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  1. Hi everyone! Okay, I am redoing our WHMCS template and it's going pretty well so far (though time consuming). I am now redoing the "last" page of the order forms called checkout.tpl. I have about 7 additional fields I have created before, so far everything is perfect and they are displayed in the browsers... ...however they are all "dumped" in the same location/area. However I want "additional fields" 1, 2 and 5 on a different location (more at the top). Additional fields 3 and 7 should be somewhere in the middle and fields 4 and 6 should be displayed all at the bottom after all the other (regular) fields. I guess it's possible, but how do I do it? I did fool around with one field, however the result is kinda lacking and I have no idea if it's a solid solution. My example (this one is displaying the birthday field I create in WHMCS): {if $customfields} {foreach $customfields as $customfield} {if $customfield.textid eq "birthdate"} <div class="col-sm-4"> <div class="form-group prepend-icon"> <label for="customfield{$customfield.id}" class="field-icon"> <i class="fas fa-calendar-alt"></i> {$customfield.name} </label> {$customfield.input} {if $customfield.description} <span class="field-help-text"> {$customfield.description} </span> {/if} </div> </div> {/if} {/foreach} {/if} Now this actually does display the "birthdate"-field in the desired location, however: The entered information in the field is being displayed "underneath" the icon (fa-calendar-alt) Placeholder can not be used in the above case, as it's in pre-coded in the variable: "$customfield.input" I don't think it's correct to use that same piece of code over and over for all the fields to be displayed, right? Extra information; the "birthdate"-field has id "customfield95" and name "customfield[95]", maybe that helps? I also took a screenshot and included it (ignore the styling please; I am testing it). I hope someone can provide some help with this. I guess it should be possible, given what I did so far. Thanks in advance!
  2. Only one month left before the new pricing starts! 🤑🤑🤑 How are you coping? Did you guys already switch or made some other plans to migrate? Just wondering, as this thread has been quiet for some time. Maybe everyone moved already? 😉
  3. Sidenote; apparently WHMCS trusts their extreme price increase to counter the amount of customers which are moving away from WHMCS. I think WHMCS is not acting smart, because; a lot of WHMCS users will leave; I said before 1/3, but maybe it will be more e.g. 2/5 (eventually more) WHMCS receives a massive amount of negative feedback/reviews which WILL hurt new potential customers they should listen to their customers for once, instead of doing their own thing (as they have done for many years) In my humble opinion (and I have said it before); the hosting market is becoming more and more difficult to thrive in. It has been a pain for the past 3 or 4 years and is becoming more and more difficult as a "small/medium" hosting company compared to the bigger ones. So software like WHMCS (and also cPanel, Plesk, etc.) rely on these "smaller" hosting companies. But instead of supporting and helping them, they simply increase prices. We have seen it with Plesk (twice now), we have seen it with cPanel and we are now seeing it with WHMCS. And if you think this is the last price hike, then you are dead wrong. These price increases will follow each other up more often and thus faster. WHMCS (or the company above) simply does not care about their customers anymore. You can see that with those owned licenses and also with these, simply put, crazy price increases. You will not only lose your current customers, but also scare away new customers. If they aren't scared away from these prices, then they sure will be scared away by the massive amount of negative reviews on Trustpilot and elsewhere. People actually do read reviews. WHMCS says they listen. Yeah right. Not in my experience. They simply do as they please (or are forced to do from the company above them). Now they added two hops, like that will make a big difference for the "smaller" companies. It's already dificult enough to keep your head above water nowadays in these difficult (Covid-19) times. But what happens? Plesk increased their pricing again (early this year) and now WHMCS will increase their pricing as well (extremely). So we, as a hosting company, have to pay more and more and if we charge that to our customers they state; wow, you are charging absurd prices! I will cancel my contract and move elsewhere (= 9 out of the 10 times to a very big hosting company; which use their own in-house developed software). In the end, give or take a few years, smaller (hosting) companies will not exist anymore and only the big one remains. Which result in price hikes set by them, where software like WHMCS, Plesk, cPanel, etc. will hardly exist anymore, as these bigger companies use their own, developed in-house, software solutions. So in the end; we will all lose from this...
  4. LOL. Not much updated Mark. He means the email which was send out yesterday. Just adds two hops in between. Same (absurd) pricing as before.
  5. Simply put; WHMCS, cPanel and Plesk (and several others) belong to Webpros, which is owned by Oakley Capital (= investment company). So it does make sense that they have added this. And they do not care if it was not requested. They are pushing to use all the software owned by them. Simple as that.
  6. https://assets.whmcs.com/customer-licensing-guide-2021.pdf I thought (yes, stupid of me) they changed their pricing to normal values. But this is not true, they only added two hops in between: 20K en 30K. So not very useful at all. But this only shows they do not like the negative responses and are actually reading this. However this change is pretty poor and has no real effect...
  7. This is what I posted in a different thread, also about the massive price hike. However since my posts are moderated it took days before it was posted online. So I doubt anybody did read it, therefor I am re-posting it here as well. This thread is active. I didn't notice it in this thread, but someone mentioned also "Clientexec" and especially v7.x. I have no experience with it. I am getting sad that WHMCS takes this route (just like Plesk, cPanel, SolusVM/IO, etc. did). I don't understand how companies, who do such things, can still exist. If everyone who says they will move, actually do move, than I guess something would really change. My guess is that about 1/3 is actually moving and the rest just talks about it? As for me personally? Well. I would move from WHMCS if I had a good alternative, but migrating everything. It's time consuming. Also... We only use WHMCS as an ordering system (sorta). So I cleaned out a ton of accounts which a) created an account before 2017 and haven't logged in after january 2019. That cut down the total amount of users by almost 500! But I do understand this is not possible for the most of you. Oh well, we will see what comes from it. I will bookmark this thread and looking forward to see if things will evolve for the good, or bad...
  8. Hi brian! Aha! So that was you...! 😉 Thank you for the provided solution. It's works perfectly and making the tons of configuration options much cleaner! Thanks!
  9. Hi all, Wondering if it's possible to style a line-break (empty line or similar) in the complete view of "Configurable Option Groups". Currently we have it like this (example): However we want to have a bit more organised for example: Or some other way to make it better organised. The above are examples, however we have about ~120 configurable options in there. So it's possible to organise it a bit better through a CSS hook or other wise, it would be a great addition. Thanks in advance.
  10. v7. of Clientexec sounds indeed interesting. Didn't like the previous versions a lot. But given the many changes (e.g. order forms) and way better pricing (14.95 USD a month or 499.00 USD one time fee); makes this a real solution. Especially given the very bad (new) pricing from WHMCS. Luckily we only use WHMCS as an ordering system. Though we have invested a lot of time, effort and money in it. We recently cleaned old/inactieve users and we are now back at 600 accounts (could delete a further ~150 probably). I think the price incrase is totally and completely absurd to be honest. However this happened also with Plesk, cPanel, SolusVM, XOVI and now with WHMCS as well. All suffered from (massive) price increases. For us the biggest change was with Plesk; depending on what items, the pricing increased for us anywhere between 400% and 800%. Absurd. Now the same is happening with WHMCS. As you might know; cPanel, Plesk, SolusVM, XOVI and WHMCS all belong to the WebPros Group portfolio which is owned by Oakley Capital. Which is an investment company. And as you all know investment companies are not for charities and are only to earn quick and massive amounts of money. It saddens me to see more and more (previously) reliable companies being bought by Oakley Capital and being placed in their WebPros Group portfolio. The hosting business is not so much fun nowadays; we receive (massive) price increases everywhere e.g. Plesk/cPanel and now with WHMCS. And on the other side; customers want everything as cheap as possible. If you charge them 1 USD/EUR to much, they will move. If you do not offer 24/7/365 support, they will move. No wonder a lot hosting companies are being bought by the really big ones and after a few months they increase their pricing. Ofcourse these companies make a decent amount of money as they; use their own (in-house) developed software for hosting accounts, hosting servers, domain registrations, etc. use their own (in-house) developed software for automated invoicing and account setup So they are not paying for cPanel, Plesk, WHMCS, etc. because they do not use it. In the meantime we are getting massive price increases over and over again (it seems to be the new trend). Plesk did it already in January this year, cPanel last year and WHMCS now. It's really becoming the new normal apparently. But an investment company like Oakley Capital does not care about their customers. They are forcing price increases. However this will result in a lot of cancelations (as you can see in this thread already, on Webhostingtalk community and other related forums) or hosting companies who are going to quit 100% and sell their companies to the bigger players. As a result software like WHMCS, cPanel, Plesk will loose more and more customers and therefor money and when Oakley Capital sees this as well, they will probably sell all these companies to some kind of foreign company or dump it completely. It happened before in other situations and it will happen again. We will see what the future brings, but it's getting more and more dark by these price increases in very difficult times....
  11. Okay fooled around with it a bit more. But still a lot of work. So I am looking for a different solution; how can I delete all clients (in bulk) based on; Signed up before december 2017 And have not logged in after january 2018 I don't care about the fact they have products or whatver. We only use WHMCS for odering anyways. Thanks.
  12. Okay, thank you... Nevermind; managed to get it correctly sorted by using: ->orderBy('lastlogin', 'asc')
  13. Because we only use the ordering system? So there are no active services. We process everything by hand. That's why I want to clean out old accounts based on the previous post. Not much used else with WHMCS. We recently upgraded from WHCS v6.x to v7.x. No clue what security issue you are talking about? This one: https://blog.whmcs.com/133679/security-update-2021-02-26 Already patched that. So dunno what you mean.
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