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  1. lesmonds

    Domain menu broken

    I have tried all the above, and the only thing that stops this is by turning off Friendly URLs and changing to basic URLs.
  2. lesmonds

    Oops! Something went wrong (Again)

    With the help from support team, it has been fixed, it looks like a number of extensions were missing from the php 7.1/7.2 branch, I have installed them now. All looking good so far Thanks to all for your input, much appreciated 👍
  3. lesmonds

    Oops! Something went wrong (Again)

    I could not find an "error_log" file in the WHMCS install folder!
  4. lesmonds

    Oops! Something went wrong (Again)

    Tried that too Ticket sent
  5. lesmonds

    Oops! Something went wrong (Again)

    this is what we have installed
  6. lesmonds

    Oops! Something went wrong (Again)

    Added the code to the end of the configuration.php file still no errors showing! payment gateways we have are paypal and stripe, register mod is RC & LB Tools v2 free, its supposed to be php 7.1/7.2 compatible. PHP Version Compatibility check shows all files are compatible. if it helps, we have a dedicated server, with Virtualizor, and the latest cpanel running centos 7 on a VPS,
  7. lesmonds

    Oops! Something went wrong (Again)

    I have disabled all mods/addons one by one, still the same, the only 2 gateways I have are the ones that are already in whmcs, paypal and stripe, I would assume they are php 7.1/7.2 compatible.
  8. With a new install of whmcs 7.5 the warnings report "Your PHP version 7.0.30 is supported by WHMCS." When I change the version to ea-php71/72 in cpanel "MultiPHP Manager" I get the "Oops! Something went wrong" page on load the site. I have tried to display the error with "Tick to enable Display Errors and hit Save." under General Settings, no errors are displayed, each time I have to revert back to ea-php70. Thanks Les
  9. lesmonds

    Regarding New Pricing Model.

    While we are on the subject of price increase, why has the addon for Support and Updates gone up from $44.95 USD to $99.95 USD per year for owned licenses, over a 100% increase doesn't make sense!!

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