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  1. Stripe has an awesome feature that will automatically update a customer's card, if the bank replaces the card (new number, or just new expiration date). However, there is no notification from Stripe to WHMCS that this has occurred. So, we show an expired card in WHMCS, but Stripe is perfectly happy and would allow you to charge the customer's card just fine (but WHMCS won't even try). I can't seem to find any talk about this feature, and I'm not sure why... it would be reduce customer churn and improve customer service. This feature from Stripe has been around for 4 years+. Here is an article about their "Smarter Saved Cards" feature from 2015: https://stripe.com/blog/smarter-saved-cards It says "The customer.source.updated webhook will fire if your customers’ info changes." -- could WHMCS listen for this and do something to update itself about the new card? Thoughts? - Scott
  2. Sorry to say that soon after I installed UnBan Center for WHMCS from Modules Garden, they "updated" the module and pretty much killed it. Everything I loved about the original module, now I hate. I would not recommend it, and I'm still looking for a replacement. I DID contact Modules Garden to let them know they ruined their perfectly working module, and they said they would take it under consideration, but as far as I know, they have made no efforts to return all the ease of use and functionality back to the module. Again, I do not recommend it (wish I could edit/remove my glowing review above). If you want to see how it works, you can look at our KB article, where I have screen shots: https://hosting.qth.com/index.php/knowledgebase/117/Unblock-an-IP-Address.html Even with these screen shots and detailed instructions, customers still can't figure out how to use it. Look at that stupid "shield" icon... I've highlighted it on my screen shot, but it's just grey normally. How would customers know to click that?? And even if you submit your IP, notice that it shows up 'green' whether your IP was unblocked or not unblocked. That is a modal that disappears after a few seconds, so you have to be fast, and it puts it way up in the top right corner of the page. The old module also said the reason for the block, but the new one does not tell people what the problem was. Blah. - Scott
  3. Normally I want new orders to be held for brand new customers (so I can check them out for fraud) but after approving the order, all future orders are automatically provisioned. However, I have a customer that I would like to continue to require approval, before auto provisioning. Is there any way to do that? Is there a flag set somewhere in the database that I could alter for this one customer? - Scott
  4. ScottN

    Cancelled Domain Renewal Invoice

    @aegisdesign when you say you have Grace/Redemption enabled, do you mean you have "Domain Grace and Redemption Fees" set to "Enabled" under General Settings > Domains ? How about under Setup > Products/Services > Domain Pricing... under Bulk Management, is that all blank (mine is)... then, if you click the GEAR icon next to any TLS, do you have anything entered, other than the default days and 0.00 fee, for Grace and Redemption Period? Personally, I don't want to do anything with Grace Period or Redemption fees... I'd love for domain renewal invoices to be automatically cancelled after the Grace Period ends, and be done with it. If anyone has any tips on how to accomplish that, I'm all ears. - Scott
  5. Unfortunately, the ServerPing option was never mentioned in this thread, so I never got a chance to try it... I wound up purchasing the UnBan Center for WHMCS module from https://www.modulesgarden.com/products/whmcs/unban-center -- I have been super happy with it. Install was easy and it works great for our customers. - Scott
  6. ScottN

    Cancelled Domain Renewal Invoice

    WHMCS Tech Support confirmed that this is expected behavior: What's odd is that the problem didn't start happening until I clicked "Disabled". I put it back to "Enabled" to stop the problem. This is the opposite of what WHMCS Tech Support has indicated above. We already delete domain renewal invoices after 30 days manually, so we don't really need this feature, which is why I clicked "Disabled", causing all these problems. I will be responding to WHMCS to ask them why the problem started when I disabled the feature, when their response indicates that it would have only happened when it is Enabled. By the way, after I changed it back to Enabled, it stopped cancelling invoices for expired domains (whew!) - Scott
  7. ScottN

    Cancelled Domain Renewal Invoice

    A very smart sysadmin friend of mine suggested that maybe the new "Domain Grace and Redemption Fee" feature might be causing this. Under Setup > Domains, there is a new setting "Domain Grace and Redemption Fees". I had recently set this to "Disabled" since I work with customers personally, should they have an expired domain that has gone into RGP, that they wish to recoever (I do not want to automate this feature). I've attached a screen shot of that setting. I'm going to re-enable this, and see if my problem goes away. - Scott
  8. ScottN

    Cancelled Domain Renewal Invoice

    I had documented another cancelled invoice, but on this one, the customer DID log in and do their own 5 year renewal, so the 1 year auto invoice was properly cancelled -- deleting this comment from this thread). WHMCS Staff, feel free to delete this post.
  9. ScottN

    Cancelled Domain Renewal Invoice

    I have opened a ticket on this, Ticket IKU-483961. I dug into one of the cancelled invoices... the customer had not logged in since March of LAST YEAR, so this user definitely did not cancel the invoice. Reviewing the Log for this user does not show any log entries for our staff, so our staff did not do this, either. The Log only shows the invoice being automatically created 1 month before expiration (which is how we want it), and it shows the invoice being emailed to the customer. No other entries. Where/why/how it got cancelled is a mystery. - Scott
  10. ScottN

    Cancelled Domain Renewal Invoice

    Bertie, I have had this happen twice in the last two days, since upgrading to version 7.5.1. I believe this is a bug, but you know how difficult it is to prove a bug to WHMCS. I don't have enough data yet to approach them, sadly. But just know... it's not just you!! - Scott
  11. ScottN

    Knowledgebase Article Tags

    Thanks, Nate. I've implemented it. Now "Email, SSL" is gone, so that is good, but I was hoping it would display the actual tags that I have set for the article. {if $kbarticle.tags } <li><i class="fa fa-tag"></i> {$kbarticle.tags}</li> {/if} Since I get nothing... it must mean that $kbarticle.tags for me must be empty? Maybe when I upgrade, it will magically work. - Scott
  12. ScottN

    Knowledgebase Article Tags

    Thanks, Nate! Unfortunately, I'm still on 7.2.3. I'm glad to know that this might be fixed if I upgrade. Can you tell me what the fix is? Does it just remove the tags from that spot? Or, does it actually display the tags entered on the KB Article during its creation? - Scott
  13. ScottN

    Knowledgebase Article Tags

    At the bottom of every Knowledgebase Article, there is a tag symbol, and then two tags "Email, SSL". It doesn't matter what real tag I have added for the article, it only shows "Email, SSL" for every article. I have read the documentation on Knowledge Base Tags, but it only talks about the tag cloud (which seems to work OK) but not this end-of-article list of tags. Any pointers on either removing this, or fixing it so it shows the real tags assigned to the article, would be greatly appreciated! - Scott
  14. @davet what's the latest on this? - Scott
  15. Thanks, Brian. Ugh, I was afraid of this. I didn't know anything about this, so the "you as an admin should have done..." makes no sense. The customer simply wanted to put a card on file, so their bill get paid automatically. How would a customer possibly know to dig through their profile to find some payment setting. I suppose I'll have to hack the "manage credit card" page to put some type of notice that "This card is meaningless and will never be used, unless you dig through your Account Profile and find some payment setting and switch it to 'credit card'" I'm probably the only one that wants a card on file to be used IN ALL CASES, if a bill is due, and hasn't been paid via any other means. I just don't understand why the rest of the WHMCS community would want the system to act like this. If a customer's bill is due, and they have a card on file, who cares what other payment methods were used in the past (PayPal or Check)... if the client puts a card on file, and they have a bill due, we should have the option to force the use of that card to get the bill paid. Time for a feature request that nobody will vote for and won't be implemented. - Scott

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