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  1. MvdL1979

    Wish List for WHMCS v8

    Maybe the ability to remove / disable unused features completely to make it more light weight and usable. Sometimes it feels slow, though the used hardware is more than capable. Also better order forms would be nice (along with better mobile support, as mentioned earlier ofcourse). And since we are asking for the impossible; I want to be less handsome and be rich. 😛
  2. MvdL1979

    Wish List for WHMCS v8

    They also should make things more mobile friendly. A lot of customers use their mobile phones to place orders and they all say it's not so friendly to use. On an iPad or other tablet it's better though. But then again, we are talking about WHMCS. So in order to get anything like this, you have to request a feature and we all know what happens with those (mainly). Sounds more like wishful thinking. Haha. We had a developer who was creating a completely custom written system (with only the things we needed), however due to tragic events that stopped unfortunately. Oh well.
  3. MvdL1979

    Wish List for WHMCS v8

    Very true unfortunately. :S
  4. MvdL1979

    Wish List for WHMCS v8

    I have two cents to add to this, as I only stumbled upon this community thread today. Fire everyone in WHMCS (removed - Rule 2.2 community guidelines) and make brian! CEO. He is the best person around. Support with WHMCS itself (not including brian! here obviously) is pretty bad to mediocre (and then I am still being very optimistic). One of the many, many, many negative experiences with WHMCS's staff was an issue with the license (monthly lease No Branding) on IPv6. Apparently the license was given out on IPv4 and we never tested IPv6 (as we didn't have an IPv6 address at our office ISP) on our main website. Anyways about a year ago we received also an IPv6 connection at the office from ISP (mind you, I am not talking about the server or the server's connection at the datacenter; apparently that's all the same with WHMCS support staff). When I needed to login into our WHMCS admin interface, I was shown the following message: The license key has been entered incorrectly The domain being used to access your install has changed The IP address your install is located on has changed The directory you are using has changed I was like... Well you understand. Then I visited the website and I noticed it was showing "Powered by WHMCompleteSolution" everywhere! Totally unacceptable as we have been paying for the "monthly lease with No Branding"-license for many years. So in other words; everyone who visited our main website on an IPv6-address was shown this garbage. Obviously I was furious and created a support ticket and I did some more digging on this subject. Apparently (at that moment) someone already created a request for this 5 years (!) ago: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/allow-ipv6-and-ipv4-in-licensing-module Apparently you needed to inform WHMCS about your server is also supporting IPv6, otherwise the license would only be active on either one IPv4 or IPv6, but not both at the same time. Sigh. It took several tickets for them to "understand" the issue, but still they didn't see any harm in it. Ofcourse it's very professional to show garbage text "Powered by WHMCompleteSolution" everywhere on your website towards your customers. What would customers think? I can only guess, but nothing positive. I wouldn't place an order if messages like that are shown on a website; it would put me off and I wouldn't entrust them with my order to be quite honest. So that message was being displayed for almost 5 years on our website (and ordering system) for anyone who visited the website through an IPv6-connection from his ISP. I asked WHMCS several times why customers were NOT informed about this (at all). They (again) didn't see harm in it apparently. Sigh. Apparently they did "understand" one thing as they created a KB article shortly after: https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php/knowledgebase/303/Can-I-use-WHMCS-in-a-Dual-Stack-IP-Environment.html But obviously the "damage" was already done and (like always) WHMCS does not care for one bit at all. WHMCS is only here to make money and as much as possible. All staff, in my humble opinion, are completely incompetent and only give useless answers. As I have mentioned many times before and I will mention it one more time (just because he deserves it) brian!, YES BRIAN! is really the only helpful person (on many, many occasions), which we have dealt with in the 5+ years now, who has always helped us. In those 5+ years we have filed only 19 support tickets with WHMCS and 99% we received bogus answers and bogus support answers. Their main (returning) "answer", which I received the most times when they couldn't comprehend the issue, was "Sorry, WHMCS does not support that, but you can always make a feature request for it!" for e.g. simple things which should work out of the box; like working VAT (which didn't work correctly back then). Or what about moving the domain check to the last page (for servers, hosting, etc.)? Simple things, which should have been possible from day one. When a potential customer has to enter a domain name first to view prices, they are most likely to be put off and move to a different provider. Ofcourse we can remove the need for a domain name (unwanted) or create a custom field for it on a later page, but that's not the point. Also modifying this is not possible, because that part is encoded and thus cannot be changed or moved. Sheesh. I think we have lost several potential customers because of this. We even had several complaints about this. And what does WHMCS do about it? Simply nothing. Oh wait, that's not true; as you can create a feature request for it. Sigh. And this is the company which advertises themselves with, and I quote: "We pride ourselves in listening to customers." Biggest joke of all time... I wouldn't be surprised if my post gets removed by staff as they really cannot take criticism or (real) complaints. It's either that or they will simply ignore the whole story and create a reply which is useless and has nothing to with the experiences / issues we have had in the past and now with WHMCS. Unfortunately there are no real solid alternatives out there. Otherwise we would have moved away a very long time ago. It's not a healthy way to treat customers with incompetence and treat them like complete idiots. Luckily brian! is still around (and hopefully for some time) as he is and will always be a major assit to WHMCS and it's customers...!!
  5. Hi brian! 😂 Man, I must have overlooked. Thank you! 🙂 Apparently you should always use one "?" in that kind of URLs. Stupid from me. Have a very nice Christmas and the best wishes for 2019 in advance. Regards
  6. Small update; made some progress. You have to start with the lowest configoption number in to make them work both. So the only thing not working is the promo code now.
  7. Hi all, Normally I hassle brian! with these kind of things, however I noticed he took a (well deserved) break. ...so I hope someone else can provide some urgent help or shed some light on my issue. I followed the information as described here: https://docs.whmcs.com/Linking_to_WHMCS However, my link doesn't fully work for some weird reason. There are two things missing from my order link: - the 2nd configoption I pre-defined - the coupon code is not being applied The coupon code is the least of my issues, but the 2nd configoption not being used is. I am using the following link: cart.php?a=add&pid=98&billingcycle=annually&sld=domainname&tld=.com&configoption[106]=538&configoption[99]=428?promocode=extra10discount This should normally work, right? ....or am I doing something wrong here? I hope someone can help me out with this or provide some thoughts. In the meantime I will try a few more things. Thanks in advance. Regards
  8. Watch out for ModulesGarden. They are really overpriced. I would look into alternatives, because there are several others who do an excellent and fast job at 1/4 of the price. And, unlike ModulesGarden, they actually support future upgrades (well most of them at least). This is based on my own personal experience.
  9. So sorry for the late reply brian! I was extremely angry after the stupid/lazy answer I received from WHMCS support the other day and decided it was "wiser" to leave it alone for several days! I seriously have no clue what support are doing all day there. It must be the easiest job in the world to be on the WHMCS so-called "support"-team. *shrugs* Thank you for showing that sample code, maybe I will let someone code a addon, but for now; I will leave it alone as I have no idea on how to use it anyways in WHMCS. LMAO Anyways, I think the first solution will be better as we have already a coded hook/addon which greys out several fields depending on if they are business or a private person. But I will have to look into it though if it can be modified a bit easier. For the time being I will just add some extra textual warnings abouts it. Thank you for your answer and sorry again for the late reply...
  10. Who else than brian! answered? Yeah, I know and I meant that. But the stuff is hardcoded and therefor unable to make any changes. Would be 1000000000 times easier, but WHMCS doesn't give a **** about their customers. It's proved in the past and it's proven now. Sigh. I even contacted (yeah stupid, I know, but maybe something changed lol) WHMCS support and guess what: Still the same lousy support and still the same answers as over 1 year ago. How on earth can you call this support. I really, really feel dumb for reaching out to "support". Matt shoudl really be ashamed of this kind support. I said it before and I will say it again; the only one who really gives SUPPORT around here is brian... If it wasn't for brian, we would have quit using WHMCS straight away. To be honest I only tried it with different Dutch VAT numbers; obviously these are our main customers... ...but guessing at the message the VIES system throws back, I am guessing it's only to NL currently (or at least yesterday). I guess that would be the only "solution" as WHMCS is clearly unwilling to fix this or make some kind of toggle switch to enable/disable VAT checking for customers living in the same country as the hosting provider. Guess they find it more important to add new (useless) features. I will investigate it a bit better and see if I can manage to get it working in our current form. Anyways I want to thank you (brian!) for again helping me out. For me WHMCS = brian! WHMCS support division can and would really learn something from you. Regards
  11. Hi people, I have an issue with the EU VAT addon which is supplied by WHMCS. We regularly hit the limit with VIES (I guess it checks VAT numbers there real-time with WHMCS). As a result customers aren't able to use their VAT number, which results in excessive phone calls and emails and more importantly we will also lose new customers. It also slows the whole website down until it receives a response because of this. If I check with VIES, I can see which message it's getting: Therefor I am wondering if it's possible to exclude VAT validation when customer is based in the same country as the hosting provider (us). It's really of no use at all to validate a VAT number if the customer is in the same country. As a result of this, it will check with VIES less often and the whole order procedure would work better. So hosting provider is based in the Netherlands (NL) and a new Dutch customer signs up with his company, he will be able to enter his VAT number without any issues at al.. Obviously, we would have done this ourselves, but like everything else, everything is hardcoded with WHMCS. Sigh... Thanks in advance. FYI: leaving the field empty is not really an option, as we tried that and people called us and informed us our form was "bugged" as they couldn't fill in their VAT number. Regards
  12. Put brian! in charge of the forum and support. He is almost the only who always provides serious help and answers...
  13. MvdL1979

    Removal of logo

    Sorry guys, but WHMCS doesn't care at all! The only thing WHMCS is interested in, is a fast way to make some big amounts of cash! The rule "money talks" is the real thing with WHMCS...
  14. MvdL1979

    Removal of logo

    Lol Sorry brian! I was in a rush typing that reply, so it didn't came out as it should! ...but I am glad you understood what I actually meant and that's the most important part!
  15. MvdL1979

    Removal of logo

    Well we don't use any kind automation service within WHMCS, which is 70%. So we are pretty sure we didn't miss a thing. Heck, we don't use the billing system either. I think we were plain stupid 2 years ago to go for WHMCS. But it really "looked" great back then. Now we know better... Anyways; we decided to go this new route. Hopefully sooner than later. I am tired of dealing with WHMCS in general. ...or he simply doesn't care anymore either. If he did care, you would notice him around somewhere actively. Well in those 2 years I never had a solid response. Other than; search the forums, sorry no support for this or file a request. I am tired of this kind of support. But, like I said; it doesn't matter anymore. We are done with WHMCS in general. Just letting it runs it course, until the developers are finished with our new system. More realiable, way better support and they actually do listen! They say; let us take a look if we can find a workaround, instead of "No, this is not possible". I did several times and several others, but they said it's not being removed *ever* and it's there to stay. Also it's hardcoded and it's their new policy. And there are quite a few more changes coming next year to WHMCS. So be prepared. That's also one of the reasons that we are ditching WHMCS! Anyways, I got other things to do than waste my time with and on WHMCS. I wish you all the best, wisdom and "luck" with WHMCS!

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