (and many others...) are going to reduce thin number simply giving off cpanel. None would discuss today about it, because cpanel with such a pricing policy would not be the number one (or number two, it's to be decided) as it is, but it would be one of the many little competitors which fight for sharing the 10% of the market...
  5. Remitur

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    In a hosting plan which is over 50 bucks/year, 2.4 USD/year are quite little (but still 5% ... which is no so little, in any business model) In a hosting plan which is 15 bucks/year, 2.4 USD is over 15% ... for just a little piece of the toy. Other than Cpanel, there's to pay CloudLinux, a decent antimalware/antivirus, the VPS (do you know any hoster providing VPS for free?), the backup service, the server management... so it's unrealistic say "you have still a profit"... (BTW, it's the same argument which was argued by cpanel's guys... so I guess that there was a little misunderstanding between old cpanel's CEO and new management, so they truly think that just cpanel is sufficient to setup a hosting business... 😄 ) No, the real profit, if you're smart, may be a couple of bucks... so if cpanel ask for 2.4 on its own, you're loosing. But the question is: for such kind of business, is cpanel necessary? No, it's not: there's plenty of other products, equally good for this kind of job, which are free or available at an affordable price. And cpanel is loosing all of them. And they're mainly not moving towards Plesk (as Oakley's guys had maybe planned), but towards other products. I'm ready to bet that 2020 will be the last year that cpanel (as company) will close: during 2021, cpanel will somehow disappear.
  6. Remitur

    Kayako WHMCS

    Anyone still using Kayako?!?!?! IMHO: expensive (too much expensive related to what it does), and you can do almost everything with WHMCS internal ticket system and (if needed) a little custom code...
  7. Remitur

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    Cheap, entry level hosting (15-20 bucks/year) does exist. I guess that websites using such kind of hosting are millions worldwide; it can be provided in an "honest" way, it is legit, and there's a number of players (big, less than big and very small) providing it. Maybe hard to profit from it, but there are lot of commercial reasons to provide it... This is not argument of debate. With new cpanel's prices, providing this kind of service is simply impossible.
  8. Remitur

    How to create new page under Support

    What do you want to do in this page? Maybe it could be done with a new support dept, needed custom fields and a simple hook or a cron ...
  9. Remitur

    Action after Domain Expiry

    A cron job, which extract from dB the domains managed by your registrar module, which are active and expiration date ≤ current date - 27 ...
  10. Remitur

    VSphere VMWare installation

    If you have issues just in installing it, I guess you're going to meet even much harder issues later, in "ordinary" management... I suggest to find anyone who has the knowledge to do it.
  11. Remitur

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    100 domains is a too small number to do any stat. And, of the top 100 Alexa the majority doen not use any control panel (neither needs it: each one of those sites has often its own IT staff...) About "how to understand what a site is using as..." there're a number of scan tecniques. About control panels, the easy (and reliable) way is trying to scan and parse the usual administrative port (i.e. 2222 for DirectAdmin , 2083 for cpanel etc) This does not work if the port is protected by VPN or firewall, or moved on a different IP... and this is another reason why it make not sense to do it on the Alexa 100 (all of them will be widely protected, I guess...) Have any different idea about understand what's the market share of cpanel and plesk? According to their own: cpanel 70 millions of domains ( https://cpanel.net/company/ ) plesk 384000 servers, 11 millions of websites ( https://www.plesk.com/about-us/ ) Hard to compare data, of course (and they're no granted to be true...) Any other data?
  12. Remitur

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    Even I was sure being so, but it seems it's not so, and in last months (looking around the thread about cPanel's price increase) I found evidences that it's quite different... I.e., amongst Alexa top 100K, 1009 domains use Plesk, and 469 cPanel: https://www.datanyze.com/market-share/hosting-control-panels/Alexa top 100K
  13. Remitur

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    cPanel has no more the market share (in USA): market leader is Plesk... In my experience: three quite different products, with three different philosophies. We used largely DirectAdmin yeras ago: it was good, and stable. We moved on cpanel just cause of interface: cpanel interface was better, the users liked it, the user wanted it... and so we gave to the users what they were asking. In the meanwhile, we kept some DirectAdmin servers: good, stable, robust. And still bad interface. Now Directadmin has a new interface, which is better that cpanel's one: so, I simply see no reasons toremain on cpanel... Why are you sayng that DA "is crap"? Experience, or are you referring to the old-time interface, or ... ?
  14. Remitur

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    I remember that, many years ago, we did so (one metal, one vps) not cause of licencing fees (which were not: we were not using cpanel...) but to get an easy migration on different metal when we need it (it was always a pain in the ass doing a restore on a different hardware). But I don't think that this was the reason of cpanel prce increasing: technology went on, and IMHO nowaday the rule is using VPS, and using metal just to realize virtualization cluster.
  15. Remitur

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    I do not agree. The question is: is cPanel value worthwhile to its price? Being other instruments (Plesk, Directadmin, etc.) which at least do the same and are cheaper, the answer is "not". Beside that: my feeling is that cpanel is slowing its developing efforts, and that in a short time just "security" patches will be released. It's yet a number of months that no really new feature are implemented...

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