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  1. can someone tell me the name of the hook that I can call, immediately AFTER the Configuration fields load? so I could create a hook to do what I need it to do? So same time as configuration fields, but just after they load, when someone checks out?
  2. So, I want to make it where if someone adds a certain product to their shopping cart, which can be based upon a particular group, or product, (probably best to be on product, so I can add it on the configuration tab)... anyhow, I want it to have them choose one of the available spaces the product has, and each one is first come first serve, so once someone selects one, it would not let someone else select it, so either grey it out, or hide it altogether. Also, using the stock control, I want to limit the number, say, 13, and allow multiple purchases, so if someone selects a qty of 2, then they would have to select 2 places on the configuration, but could not select more, or less, they must choose the number of the qty they choose to order... So, what hook would I setup to have it load the "options" I want it to have as a configuration? are there people in here that do customization's, that can get me their price to just do it for me? PM Me or email me a price? I'be been looking around and got a few, I'm just trying to find the best one that understands it clearly, so it will work how I want. I'm a programmer, but don't know the WHMCS platform good enough to just do it all, but I can figure it out, if I find out the hook to create it for. If it was a hook. I really don't know. I'm way, way better at Perl code than PHP, but decent at PHP. (It is for a co-op ad system, which will always have a limited number of spaces, first come, first serve) Thanks in advance any advice, or whatever.
  3. Excellent Brian, so as I see it, I would create a file in /hooks and name it like: AcceptOrder.php and then create a hook therein: <?php add_hook('AcceptOrder', 1, function($vars) { // Perform hook code here... }); now in AcceptOrder, does it have these already set as variables? $pid // as the product id? $gid // as the group id? or do I have to go get those from the order or something? If so, what would I be using to check those? Like do I have to pull it out of a particular table? etc. Thank you much for your insight!! -Richard
  4. Hi Brian, thank you for the response. So I checked orders.php and it is fully encrypted. Where would I find that to see about doing this? I don't see an AcceptOrder.php script or any name like it. Thank you sir! -Richard
  5. Okay, the title kind of says it. I have the same sku listed on multiple items, because of having different payment options. I have one where they can join with a deposit and then have the upgrade for when we are ready for them to (after they approve the design we do) and so that is 2 different items, the first one is for the deposit, then the upgrade. The 3rd one is the same as the deposit one, but is full payment up front, so we collect the same custom fields, for the data we need. but they won't need an upgrade. The problem is, I need the stock control for the first one and third one to be the same. If they order the deposit, then I want to have it reduce the stock of the full payment one, since someone already ordered that particular one. If they do the full payment, I need it to reduce the deposit stock by 1. Because these all have just 1 anyways, because it is a position on a particular mailer, they will always have a code of just 1. So I'm wondering if someone knows what kind of hook I'd need to make and where I could put it, that if say "item 200 is ordered" then reduce stock control of item 201 after reducing stock control of the item 200 that was just ordered"... I supposed I could add a field to the database, and if an item is ordered I could make a hook that after orders are processed, check if that field is set, if so, check which items they are and go minus 1 from the stock, right? If I can do it that way, where would I put that hook? What database table would I have to add that field to? would it break something by adding that field to that database? I'll do it all myself, just not sure where to go about putting all of this. Thanks for any insight you can provide. -Richard
  6. ukndoit

    Removing Categories from Cart and Configure

    wow. that worked. Awesome!! Thank you much!!! -Richard
  7. ukndoit

    Removing Categories from Cart and Configure

    This is the whole file: <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaSecondarySidebar', 1, function(MenuItem $SecondarySidebar) { if(!is_null($SecondarySidebar->getChild('Categories'))){ $SecondarySidebar->removeChild('Categories'); } }); ?> It is strange that it is not using the hook. I don't know why. And yes, I'm using a custom theme, Csix, because they told me if I change anything at all, I should create a custom theme first, so updates do not overwrite my changes. So just in case I do make any custom updates to anything, I don't have to redo it all. I have not yet done that, but did make the new custom theme... -Richard
  8. ukndoit

    Removing Categories from Cart and Configure

    try it here: https://actuatedmarketing.com/orders/cart.php?gid=56 click add to cart... still working on the description to make it look better. May not put one at all, and just build a sales page, then if they want it, put a directly link to the cart, so they don't have to see all the stuff that will be on the sales page, so no need to have it in the description... Anyhow, when it goes to the configure, I see the categories. crazy that it does work for you on your test, but not on mine for me. I cleared my cache and still it is there, so tried it in another browser... but in both of the browsers, I'm logged in. I logged out of Firefox, the browser, I don't hardly use anymore, because it is always lagging... so I use Chrome mostly... but even when I log out of Firefox and clear my cache, still I see the categories. Very odd. -Richard
  9. I was given this code and it worked to remove the categories when viewing the products, however, when configuring them, after they add the product, they are there. here is the code: use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaSecondarySidebar', 1, function(MenuItem $SecondarySidebar) { if(!is_null($SecondarySidebar->getChild('Categories'))){ $SecondarySidebar->removeChild('Categories'); } }); I put it in a name: RemoveCats.php in the /includes/hooks Can you tell me how to remove them from the configuration as well? Thanks, -Richard
  10. Anyone know of an Addon that will allow us to put expenses we have in the WHMCS so that way it can track expenses in the Reports, since it has income and fee's, it would be great if we could also track expenses, so that way we would have an instant profit and loss available... I searched the addon marketplace for expense, but found nothing. If you know of one, please point me to it. Thank you, -Richard
  11. If I have a php page load and it checks the licensing page, can I have it return a few fields... I have the product setup that has 3 custom fields. I notice on the licensing page, those fields are there with the license, so can I have it return the status and those 3 fields? so return:"Status","code","email","smsnumber" and it return those 4 things? How can I do that? Here is an image of the 3 extra fields, I took the picture on the licensing page for one of the licenses that is setup... I put arrows on it, and hid the data from the client of mine that has the license setup. those are the fields I want to return along with the status. I'll have my php code check the status and if active, then it will use that data returned, if not active, I can have it email the owner of the license right there, that they missed out on that. I would appreciate any pointers on where to add that return data. I am at a loss on where to go to do it... -Richard
  12. is there a way to require a certain product only be able to be bought if they have another product purchased and it is active? for example, I have product id, say 100 and I offer them 101 the same product but at a discount, because they have the first one... so any way to not let them get pid=101 if they don't already have an active pid=100 in their services? We let them get all they want of pid=101 if they have pid=100. Right now we tell them if they don't have pid=100, then we will cancel the order and refund any monies paid to us for them.... so they have to buy the first one, First. Just wondering if there was a way to automate that. -Richard
  13. I am setting up a group that if they refer 3 paying customers to us, we'll let them get their monthly fee, paid back, so making it FREE. Is there a way to have the billing system notify me when ever a 3rd referral of any given affiliate pays their monthly bill, so we can go manually give them a payment for their monthly fee? -Richard
  14. If I have a group product that I only have 1 quantity for each product I list and I never list any others, so I can have a Group ID and a Product Id, how can I pull the record of the person that bought it? I need to get their organization name, anyway to do that with a gid and pid? Thanks, -Richard

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