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  1. Feature Spotlight: Domain Lookups WHMCS 7.0 improves the way you interact with, showcase and sell domains from your WHMCS installation. Using techniques that are proven to increase conversions, we've introduced the ability to feature extensions that we're calling Spotlight TLDs. We've also added domain sale groups that allow you to draw attention to key extensions, the ability for customers to upgrade to longer registration periods during checkout and a more refined domain lookup user experience. Which is all integrated into the hosting purchase flow and up to 50% quicker than the previous domain checker tool. Put a spotlight on your domain offerings. Spotlight TLDs allow you to highlight the extensions you want and put them front and center. Put the spotlight on up to eight extensions, to highlight your top selling extensions, new extensions or just special promotions. Extensions that have been marked as a spotlight appear at the top of the Domain Lookup results, driving visibility to new extensions which were previously hidden. Increase visibility with sales groups. We've also added sales groups. Sales Groups let you tag extensions in an eye-catching and attention grabbing way. Making selected extensions stand out to prospective clients enabling you to showcase what's hot & trending. With sales groups, you can run sales and promotions on your best selling extensions as well as increase visibility to some of the newer, less heard of extensions. Driving sales to these extensions, which typically have higher margins, can lead to increased revenue. This feature combined with domain spotlights will give you a competitive edge when selling domains. For example if a customer was to search for the domain whmcsisawesome.com they would find that it is already taken and be given a list of suggestions. Your suggestions are based on the extensions you offer and pricing. If you offer new extensions such as .social or .host add them to your spotlight and decide to also run a sale on .social, when a search is preformed your clients will see .host and .social suggestions highlighted, emphasizing their availability. Additionally .social will be shown with a Sale tag, alerting the client you are running a sale. There are many ways to utilize the new Spotlight and Sale Group functionality in WHMCS 7. We encourage you to get creative and start selling. Sell more domains faster. We've added two new promo blocks to the domain UI, Web Hosting and Transfer Your Domain, both of which provide a link to the primary product category. With domain transfer we've simplified the process for end users, it is now easier than ever to transfer a domain using WHMCS. Transferring a domain will automatically extend the domain for a year, if applicable. The new Domain Lookup features work natively with the standard WHOIS and eNom Namespinner. Domains are added to the cart for the minimum term by default, but features a drop down that allows customers to change the term. After a registration period has been chosen it can always be changed once in the cart. This is designed to optimize your checkout flow while making the process of finding the perfect domain easier for the customer. By making the process of finding the perfect domain easier for the customer and providing additional visibility to new extensions we are helping you maximize conversions and increase sales. Download the beta and upgrade to the latest version to test the new functionality out for yourself. By joining the beta team you'll be entered to win weekly prizes from WHMCS. Find more information, interact with our team and provide feedback in our forums.
  2. In this brief sneak peak at the new features for WHMCS Version 7, learn all about what makes Version 7 great. After you've watched visit our blog for even more v7 information. Can't wait? Get your hands on WHMCS Version 7 by signing up to join Team Beta. https://player.vimeo.com/177088004
  3. Put Customers in Control, Let them Build the Perfect Package The Configurable Package Addon gives your customers the freedom to choose what they feel is best for them. Expand upon your hosting packages by giving control to the customer allowing them to pick exactly what they need from your current hosting packages. In many cases one size does not fit all. Set your business apart from the crowd by becoming a versatile provider with the Configurable Package Addon from WHMCS. The Configurable Package Addon works with both cPanel & DirectAdmin allowing those web hosting providers who utilize these control panels to offer a completely customizable experience with no additional effort. As a web hosting provider, you will not have to do any additional work. WHMCS will automate the entire process with the new customizable options your customers choose. This is done through combining the power of the Configurable Package Addon with an extended module for automated provisioning, upgrades/downgrades and more. Increase Sales Potential No one customer is the same. The Configurable Package Addon from WHMCS provides you with a variety of options to sell to your customers. You instantly become a more flexible provider by not only offering multiple packages but allowing your customers to customize those packages to fit their needs. The ability to customize their package gives customers the freedom to choose exactly what they want, a la carte. For example, it's common for providers to offer hosting packages to their prospective customers. Typical options may look like this: Package #1 5GB Disk Space - 10GB Bandwidth - 1IP - 10 Email Accounts Package #2 20GB Disk Space - 20GB Bandwidth - 5IP - 15 Email Accounts A customer who is looking for 3 IP's but has no need for the additional emails or disk space may leave this web hosting provider's website to view a competitor's because they are unwilling to pay for additional services they do not want or need. This is where the Configurable Package Addon saves the day. With the Configurable Addon you'll be able to allow the customer to choose Package #1 but purchase the 2 additional IP's they require, turning a potential lost customer into additional business. To sum it up, with the Configurable Package Addon you have nothing to loose but everything to gain. Hands Free Automation It's also fully automated. Harnessing the power of WHMCS the Configurable Package Addon will provision automatically, do automatic upgrade/downgrade calculations along with account set up. It also supports a wide variety of sales options including: Disk Space, Bandwidth, Number of FTP Accounts, Number of Email Accounts, IP Addresses, and several more. Providing a variety of options for whatever combination of products your clients require, you give them the power to tailor your offerings to their needs. It's simple and easy. Getting Started Getting started is easy, simply visit the WHMCS Marketplace listing and click "Buy Now". Once purchased, you'll be up and running in minutes. Any questions you may have are covered in our comprehensive documentation found here. Start offering more customization for your packages immediately, automatically and with ease for a one time payment of $69.95! If you have a question, feel free to drop a comment below!
  4. Introducing the WHMCS Marketplace Find, Explore, Discover. The new and improved way to find add-ons and extensions for the WHMCS Platform is here. Introducing the WHMCS Marketplace, a redefined user experience that makes it easier to find, discover and obtain add-ons for WHMCS. It is now easier than ever before to discover the many add-ons and extensions that can enable you to do more, automate more and sell more using WHMCS. The WHMCS Marketplace is designed to bring users and developers together, building on the already awesome user community that exists for WHMCS with a new social Marketplace that provides more informative listings and encourages interactivity with developers through ratings and reviews, threaded discussions and more. Please show your support for our developer community by visiting the WHMCS Marketplace today. You can rate and review your favorite add-ons, and who knows, you might just find what you've been waiting for! Be sure to check back often as new add-ons and extensions are being added all the time!
  5. Feature Spotlight: PayPal Subscription Automation Today's Feature Spotlight focuses on functionality that was added in WHMCS Version 6.0, PayPal Subscription Automation. Have you ever had a situation where a customer has cancelled only to find next month they have a PayPal Subscription which continues to pay you? At best it's extra time and effort for you to have to deal with and refund it, at worst it can lead to a very upset customer. Lot's of you told us this was a problem you faced, and so in WHMCS 6.0 we introduced automated PayPal Subscription Cancellation, saving you time, money, and keeping customers happier. In addition, It also helps with upgrades ensuring that if a user changes their package, any previous subscriptions are cancelled automatically to avoid double payment. Getting Started A new option has been added under Setup > General Settings > Invoices tab called Automatic Subscription Management. Once enabled, WHMCS will automatically cancel the PayPal Subscription ID associated with a service at service cancellation and upgrade time. The great news is that if you started using PayPal Subscriptions after 2009, ticking the Automatic Subscription Management is all the setup that's needed. Right away you will see a Cancel Subscription button under the client's products/services tab to manually cancel a subscription at any time. Converting Old PayPal Accounts If your first subscription was created before 2009 this will mean that Subscription IDs start with the prefix "S" and unfortunately these cannot be remotely managed via the API. It is, however, easy to convert your PayPal account to start creating new style subscriptions to fully take advantage of this new feature. The PayPal Merchant Technical Support team have the ability in their admin console to update merchant settings, after updating, merchants will get "I" prefix subscription IDs for newly generated subscriptions. They can be contacted through the PayPal help desk. Sit Back and Relax With the setup complete, you no longer have to worry about PayPal Subscription management. WHMCS will automatically cancel them in the following situations: A cancellation request is submitted The order is cancelled or set to fraud via the admin interface of WHMCS The API is used to cancel or fraud an order with "cancelsub=true" passed An upgrade order is placed for the product/service We are using this feature ourselves and find it a great time-saver already, and we hope you find it just as beneficial. Thank you to everyone who voted for this idea on the feature request board - keep the great suggestions coming!
  6. WHMCS Public Service Annoucement PCI v3.1 The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council has released a new version, v3.1 and it is mandatory that you verify your systems' compliance by June 30th 2016 to avoid service interruptions. Why are we telling you this? PCI v3.1 will affect all of us and there are steps that we each must take in order assure our information is secure in the coming year. Beginning June 30th 2016, any SSL version (including SSLv3) as well as TLS 1.0 will no longer meet security standards due to vulnerabilities that cannot be amended. Most merchant gateways along with other service providers will soon start disabling SSLv3 and TLS v1.0 connectivity on their servers. How does this affect my business? WHMCS uses SSL libraries to connect to merchant gateways and certain other service providers. If the target server disabled an outdated security protocol following PCI requirements, and your server's SSL library cannot support a newer protocol version, the connectivity may be affected. What to do? The first step should be to ensure your server SSL libraries support TLS 1.1 or 1.2. We also encourage you to contact your merchant gateways to determine if their servers will be affected by the upcoming changes published by PCI. The PCI Security Standards council and WHMCS suggest making sure all applications and system patches are up to date. What happens if I do nothing? Most hosts will not require any changes. However, if you are running older OS versions and/or SSL libraries, you may start experiencing failures to connect to your merchant gateway and/or other TLS-enabled service providers. This may result in inability to process credit cards as well as other issues. What we are doing to help? WHMCS 6.2 Health and Updates will tell you if your installation supports TLS 1.1 or 1.2. If your installation does not support one of these TLS versions, you will see a warning. For additional information we recommend the following sources: Migrating Tactics https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/documents/Migrating_from_SSL_Early_TLS_Information%20Supplement_v1.pdf What to do now? https://www.pcicomplianceguide.org/pci-dss-v3-1-and-ssl-what-you-should-do-now/ Security Standards https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/documents/PCI_DSS_v3-1.pdf
  7. Feature Spotlight: Customer Retention Time Today we're going to be looking at the enhanced Customer Analytics available in WHMCS 6.2 and in particular, a new report designed to give you information and statistics on Customer Retention Time. What is Customer Retention Time? Customer Retention Time is the length of time a customer remains active with you. The number of days between the day they signup, and the day they leave. WHMCS 6.2 introduced the storing of cancellation dates for every product, service and domain, along with a new report that calculates and displays the average customer lifetime for each of your products and billing cycles. Why is Customer Retention Time a useful statistic? Knowing how long your customers stay with you is an important analytic for any business. It can help identify issues sooner, allow you to calculate average customer revenue, plan marketing campaigns and more. In short, it's a very useful aid that provides you metrics to help your business succeed. Let's take the scenario of planning for a marketing campaign. Knowing and understanding your cost per acquisition (CPA) is a key factor to measuring the success of the overall campaign. But perhaps equally as important is knowing how much you stand to make. By better understanding that, you can use it to work out what your cost per acquisition figure needs to be to make a profit. That's where the new analytics in WHMCS 6.2 come in. A Marketing Scenario Let's say you charge $10 per month for a shared hosting account and the new analytics tell you the average customer stays on this plan for 9 months. You have a server that costs $200 per month that you host 100 clients on, giving you a $2 per month cost for the resources the customer is using. Factor in any other costs, such as the average cost of support a customer uses and you have the profit for that plan. Let's say for our example the profit is $6 per month, for a period of 9 months, giving us a total profit of $54. This tells us we should be looking to achieve a cost per acquisition of no more than $54 for the campaign to be profitable. These statistics coupled with the Link Tracking feature to track your conversions provide you with a powerful set of tools for running and determining the results of your marketing efforts. How do I get started? For all products, services and addons, you'll find a new field labelled Termination Date. This is set automatically whenever products are cancelled, but you can manually adjust it should you require. For domains, the expiry date is used. Worth noting that all products cancelled prior to 6.2 will assume the last next due date as the date of cancellation. The new report can be found under client reports with the title "Customer Retention Time". Summary No one knows your business better than you and with the new Customer Retention data in WHMCS 6.2 you have more information available to analyse patterns in client behaviour and revenue, helping you make better business decisions. Thank you for reading!
  8. Feature Spotlight: WHMCS Connect 2.0 The development team here at WHMCS HQ has been locked away for the past 2 months, hard at work on WHMCS 6.2. That’s right WHMCS 6.2 is almost here! Today we're providing the first in a series of Feature Spotlights on what’s new and what you have to look forward to. What is WHMCS Connect? Perhaps one of the most ground breaking features to debut in WHMCS 6.0 was WHMCS Connect. WHMCS Connect? With all the other new features and functionality we packed into WHMCS 6.0, we wouldn't blame you if you missed it. Read on to find out all you need to know. WHMCS Connect is the new way to administer and manage your cPanel Web Servers. From a single centralized interface you can now access the WHM Control Panel for all your servers and without ever having to enter a username or password thanks to the power of Single Sign-On. Faster and more secure Centralized storage of API authentication details Permissions for group based access control The days of sharing and struggling to keep passwords in sync are over What's New in 6.2? We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback we received regarding WHMCS Connect when it first launched a little over 5 months ago. We heard you loud and clear. You wanted to be able to find servers more quickly. So we're pleased to announce real-time search is coming along with a new and improved interface. Now finding and logging into the server you want is lightning fast. What's next for WHMCS Connect? While today only the cPanel module integrates the necessary API's to leverage this functionality, the API's for WHMCS Connect are open and available for any module developers to integrate into their modules and we expect to see many adding support for WHMCS Connect soon. This feature, along with many more are coming up in WHMCS 6.2 which is just weeks away. There is so much more to share, be sure to stay tuned for more updates. Need help with WHMCS Connect, you can always contact our support team who is standing by to assist you. P.S. We’re now on Instagram… follow us to see all the latest happenings from our offices and travels.
  9. WHMCS for Windows Phone is Now Available WHMCS for Windows is here, allowing you to manage your business from Windows powered mobile devices. With WHMCS for Windows, you can process orders and respond to tickets, as well as keep a pulse on daily income and other activity. Download it now from the Windows Store. WHMCS for Windows gives you complete control making it easy to view and navigate through your clients, support, and billing to find exactly what you need. Let's take a deeper look into exactly what WHMCS for Windows has to offer. Manage Tickets, Orders & More... Functionality includes: Review, manage and process orders Browse, create and respond to support tickets Manage products/services, including performing actions such as Create, Suspend & Terminate View and modify clients profiles plus create new ones Create, manage and apply payments to invoices View, edit and publish new announcements Send emails to customers And more... Other functionality includes the ability to see whose online (staff), perform domain availability and whois lookups, to-do items and recent activity via the activity log. Where can I find WHMCS for Windows? Download the app from the Windows Store use the Username: Admin, Password: demo, and Access Key: whmcsdemo for a fully functioning demo. If you enjoy it, it's yours for just $2.99/month or pay yearly and get 2 months free. Purchasing WHMCS for Windows license unlocks use of the app for all admin users of your WHMCS installation - so one fee and all your employees can access the power of WHMCS. For more information please view our documentation page. Don't use Windows? Try aWHMCS for Android, available from the Google Play Store, or if you're an iOS user, iWHMCS from the Apple App Store. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team.
  10. aWHMCS Version 2.6.1 Now Available We are pleased to announce the release of aWHMCS 2.6.1, now available for immediate download on Google Play. The updated app comes with the same ease of use and functionality that you are accustomed to, along with new functionality, bug fixes and performance improvements. What's changed? aWHMCS 2.6.1 introduces support for responding to tickets via predefined replies making it easier than ever to manage and respond to tickets while on-the-go. Now you can avoid typing the same answers again and again saving you time and effort. Keeping the focus on Support productivity enhancements, this update also features: Improved workflow for creating new tickets Ticket notes that are now fully integrated ensuring you're kept informed of other staff posts and comments Faster access to manage your clients' products and information with the swipe of a finger Respond more quickly with the ability to skip the message preview step As always, feel free to browse the changelog for a full list of changes. Not using aWHMCS? You can download aWHMCS free of charge via the Google Play store and give it a try with our online demo. To get aWHMCS for your installation, it's just $2.99/month or $29.99/year with 2 months free. As a reminder, once you activate it for your installation it is accessible to your entire staff - no individual user fees! Already have aWHMCS? For existing license holders this update is available at no additional cost. Simply visit the Google Play store to get it today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team. Not seeing the update? We've released aWHMCS 2.6.1 worldwide through the Google Play Store, please be patient and check back soon as it may take a moment to be available in your area.
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