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  1. This is a bug with the ENOM Module, Enom are aware of this and so are WHMCS they do not have a time frame of hotfix release though. In the mean time , all who use the enom module are pretty screwed until the fix is released.
  2. VAUHosting

    Custom order status columns?

    Hi Brian. Yes my appologies. I meant the P&S Status on the client side. On the admin side whilst we process the order- we manually change the status of the "pending" order to the various statuses we need in order to process it. However this mirrors on the client side as well. Ideally we need it to do the following: {if} {Status A} display {Processing} {/if} /{if} {Status B} display {Processing} {/if} / {if} {Status C} display {Processing} {/if} so on and so forth. I hope this makes a bit more sense? Regards Chris
  3. Hello All. I'm trying to figure out how to modify the Custom order status page in order to display specific statuses. Currently you are forced to add the custom status you add to either "Pending, Active or Cancelled." I have created a custom status called "Processing" and I need a way of adding this new status to the columns in order to assign custom statuses to it for example " Add to eclipse" is added to the "Add to Processing" column. So when "Add to eclipse" is selected on the admin side as a current status it displays "Processing" on the client side. Basically i have 4 custom statuses that are for Admin eyes only BUT need to reflect on the client service as "Processing" as all 4 statuses are "Stages" of the initial order setup process. My thought was by adding a custom column to the custom order statuses page this would enable additional statuses to use a "Default" status on the client side. If this isn't the case and anyone suggest a way or example of how i can achieve this? Regards Chris
  4. VAUHosting

    External Network Issues Printing

    Thanks Brian. I was hoping you would respond i seen one of your other articles about client area display. This page is on the main directory outside of the whmcs directory im litterally just wanting to pull the Network Issues data thats it and display it on the external page. do you have an example as to how i could do this? as its hurting my brain... Regards Chris
  5. Hello All! im hoping someone can help me with this. I have created a page on my website where i would like to add the Network Issues Block onto it so it displays the current network issues. This is what i am wanting to grab: https://gyazo.com/22ee6698383ba84793cc930266032ffb and im wanting to place it where it states "No Issues Detected" Dummy text: https://gyazo.com/b10f355ba0c0466b3553cd8ca00758db Relistically i would also like to have a plugin or something more advanced that we can update to show the clients/visitors exactly what stage we are at in the investigation i.e network updates like this: https://gyazo.com/78bf2f3b7f7a4a051482047e1d858c5b The latter isn't immediately important but i would like to include it at some point. My difficulty is HOW to collect the data from the network issues page and display it on the external webpage? Thank you in advance! Chris

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