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  1. Hello Nate, here the steps that I took: Login to customer account -> click on Domains -> My Domains -> choose a domain that has DNS Management enabled and click on the little wrench icon -> DNS Management -> enter a Host Name containing an Umlaut (i.e.: böse) + address, click save. It get's displayed as "bose". The Umlaut should have been turned into punnycode or left as an umlaut to be handled by the registrar module. But turning it into "bose" means loosing the umlaut. :-(
  2. When requesting a Delete in the admin panel and getting a positive response from the registrar function, the domain stays on status=active. From my point of view it would make sense to automatically change the domain status to Canceled after the delete request was executed. At the moment this will only happen when the domainsync cron for this domain is run. (which can take quite a while)
  3. Whenever I try to add a subdomain (address or hostname doesn't matter) containing an umlaut it get's converted to something strange. ä = a ö = o etc. Either turn it into punnycode as you do with the domain name or keep the umlauts intact. Writing a registrar module, I can't figure out if the user ment ö or o!!!
  4. On the last checkout step, I can't push the "Kaufen" Button. I'm running 6.1.1 with german translataion. I'm using Chrome 46. On the JS Error Console I get "An invalid form control with name='loginemail' is not focusable." everytime I click the button but nothing is submited. On IE/EDGE it works. :-(
  5. When I use the Domain Search mask on the index.php for a domain I wan't to transfer and on the next page klick on "Transfer" again (on the cart.php page). I get under "Other domains you might be interested in" one result for an available domain. If I click on the shopping cart icon next to it, that domain also get's added to my cart as a transfer, requesting an EPP/authcode for that domain. It would be better if that was added as a New Registration in that case. I'm on 6.1.0
  6. So glad I still have a resellone.net/SoftLayer reseller account. They still offer free whois protection. But yeah these mails are extremly annoying. I guess they optain the data by a zone file access agreement and than harvest whois data for newly registered domains. Wish ICANN would do something against it.
  7. Hallo, ich wollte nur kurz auf dieses Modul hinweisen: https://github.com/petzsch/onebb-WHMCS Wenn es Fragen/Anregungen gibt, stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung.
  8. Yes DE is specified as my home country. But I think that only affects business customers specifying the UID/VAT-ID. If they are based in germany like me I would still need to charge them 19% VAT. I've exchanged GB and DE at the top of the table and now US customers get a 19% reduced end price. Thats OK for me.
  9. Thx that SQL Statement really saved me some time. As of the second part of the question: I've tried it out. The end price for us customers is deducted by 20% (maybe because that is the first tax rate in tbe table now. 19% for germany would be better in my case.)
  10. Hello, I've noticed that the EU VAT Addon populates tax rules for all EU countries with the same VAT percentage. But as of 2015 VAT is calculated depending on the country of origin of the end customer. So it would be nice if the percentages where automatically populated with the correct values: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/resources/documents/taxation/vat/how_vat_works/rates/vat_rates_en.pdf I also ran into the question what happens when i tick "Deduct Tax Amount" under tax rules and use inclusive taxation and have rules with different VAT percentages (for each EU country) and the customer is let's assume US based. By what percentage will the price be lower (highest VAT percentage, lowest, ideally I would be able to specify my "home/default" VAT percentage somewhere).
  11. It seems that the dropdown box to choose multi year registration (have enabled prices for 2year reg, and renew) only appears if an existing customer is logged in allready when starting a domain order. for new customers or orders that start out without login there is no choice but a one year registration (and renewal later on). I'm using the default cart theme - nothing fancy. Couldn't find a config option for this - is it me or is that a bug?
  12. Hello, I just wanted to know if the Registrar Modules for OpenSRS or ResellerClub had support for IPv6 private Nameservers and DNSSEC. Would be great to have example code in the Registrar Module template for these things. Also I was looking for a PowerDNS DNS Manager module and found "DNS Manager" which is quite costly and SoluteDNS which doesn't support WHMCS6 yet. Are there any good alternatives which I missed? Don't want to use my registrars DNS as I plan to get Domains from different sources per TLD. Thanks in advance.
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