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  1. araxy

    Stop automatic CC charges

    Hello, I find your question very interesting! Did you find a solution ?
  2. Hello, I'm looking to add to the cart template "standard cart" the order steps: Step 1: choose Step 2: configure Step 3: checkout I think this must be done in the hooks to avoid having problems in the updates with whmcs? If you can help me or give me an idea .. I thank you in advance cordially
  3. Hello, I try in several pages: - knowledge bases - server states - network problem - downloads - contact - support request - open a request For example for knowledge base I have: Home (index.php)> KnowledgeBase (Knowledgebase.php) I would like to replace for all these pages the links present in the breadcrumbs because I have done rewriting for French people. And I would like change : Home (index.php) to Aide (/aide/) I hope I have been accurate thank you in advance cordially
  4. Hello, I saw your publication and tested for a similar problem. But that does not change my breadcrumb, does it still work on the latest version of WHMCS? Thank you in advance Cordially
  5. Hello, I would like to know how to move some php file whmcs? For example if I want to move contact.php (domain.com/contact.php) to domain.com/support/contact.php. I am looking for a clean solution if possible .. because what I know is rewrite the url but in this case the page will be still accessible to the old place if I'm not wrong thank you in advance cordially

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