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  1. I was wandering it there is a way to add a note to the order summary or a way to add coupon at this point. I'ts not clear to customers when they choose a product at full price that they cn use a coupon until they co throught to checkout. Is there a way we can either add a note to say add coupon at the next step of actualy add the coupon option to the summary so they can add it there rather than checkout?
  2. Is there a way to assign tickets to the person who replies. At the moment every time a team member replies to a ticket they have to manually remember to assign the ticket to themselves. Is there a way that if they reply to a ticket they are automatically assigned to it? It would make life so much easier.
  3. Hi all just wondering if anyone uses freshdesk for support management rather than whmcs. I have always used whmcs but now that i am looking to add a support agent to the team i am looking at other options. Freshdesk looks so much nicer in terms of layout and its functions for support but i do wonder about the hopping to and fro between the two. At least with WHMCS you have all the customer and billing data all in one place with the support tickets as well.
  4. Thanks but that removes it from product detials. I want to remove categories and actions from the product order page how can i do that? See these guys for example they have managed to remove the left sidebar on configure page but allow it to show on the product listing page. https://youraccount.nimbushosting.co.uk/cart.php?gid=18 https://youraccount.nimbushosting.co.uk/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=4 That is basicaly what i want to acheive.
  5. Ok so when someone clicks on a product to oder it i want to remove the sidebar and readjust the content to go full width i did try editing the configureproduct.tpl with the following which i found on the community but it doesnt work any ideas? i am using the six tmplate and standard cart. <div class="pull-md-right col-md-{if $configurableoptions}12{else}9{/if}"> <div class="header-lined"> <h1>{$LANG.orderconfigure}</h1> </div> </div> {if !$configurableoptions} <div class="col-md-3 pull-md-left sidebar hidden-xs hidden-sm"> {include file="orderforms/standard_cart/sidebar-categories.tpl"} </div> {/if} <div class="col-md-{if $configurableoptions}12{else}9{/if} pull-md-right">
  6. What i want to do is rewrite these urls: /cart.php?gid=4 to somthing like /cart/personal/ /cart.php?gid=2 to somthing like /cart/business/ /cart.php?gid=5 to somthing like /cart/premium/
  7. Does anyone know how I can rewrite the dynamic cart urls? I have searched all over and it seems this has been a request running for many years. It seems WHMCS is never going to add this feature so does anyone know how I would achieve this? Its affecting my SEO
  8. Hello all i would like to pick your brains. I have been using googles business email hosting solution for a while to ensure the deliverability of my emials to customers. I recently adjusted my settings in the WHMCS mail tab to use googles smtp settings to also ensure deliverability of email from the system to all customers. My issue is i am hitting googles limits it seems so wondered what services others are using. Idealy i just wanted to use google for all email hosting rather than using a selection of services. I have now started using sparkpost smtp relay for the mail settings in WHMCS and google for pop3 importing and general email. I would be interested to know what others use and your setup. Thanks Gavin
  9. Hi so I have an issue where users have setup subscription but further invoices each month are generated and still show a subscribe button on the invoice making users think they need to pay again and ultimately setting up several subscriptions. Is there anyway to stop the invoice showing the subscription button on the invoice once the subscription is setup?
  10. HI i am looking at WHMCS as an option but i don't quite understand the domain features of this. Would somebody kindly explain how this process works? I can see WHMCS has partnered with domain services but how does this work for me the user of WHMCS? I mean can i simply offer domains on my site but the processing etc is done through the partners? Do i have to buy domain names to then sell on? Do i pay the partners a set fee? How does it work?
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