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  1. Bashar

    Digicert plugin

    even this custom quote link doesn't work, so i went to the standard form and filled it
  2. Bashar

    Digicert plugin

    your link doesn't work gives Uh oh, something wasn’t right! Invalid IP
  3. Bashar

    Digicert plugin

    my original post has link to post your quote anyhow I contacted you on the links you have given
  4. Hello, We are Digicert partners and wish to hire WHMCS certified developer to develop a plug-in for us to sell/manage Digicert certificates using WHMCS API details available https://www.digicert.com/rest-api/ for your review. The list is big, so what we want from it exactly is: List SSL as products on order page (like Symantec etc..) customers can order and pay customers can submit CSR and submit any documents needed for ordering the cert fetch cert status from digicert re-issue certificates using new CSR if needed renew certificates Of course all other related things such as renewal notices etc.. need to be done from your end and you don't expect me to write everything related to WHMCS Please submit your questions/quotations here Best Regards.
  5. Bashar

    Auto Release for domains?

    actually its not for actioning, its for customers to upload certain documents for a TLD requirements (this TLD has WHMCS mobule already)
  6. Bashar

    Autorelease and Open Ticket

    does Auto Release work on domains or just products?
  7. is it possible to use auto release for domains? I posted two threads already but seems because they had docs.whmcs.com/Auto_Release as link inside them it wasn't accepted to be posted
  8. any idea how to disable webhosting recommendation when not having hosting products?
  9. Bashar

    soon to expire report?

    seems I can't PM you yet, dropped you a msg on ur website
  10. Hello, I did quick research about VMWare and WHMCS and found prices vary from $10 -> $1000 and I'm assuming all of them do the same? I was wondering if anyone can give some feedback on these plugins if you have tested them before? $10 https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/2326 VS $56.29 http://www.whmcsesxaddon.com/en/order-now VS $150 https://order.heapsoftware.com/order/index.php?task=product&product_id=3&category_id=1 VS $999 https://whmcsglobalservices.com/vmware-whmcs-module/ ?
  11. We need to have a report of services or products which are soon to expire Periodical basis ( Today, This week, This month, Next Month, Quarterly, Semi Annually). Is there any option to do this out of the box or need to create custom report using http://docs.whmcs.com/Reports#Creating_your_own_Reports? if need to develop a custom report, any guidance for new WHMCS user? Thank you

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