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  1. Hi, We have already configured domains with resellerclub 2 days wirking fine domain searching and everything i cannot understand why not showing domain searching ?
  2. Hi Team, Suddenly not showing Browse our Products/Services not showing. how to enable it ?
  3. How to import Resellerclub domains and WHM Domains in 7.9.1 version ? I am trying to search whm import and domain import but not finding please help me. Also some pages error after update how to fix this : Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again.
  4. Hi How to fix this. My WHMCS 7.6 PHP Version 5.6 or 7.0. Oops Error Displaying when wants to Delete Clients Account. Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again. Whoops\Exception\ErrorException: No decryption key available - Unable to call protected function delete_rc_account in Unknown:0Stack trace:#0 /home/trewhopj/public_html/members/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Utility/Error/Run.php(0): WHMCS\Utility\Error\Run->handleError(16, 'No decryption k...', 'Unknown', 0)#1 [internal function]: WHMCS\Utility\Error\Run->handleShutdown()#2 {main}
  5. Hi Hi John, Now I am trying again followed by your instruction now working successfully.
  6. Hi ChrisD, I hot Fixed Manual Change Package v7.0.1 in this version. Yesterday i upgraded 7.1.0 Now Manual Change Package not working ? What is the issue. Help me please ? Actually i tested many times some times working but Not changing Disk usages Text = Disk limit.....unside redbox i attached screenshot.
  7. HI WHMCS ChrisD, I am not directly purchased WHMCS, Provided by hostgator for Resellers. So how to download alternate WHMCS v7.1.0 files download ? How to login ? Can u help me.
  8. Error : Fatal error: Class 'WHMCS\Utility\Bootstrap\Application' not found in /home/Username/public_html/members/init.php on line 0
  9. After updating 7.0.2 WHMCS Admin panel > users domain tab showing "Registrar Error " What is problem ? How to fix it ?
  10. System Cron Tasks Not working showing error I added c panel also. I am using WHMCS 7.0.2 Updated. What is missing ? Please help me any one. I attached screenshots
  11. Hi brian!, Yes no after previously not there .htaccess. Previously htaccess.txt I changed htaccess.txt to .htaccess After changed also not working...
  12. Hi brian! I am trying to rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess not working...
  13. Hi brian, Where to change in file .htaccess ? - - - Updated - - - I Found my WHMCS location "htaccess.txt" in that text what is whange this: RewriteEngine On # Announcements RewriteRule ^announcements/([0-9]+)/[a-z0-9_-]+\.html$ ./announcements.php?id=$1 [L,NC] RewriteRule ^announcements$ ./announcements.php [L,NC] # Downloads RewriteRule ^downloads/([0-9]+)/([^/]*)$ ./downloads.php?action=displaycat&catid=$1 [L,NC] RewriteRule ^downloads$ ./downloads.php [L,NC] # Knowledgebase RewriteRule ^knowledgebase/([0-9]+)/[a-z0-9_-]+\.html$ ./knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=$1 [L,NC] RewriteRule ^knowledgebase/([0-9]+)/([^/]*)$ ./knowledgebase.php?action=displaycat&catid=$1 [L,NC] RewriteRule ^knowledgebase$ ./knowledgebase.php [L,NC] # OpenID Discovery Document (http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-discovery-1_0.html) RewriteRule ^.well-known/openid-configuration ./oauth/openid-configuration.php [L,NC]
  14. Announcements list full view not opening in 7.0.1 I attached screenshot. http://www.trewhost.com/members/announcements/4/Important-Impact-of-Service-Tax-Policy-Revision.html
  15. Suddenly Cron Status Error Displayed in Automation Settings page. How to fix it ? I Attached screenshot WHMCS Cron Status Error
  16. My client account disk quota full. i will try to upgrade manually But Getting error ? What is problem ? How to proceed manually upgraded/downgraded with whmcs? he Module Command Error Product attribute Package Name "PackageName" not found on server But Package name listed in on whm server. Please help me anyone.
  17. My customer reported bug in Register Domain page. Eg. He was trying to search a domain that domain not available. after enter nrew domain name but search button not active (disabled) how to search ? then was after page reloaded then working ? My Question is every new domain search page reload required ? I attached screenshot please help me.
  18. What is the best way to choose install Channel. Stable, Release Candidate, Beta, urrent Version, this is my WHMCS location what is best Temporary Path:? /home/username/whmcsdata/crons/
  19. Duplicate left menu in client area how to remove it ?
  20. Hi twhiting9275, thanks for quick reply.. i fixed this issue...
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