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  1. Hello, I have this scripts inside the literal tag, into file viewinvoice.tpl {literal} <!-- Meta Pixel Code --> <script> [...] fbq('init', 'XXXXXXXXXXX'); fbq('track', 'PageView'); fbq('track', 'Purchase', {value: {/literal}1{literal}, currency: 'EUR'}); </script> I need to populate the part of "{value: {/literal}1{literal}, currency: 'EUR'});" with the variable {$subtotal} How can I insert the valut of the subtotal of the invoice, inside the "{value: SUBTOTAL_IMPORT, currency: 'EUR'}" ? Anyone can help me? Best Regards
  2. Yes I mean that. I opened an support request to WHMCS. About your hooks unfortunatly not works well, I receive from client area this error Fatal error: Call to a member function setExtra() on a non-object in /var/www/vhosts/root/httpdocs/clients/includes/hooks/panel_boxdomainexpires.php on line 7 Solution? Regards
  3. Hello, anyway I wrote wrong, I mean the "notifications" bar, there is an way for change the link also into notification bar? Regards
  4. Hello the hooks works fine, but the 301 redirect no, even if the redirect is correct Redirect 301 /clients/cart.php?gid=renewals https://www.domain.tld/link Do you have any idea? Thanks
  5. Hello the hooks works fine thanks. About the "alert" even if I do the 301, the redirect not works, because when you click the option into "alert" the result is Always rdirect into clientarea.php page. The redirect code is that RewriteRule cart.php?gid=renewals http://domain.tld/page [L,NC,R=301] If I do into browser http://domain.tld/page the redirect works fine, but from WHMCS no. Any idea? Thanks Regards
  6. Hello, from WHMCS6 I use the six template, this template is different from five and old template, and I have serius issue for customize it. Into my client area homepage, I see the "panel tab" > Domains Expiring Soon, the problem is that we not permit to the customer to renew the domain manually, so when you click "Renew Now" the WHMCS refresh the page and not do any action. This is an problem, because many customer think that there is an error into ClientArea. There is anyone that know how can I change the link of "Domains Expiring Soon" from actual: cart.php?gid=renewals to for example: clientarea.php?action=domains? Same thing for "alter notification bar", I have the same problem. I try to read the documentation of WHMCS; but I understend only how can I add an new PanelTab or remove the actual. Thanks for the help Regards
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