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  1. The process is simple, here is official guide : https://docs.whmcs.com/Licensing#Moving_WHMCS
  2. For customer, the transaction is done and order is processed hence to customer it is logical to send success mail. However, if order is held at Registrar (generally due to insufficient funds) then to the ADMIN it should send failure notice. You should see logs for that user and see what is being reported there. If it is saying domain renewed successfully then its issue with resellerclub API that how they report the result of action. I suppose they want customer to see that its executed successfully while you can top-up your RC account and then it is going to be executed anyway. My suggestion is to add your phone number in RC account and set higher threshold for your funds so that you can top-up before it goes too low. (In case your domain was not renewed due to low funds).
  3. Hi, I have WHMCS 6.x installed, few months back I had changed it so that it will directly take to Paypal payment page instead of showing invoice during check out. Now I want it back to show INVOICE after checkout instead of going to Paypal directly. But sadly I don't remember how I had done. Hoping someone point me to right direction ?
  4. Receiving this error for v6.x applying patch, but can't locate any hotfix , kindly advice.
  5. Hello, I occasionally receive support ticket spam through the submit form. What I see is that some bot is trying to submit post with lots of urls. Sometimes I see none for days and sometimes we have lots of them in a single day. Mostly they have things like [url=http://url-removed-not-to-help.spammer/ ] http://url-removed-not-to-help.spammer[ /url] So I assume adding a phrase filter like url=http will be safe as none of my customer is ever going to use link above manner and will be efficient too. So in Admin --> Setup --> Support --> Spam Control I added following phrase : url=http But to my surprise, there were lots of spam tickets opened with above phrase in body. So is it that I am reading it incorrectly at : http://docs.whmcs.com/Spam_Control where it says "Phrase" filter works for body and subject both ? Or I am doing something wrong ?
  6. For ticket ID not found , see this : http://docs.whmcs.com/Common_Troubleshooting_Tips#Ticket_ID_not_found And for mail not showing up, it could be something with mail route configuration, probably you are using POP to import mails. May be mails originating from same server (same domain) are not even going out or something. You should see your mail log (something like /var/log/maillog ) , probably there you may get better idea how mails are being handled.
  7. Thanks once again for advice. I went through support page, I suppose "Addon" is what I need as I want this thing independent of other products but there is no way to add quantity. But thanks for the exact pointer , now I have little better understanding and I will be using configurable options where I make independent product then add configurable option for quantity and price. And yes product itself will be priced zero. PS: If I want to show a nice message showing that "need more than 100, contact Support for discount" , what is best way to do it ?
  8. Hey brian!, thanks for the your suggestion, "Group Similar Line Items" is enabled. However, it looks like I described it all wrong. Apparently it is actually creating multiple products.. so if I select quantity as 5, then it is adding 5 new product to that customer, of course one invoice is created. What I want that client specify quantity , invoices created as per the quantity and it should have single ITEM but its adding 5 items. How do I achieve this ? Probably its easy for someone who is quite familiar with WHMCS features, but I have been messing around and experimenting for hours.. still no light ..
  9. Tried Utilities --> WHM/cpanel import ?
  10. Hi, I am still learning features of WHMCS, I have a small issue where on annual billing, its creating 12 separate product orders , though single invoice is created but on client panel, its shows 12 separate product purchased. How can I make it to show as single product with given quantity (as purchased by client .. say 20) for whole year. To explain further in details : Here is a product where client can specify quantity. I created new product under : setup --> Product/services --> Added a new group and under that added 2 of that product. Now say product for one month is $1, and client can order upto 100 product at a time. And in pricing I enabled "Allow Multiple Quantities". I set Monthly as well Annually pricing. Now in order form, can select multiple quantities, say 20 , if I select monthly pricing then invoice created as : 20 x product name = $20 But if I go for annual, it created. 20 x product name = $20 20 x product name = $20 20 x product name = $20 ... 12 times total in product list page, though single invoice for $240 is created. Even 12 mails are sent to client for each product. Kindly let me know what I am doing wrong. Thanks
  11. Man.. that was comprehensive and very nice work.. However, I thought in all those years WHMCS is matured enough.. but still it is not.. the more I use it.. more I regret for my choice I wish someone can plugin for that as the editing is prone to errors and can mess up things.
  12. May be I was not clear, well we when set pricing for product, we have choices to set Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly etc. And I want to give discount to those who pays half yearly or yearly. Currently what I have done is that I have entered amount as I have mentioned in above post : monthly : $10 , half-yearly : $48 , yearly : $72 Though they are discounted price but won't get highlighted as half yearly turns out to be $8pm , yearly $6pm. Is there any way to show in selection like : monthly : $10 , half-yearly : $48 ( $8 per month), yearly : $72 ($6 per month) I want something like when we provide free domain with a package, you see free domain in front of it as shown in screenshot below : Though prices shown for half yearly , yearly etc. payments are discounted but buyer will only spot discount if they calculate it themselves hence I want to show that on bulk payment they have discounts and how much it will cost them per month if they buy for longer period.
  13. Take a look at : Admin --> Setup --> General Settings --> Product and Services --> Server If your server type is supported, you can add your server there and then you can set auto provisioning per server under product page. See this : http://docs.whmcs.com/Servers
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