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  1. Just upgraded yesterday and already have a situation where I need to quickly reset the password for the owner of an account. Incredibly frustrating that this basic feature was removed. I really do wish that the folks at WHMCS also ran a small hosting company (like cPanel does) so they can see, real world, what web hosting providers need on a daily basis. - Scott
  2. Following. I see this from time to time and do not understand how it's even possible, short of a WHMCS bug. - Scott
  3. Using WHMCS 7.9.1, when a customer purchases a 10 year domain registration, the "Domain Registration Confirmation" email that is sent to the customer includes this line: Registration Period: {$domain_reg_period} Unfortunately, this seems to be limited to 1 digit, as the email that is sent to the customer says: Registration Period: 0 Year/s Anyone else see this and/or have a fix? - Scott
  4. Thank you @nwcasebolt for taking the time to open at ticket AND for sharing the solution. It worked!! - Scott
  5. Indeed, this "dance" fixes the Disk Usage display problem -- thank you, John! Unfortunately, we have a lot of packages, so this will be a lot of work. We'll do the most popular packages for now, and then wait for the hot fix. - Scott
  6. Hi all. We recently upgraded to the latest version of WHMCS, and since that upgrade, we lost the ability to see the user's Disk Usage at the top of the Products/Services page. I've attached a screen shot so you can see what I'm referring to. Of note: The top of the page says "Disk Usage: 0MB" and next to it, it shows "Last Updated: ___" with a date and time that is within the last few minutes, as if it had a recent update, but got no data? The customer can see their disk and bandwidth stats fine when they are logged into their account in WHMCS and managing their hosting account. If I scroll down to the bottom of the Product/Services record, where the new Metric Statistics are, and click Refresh Now, the correct Disk Usage shows there but does not update the top of the page (still says 0MB). If I run Reports > Disk Usage Summary, the report runs quickly and accurately, and customer disk space data is showing just fine. I've checked the Utilities > Logs > Activity Log and there seems to be nothing interesting. The Disk Usage data was working fine, prior to updating to WHMCS. We upgraded from 7.6 to 7.9. I'm all ears on what else I might check. We find that Disk Usage info very handy to display at the top of the page. - Scott
  7. We have the same problem. After updating to the latest WHMCS, this "2CheckOut" module is now showing up as active. This is obviously a bug, as we've NEVER used it, and have no intention of ever using it. Further, the suggestion on how to deactivate it simply does not work. Under Manage Existing Gateways, 2Checkout is not listed, so it can't be deactivated here. It's highlighted under All Payment Gateways, as if it's active, but you can't remove it here. It's also showing as Active under Addons > Apps & Integrations... and, once again, you can't get rid of it. - Scott
  8. Feature Request has been added and approved by WHMCS: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/add-support-for-stripe-smarter-saved-cards-to-automatically-update-cc-number-andor-exp-date I think we just need WHMCS to create a script in /modules/gateways/callback/ to listen for Stripe to tell us about a card update (and point Stripe to that 'webhook' location)... then take that info (which includes the last 4 of the card, the month and year) and update the info we store in WHMCS. - Scott
  9. Hi Steven. What I'm saying is... it doesn't matter what the customer enters into these nameserver fields. WHMCS completely ignores them, from what I can tell. I do have good nameservers entered into Setup -> General settings -> Domains -> Default nameservers, but this is not related to my question. My question is... when a customer registers or transfers a name, they are asked to enter in up to 5 nameservers. What does WHMCS do with these answers? In my system, it appears that they go into a black hole. So, I might as well hide them. - Scott
  10. Thanks, Brian!! It's funny you mentioned the hook, because I was just reading about trying to add a new menu item to the Support side menu. Unfortunately, I'm not a developer and I got pretty lost on this (despite doing a lot of reading). If you could push me in the right direction, I may be able to sort both of these out! For example, on the hook to hide the nameservers, is this editing an existing file, or creating a new file in /includes/hooks/? And if new, does it need a special name? Sorry for the hook newbie questions!! Regarding the nameservers... do you have them on your own site? Do they do anything for you or the customer? Again, maybe I'm missing something. Why does WHMCS ask the customer for these? What becomes of them? - Scott
  11. Hi guys! Is there a way to stop WHMCS from asking customers to enter in nameservers during the initial domain name registration or transfer order process? It does absolutely nothing but cause confusion... these nameservers are not set automatically by WHMCS (at least not with eNom), so customers are confused when it doesn't happen. Or maybe I am missing a step here? - Scott
  12. Customer ordered a domain transfer for a .us domain but when it was submitted, we received the error: us_nexus - Required value not specified No matter what we tried (changing nexus categories, country, use) WHMCS would always display this error. I opened a ticket on this matter, and found out the following: I hope this helps someone that might also be experiencing this issue. For now, we will submit the transfer manually via eNom's website, as we are still on 7.6.x and not ready to upgrade to 7.7.x.
  13. Stripe has an awesome feature that will automatically update a customer's card, if the bank replaces the card (new number, or just new expiration date). However, there is no notification from Stripe to WHMCS that this has occurred. So, we show an expired card in WHMCS, but Stripe is perfectly happy and would allow you to charge the customer's card just fine (but WHMCS won't even try). I can't seem to find any talk about this feature, and I'm not sure why... it would be reduce customer churn and improve customer service. This feature from Stripe has been around for 4 years+. Here is an article about their "Smarter Saved Cards" feature from 2015: https://stripe.com/blog/smarter-saved-cards It says "The customer.source.updated webhook will fire if your customers’ info changes." -- could WHMCS listen for this and do something to update itself about the new card? Thoughts? - Scott
  14. Sorry to say that soon after I installed UnBan Center for WHMCS from Modules Garden, they "updated" the module and pretty much killed it. Everything I loved about the original module, now I hate. I would not recommend it, and I'm still looking for a replacement. I DID contact Modules Garden to let them know they ruined their perfectly working module, and they said they would take it under consideration, but as far as I know, they have made no efforts to return all the ease of use and functionality back to the module. Again, I do not recommend it (wish I could edit/remove my glowing review above). If you want to see how it works, you can look at our KB article, where I have screen shots: https://hosting.qth.com/index.php/knowledgebase/117/Unblock-an-IP-Address.html Even with these screen shots and detailed instructions, customers still can't figure out how to use it. Look at that stupid "shield" icon... I've highlighted it on my screen shot, but it's just grey normally. How would customers know to click that?? And even if you submit your IP, notice that it shows up 'green' whether your IP was unblocked or not unblocked. That is a modal that disappears after a few seconds, so you have to be fast, and it puts it way up in the top right corner of the page. The old module also said the reason for the block, but the new one does not tell people what the problem was. Blah. - Scott
  15. Normally I want new orders to be held for brand new customers (so I can check them out for fraud) but after approving the order, all future orders are automatically provisioned. However, I have a customer that I would like to continue to require approval, before auto provisioning. Is there any way to do that? Is there a flag set somewhere in the database that I could alter for this one customer? - Scott
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