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  1. Before we starting writing a module, does anyone know of any module that provides private WHOIS Protection. In light of GDPR, we would like to offer a discounted WHOIS protection to clients over what we currently pay our existing provider. I see there are some Hooks that allow us to alter the data being sent before a domain is registered. The idea is we modify the address to our mailing address and create a random email address that then auto creates a forward in cPanel under our private registration domain. We had this ability years ago in AWBS and when we switched, we back to offering the registration company's WHOIS protection. The cpanel setting up a forwarding address is easy, just wondering if anyone has played with the Domain registration hooks? Thanks
  2. I have searched for an addon module that would allow us to actively monitor what people have in their carts and have not found anything. I have seen the Abandoned Cart Module, but that looks like its after the fact. We are more looking for something in real time. With AWBS we created a simple AJAX page that polled the database, in very simple testing it does not look like WHMCS stores carts in the DB at all, but instead just as session variables, so it will take using the hook to create the module, which we can do. But before went through the trouble of creating a module, wanted to see if anyone knew of an option that was already out there. Thanks
  3. I can not say on Texas law as we do not operate there yet, but I know in TN and AZ if you do not list the tax as a line item on an invoice or notify the client that Tax is included in the price you are breaking the law. Any tax that is collected has to be clearly declared to the end user. So I tell a client $100 including tax, I either have to say this on the invoice or I have to make the price $91.12 with a tax of $8.88 (Tax rate in TN 9.75%) anything less than that they consider deception and people in TN have gone to jail for it.
  4. No, they are LLC in state of Texas, filed as WHMCS, LLC as per the state's comptroller website.
  5. The problem is the hook does not work when an invoice is created from the cron, The hook sets the tax flag, but does not add the tax to the invoice, so problem is not solved. As we are looking at expanding into a Dallas Datacenter, I had a very nice talk with the Texas Comptroller today about the exact sales tax laws in Texas and they were very interested in the fact that one of our vendors was not collecting sales tax on software if the software was installed on hardware in Texas. So Im guessing someone from WHMCS will have a nice little phone call with someone very the comptroller's office very soon.
  6. Im starting to find it comical that WHMCS pays no attention to the tax laws in the US where their biggest market is. By not making configurable options be their own line item on the invoice and have the ability to make them individually taxable, that are putting many US hosting companies in violation of local tax laws. You might say use Addons instead of configurable options. The issues is Addons do not allow quantities. But for example, in TN, AZ and GA, we are support to charge sales tax on any software license we sell. We need quantities for things like Microsoft CAL Licenses. I know many other states have this same law, including Texas where WHMCS is located. But WHMCS does even collect sales tax on their licenses, even though they should if the software is being installed on a server in TX. Maybe turning them into the Texas Sec of State, so they are audited will get their attention on the fact they need to fix this.
  7. Good Call. With the manual migration to WHMCS, our brains are over worked right now.
  8. Ok, the web development team was able to whip this up and it works just fine using the TransactionLog hook. The only issue we have with it is it charges the fee to new signups as well if their card gets declined. Our previous system did only did it on automatic payments, but this is ok, we will just update our TOS and documentation to reflect the new change.
  9. That trivial fee generates $1000s of extra of income for us each year, as we make $0.20 on each one. Some accounts get 3-4 $0.50 charges before the clients fix their credit card and pays. So its not a trivial thing to us. I have our web developer working on a hook using the transaction log and they say it appears doable.
  10. I just looked and the PayPal Pro module is encrypted, so unless I want to re-write it, this is not a direct option. I still can not believe this is not an standard option by WHMCS. It seems all the other billing solutions have it as well I mentioned, AWBS had it for years. I have found old invoices that had it back to 2005 that have this fee.
  11. We are using PayPal Pro. I have not looked to see if WHMCS has encrypted that module yet or not. Was really looking for a way to do this without having to hack a default file and use a hook, so upgrades would be easier.
  12. I am hoping I am missing a setting somewhere and just cant find it or someone can recommend a good hook to use the API. We are coming from AWBS and one feature it had was the ability to add a fee to an invoice if credit card attempt failed automatically. As we are charged $0.30 for every charge attempt, it allowed us to add a $0.50 charge to every single time the credit card failed. Sometimes adding multiple $0.50 charges to one invoice. I cant believe a billing system such as AWBS had this ability and was stopped being developed years ago and WHMCS does not have this function. Any ideas on how to implement if it doest have this ability?
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