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  1. Im not talking about "Group Similar Line Items" Im talking about this >> And this doesn't work in our case! And it works when domain+hosting have same invoice date/due date and payment method , but not working for domain+product upgrade hosting with same invoice date/due date and payment method. Working Example: Cron JOB >>> 14/11/2018 05:03 Created Invoice - Invoice ID: 12035 System Invoice: http://prntscr.com/p8r1m0 Product: http://prntscr.com/p8r1y7 Domain: http://prntscr.com/p8r271 How this work`s?
  2. How can we get this working > https://docs.whmcs.com/Invoicing_Setup - Automatic Grouping of Items We are using WHMCS 7.6.1 , last night cron created 2 invoice with same invoice date and due date + same payment method , 1 for domain renew, 1 for product upgrade. Why WHMCS didn't auto group/merge those 2 invoices as it said in the WHMCS documentation. Cron screenshot: http://prntscr.com/p8lxpl Invoice Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/p8lx94 Also the client setting: Separate Invoices - is unchecked!
  3. I have problem with my cron job past 4 days, cron job runs every day at 07:11 as i set it @ CPanel but the Option Flags doesn`t run at all! Cron finish with all default settings & but ignores my options flags... My Cron command line is: "php -q /newhome2/abv/public_html/ebill/crons/cron.php skip_invoices skip_fixedtermterminations skip_invoicereminders skip_latefees skip_overagesbilling skip_updatepricing skip_updaterates skip_report" Those skip_..... flags don`t run at all! My WHMCS is 6.1.2, running on php 5.6 My latest email from Cron job done is: And i didn`t switch my php version or upgrade whmcs last 7-8 months, and only have problems past few days with cron, before that everything was fine as you can see in this previous email: Can anyone help me to fix this ? Thanks
  4. I tried to add Company name to be visible @ Admin Email Template for Support Ticket Responses. -Message body: Client: {$client_company_name} - {$client_name} - {if $client_id} #{$client_id}{/if} But when we receive a response to some support ticket, the email that is sent to our department member is without the company name, instead it`s only with client (first name and last name), and because we have more than 1000 clients, when support department receive email about response they don`t really know from which company it is. They must login to WHMCS to get into the ticket and see the company name there, and sometimes depends on the reply (response) we don`t really need to get into whmcs (because if needed they can reply to ticket using email as well) I also try to add company name to Subject, but it doesn't work. [Ticket ID: {$ticket_tid}] {$client_company_name} - New ticket response ----- Is there any other command or anyway to add the client company name?
  5. Maybe a off-topic question, but its connected with "Subscription ID" - field. Is it possible to show this field on pdf-invoice ? And is it possible to populate with some other number`s (id) for another payment program instead for Paypal ? Like my custom-number that i`ll use only to show to customer on my invoices.
  6. Okey i google a bit (2hours) and somehow after 1372893479279 try`s i decided to switch {while} with {if}... So with {if....} {/if} its working like a charm..... btw i have v6.1.1 with "Allow Smarty PHP Tags > Enable" in system settings. Anyway if you could help me a bit tomorrow with TBLInvoices SQL query I will be very thankful.
  7. Hey Brian, i try your code but it doesnt work... my browser keep on loading after i put it and nothing show up when i go to https://....../affiliates.php Also about invoice (im not really a php dev) but i try use the script for company name, switching some code to get invoice amount or paymentmethod from tblinvoices but no luck, i mean i get some values but they arent the right ones. So i guess i have some small problem with the code, or maybe the whole code is wrong I tried this: <?php /* * Smarty plugin * ------------------------------------------------------------- * File: function.get_client_invoice.php * Type: function * Name: get_client_invoice * Purpose: gets the client invoice * ------------------------------------------------------------- */ function smarty_function_get_client_invoice($params, $smarty) { $userid = $params['userid']; $result = mysql_query("SELECT total, CONCAT_WS(' ', `total`) As InvoiceTotal FROM tblinvoices WHERE id=$userid"); $data = mysql_fetch_array($result); $total = $data["total"]; if($amount != '') { $output = $total; } else { $output = $data["InvoiceTotal"]; } return $output; } ?> But the result is not right http://prntscr.com/9isrnb
  8. You are right, my path was wrong... it works like a charm Btw is it possible to show more columns like: Invoice Status, Invoice date or something from Invoices (table) for clients... And i got another question: http://prntscr.com/9ibvd8 i have a few services per client but some of them are 0.00$, is it possible to hide those with 0$ ?
  9. I used WHMCS 6.1.1 and i tried your way, i even try the previous way, but still no success in showing company-client name in the affiliate table. Anyone can help whis this ? Anyone
  10. Hello, I have turned off the system payment reminder for client, as it is on the screenshot http://prntscr.com/98o6np But today @ the end of the month, for 20 clients from 150, automatically 20 invoices were created with 0$ amount and some of them were set as already paid some as unpaid. How can i fix this? All i want to do is to completely disable sending and generating due / overdue invoices AT ALL for all clients.
  11. If i understand right, i use proforma invoicing, And i want to keep invoice number forever the same, so when client pay , invoice number to be the same as before. So to do that i need to go @ EU VAT Addon > Select (Tick) Enable > "Custom Invoice Numbering" , and than @ "Proforma Invoicing/Sequential Paid Invoice Numbering" to UnSelect "Tick to enable New Sequential Invoice Number Assigning on Payment of Invoices" ? Is that right? Or how to do that?
  12. Okey so i set forwarder to pipe.php , and yes the mail msg was delivered in couple of minutes (like 2-3) So as you said, i guess its better to use forwarder instead of pop.php cron job ?
  13. WHMCS v6.0.2 Ticket Importing using POP3 Import (Requires IMAP installed on server) */5 * * * * php -q /home/abv/public_html/ebill/crons/pop.php In my CPanel i have only 1 cron job: php -q /home/abv/public_html/ebill/admin/cron.php (Once a day) So my question is, to be able to import emails more frequently that are sent to support departments, should i add new cron job in CPanel using this command > */5 * * * * php -q /home/abv/public_html/ebill/crons/pop.php What does that */5 means ? Every 5min cron ? Is it smart and okey to use 2 cron jobs ?
  14. When i send "Invoice created" email or "Invoice reminder" the client recive the invoice .pdf file but the name on it its only {YEAR}.pdf My both Sequential & Custom Invoice Numbering Format is set to: {NUMBER}/{YEAR} When i go to client invoice, and when i download the invoice the filename is okey (Invoice-{NUMBER}/{YEAR}.pdf) But when is attached to email templates , the filename is {YEAR}.pdf How and where can i change that?
  15. It seems there is some problem with translation string "Lang::trans" because if i use strtoupper("Word"), that way WORD is capitalized ,but if i put translation string in front of it, it shows as it is in translation file "Word"
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