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  1. Like many, I am contemplating moving to another platform. There have a been a few things with WHMCS that bothered me, but given I was only paying $99/year for updates (+ USD conversion), it was stuff I could deal with. now, my cost is going to be close to $250/yr (+ USD conversion) for the same product that I already have, and own. However, being in Australia, it severely limits my choices - as WHMCS and HostBill are the only two providers who can I get readymade modules for my Payment Gateway provider using tokens rather than storing CC info in the db (I am using eWay and GoCardless for some customers), and my Domain registrar (Using SynergyWholesale). Hostbill looks promising "on paper" and already has all of these modules - however, the less than stellar history, and the hideous pricing structure, not to mention the additional cost if I want to develop stuff to work with it that could be sold is a bit ridiculous. Blesta is looking promising - and will definitely be keeping my eye on that once the Domain Management is finally released - hopefully then there might be possibility of getting some progress here.... the code looks well structured, and it's open - so that's a good thing.. but dev does seem to be a bit slower - but then potentially on par with what I am getting from WHMCS. I have a few months before my support ends as it currently stands. While I would hope that given the price I pay is more than doubling, that I would finally see some of the long standing issues being fixed, rather than WHMCS implementing stuff that I don't need (and I guess lots of people dont) like stuff that makes money for WHMCS such as MarketConnect, i know that is not going to happen. Like others, I don't think it's right for WHMCS to capitalise on the number of customers etc that I have in my system, as it doesn't change the work required for them, whether I have 100 customers, or 100,000. Unless of course, they want to actually be delivering better product - then I could understand it... I did also notice that the changes included in 8.2 are all either MarketConnect stuff (that WHMCS makes money from) or stuff they are onsell services (which WHMCS could well be making money from anyways - such as the Validation.com stuff). it's certainyly going to be an interesting few months. Would love to know what other AU based hosts are moving to, have moved to.
  2. Thanks! I must have forgotten seeing it in that thread - I had read through that thread recently.. my bad 🙂 at least its been picked up and being worked on.
  3. Just building a new skin based on Twenty-one - and thought I had done something a bit amiss. On the Password Reset email prompt page at /password/reset - where you are prompted for your email address to start the reset process, if you hit enter (or submit) without putting an email address in, you get Initially, I thought it was something in my theme layout - so set back to twenty-one to check. Code for the password-reset-email-prompt shows only one call to the Alert routine (as expected): <div class="mb-4"> <h6 class="h3">{lang key='pwreset'}</h6> <p class="text-muted mb-0">{lang key='pwresetemailneeded'}</p> </div> {if $errorMessage} {include file="$template/includes/alert.tpl" type="error" msg=$errorMessage textcenter=true} {/if} <form method="post" action="{routePath('password-reset-validate-email')}" role="form"> <input type="hidden" name="action" value="reset" /> <div class="form-group">....... so checking back up a step, it appears that the "password-reset-container" is where the issue is - as it calls the Alert as well: <div class="row justify-content-center"> <div class="card mw-540 mb-4 mt-4"> <div class="card-body px-md-5 py-5"> {if $loggedin && $innerTemplate} {include file="$template/includes/alert.tpl" type="error" msg="{lang key='noPasswordResetWhenLoggedIn'}" textcenter=true} {else} {if $successMessage} {include file="$template/includes/alert.tpl" type="success" msg=$successTitle textcenter=true} <p>{$successMessage}</p> {else} {if $errorMessage} {include file="$template/includes/alert.tpl" type="error" msg=$errorMessage textcenter=true} {/if} {if $innerTemplate} {include file="$template/password-reset-$innerTemplate.tpl"} {/if} {/if} {/if} </div> </div> </div>
  4. Hi, I've read over the link that Brian posted - and while it makes sense, I see a bit of a problem. The Documentation notes say : And while this is fine, what if you have a group of products (for example, shared hosting plans) that all use the same configurable options. And you configurable options are things like : Additional Disk Space * Add 1 Gb Disk Space * Add 5 Gb Disk Space Additional Traffic * Add 1 Gb/Month Traffic * Add 5 Gb/Month Traffic The issue here is that with the way the documentation reads, you would need to have a set of configurable options for EACH hosting plan, to allow it to increase the disk/bandwidth amounts correctly. ie: If hosting plan 1 has a disk limit of 1Gb, and you puchase and Additional 1Gb, your configurable Option would have the "Add 1Gb Disk space" as setting the disk space to 2Gb. but if you have a hosting plan 2 with a disk limit of 1.5Gb, and the user purchases the "Add 1Gb" it would then only increase the disk space from 1.5, to 2Gb - because of the limit set. So, the question is : Can we have the configuration options to "add to" and "remove from" the soft limit on the product, rather than setting arbitrary limits? for example - have the limit as a "+1Gb"... that way, if the user downgrades, and removes the additional disk space, they return to the original limits of the plan?
  5. Hi, I read with excitement today (been reviewing implementing WHMCS to move away from Plesk-Billing due to uncertainty of its future), that WHMCS has a new 'PCI free' ability with eWay.... see this post : http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?105738-Version-6-1-Release-Candidate-Now-Available I am very curious to know how this works, both from a host's perspective, but also the clients. I am very keen to implement WHMCS and eWay (and I believe that this feature will be the thing that tips me over the edge!) - my only issues are that with the current implementations of the eWay modules in WHMCS (even version 6.0x) we are still responsible for PCI-DSS compliance... Does this new module allow clients to update/change their credit card info, from the client interface, and but transact directly with eway seamlessly? (and just store the necessary tokens) oh please, tell me it does! Or can you point me to some documentation about this feature within WHMCS?
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