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  1. ID - Password Hash - Visitors IP = Passoword Hash
  2. PW + Salt = Password Hash
  3. vT16

    Pricing Due Order

    Thanks, this solved the problem.
  4. vT16

    Pricing Due Order

    Hey, I created two new products today, and due the order then all the options are there displaying 0, except the two prices i have made is Monthly and Annually.
  5. After some testing back and forth, then we found out how the hash is setup
  6. vT16

    create a page for members !

    All the other pages that is already made with WHMCS does not contain the "{if} and {else}" code... I assume it should be possible somehow to define in a different way what's locked for members and whats not? As i would like to avoid adding the login box to every single page that is supposed to be locked.
  7. I am not talking about anything automatic functions, but a globe section where we could select WHAT server to install it on, instead of modifying every single package when we need or want to change the server. EDIT: I also noticed, that after the upgrade of this module OR after the upgrade to v4, then all the settings chosen under each individual package where deleted and i had to re-enter every single one of them.
  8. I would love to see some kind of "global" slave server selection, as if one server is full then you would like all the new VPS's to go on a slave server etc. Currently we set up all the VPS's on the localhost and move them to one of the slaves later on using the "Live Migrate" tool.
  9. For every package in WHMCS you create, then you choose what server it should be installed on. What does that have to do with HyperVM ? It is WHMCS that function the way that you have to edit the server on each and every package, instead of doing it in a different way, for an example a global setting?
  10. I have been in touch with them.
  11. Wouldn't it be more correct to say that it's the way WHMCS works and not HyperVM?
  12. For an example, integration and use of alternative login methods like AOL, Logmein, or the popular OpenID ? We have had it for a long time with v3, but with v4 it was difficult to implant as we haven't been able to figure out how we can login the client when all we know is that it's MD5, we also needs to know how the seed value is setup and function.
  13. I am not requiring that the password is going to be decrypted, all i need to know is how the password function is setup with what MD5 value and how exactly the extra seed value functions.. I shouldn't be required to use the built in WHMCS login module if i don't want or need to... The fact that the password now get's encrypted (very good) but it also force us to remove the WHMCS login form and make a complete new one to get the extra login functions we want and require. As we have yet been able to figure out how we can get our client's logged in trough a custom login form instead of WHMCS's form.
  14. HyperVM enchaced module is working just fine for me with v4, can't really find any bugs
  15. The API is not updated / does not work with Version 4. It just returns the md5 value.

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