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  1. There is now an email group for "Lifetime License Holders" Send an email to join_whmcs@grouplist.io if you wish to be included. Make sure it is from your whmcs domain as it will be checked.
  2. WHMCS has been a sinking ship for years. This has given me the motivation to move quite a few licenses to other services that honor their word. WHMCS simply cannot be trusted and it is shame. RIP WHMCS.
  3. I expect this could be costly for WHMCS: https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/consumer-products/subscriptions/971878-siriusxm-to-pay-96m-to-end-lifetime-subscription-class-action/
  4. Here are some links to continue the discussion on other forums as WHMCS cannot be trusted: https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1842498 https://computertalkforum.com/discussion/2476/whmcs-instantly-voids-lifetime-licenses-after-previously-promising-otherwise/
  5. I think a module for something like Mailgun or smtp.com would be a great additional to the MarketConnect suite.
  6. Does anyone have a list of Domain Max Length Restrictions? Something like this to add to config file: $DomainMinLengthRestrictions[".tv"] = 1; $DomainMaxLengthRestrictions[".tv"] = 64; $DomainMinLengthRestrictions[".cc"] = 2; $DomainMinLengthRestrictions[".id"] = 5; I am going to make one if not.
  7. Is anyone able to get this SwiftModders theme working? I am having a lot of trouble with it and the developer keeps asking me to contact WHMCS although issues relate to theme. Has anyone else had trouble with these themes?
  8. Has anyone tried a custom field with an add-on? It seems like it is still not allowing custom fields on an add-on. Or is it my template file? https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/custom-fields-for-add-ons
  9. Yes, there are no issues I can see either. I was just looking to take the header of the WHMCS template and make it into a standard HTML template. I can do it, but... There are conflicts. I was hoping to get just the necessary CSS for the header. I wonder if anyone else has done this yet? You can see what I mean by adding index6.html to end of my URL.
  10. Yes. They said too busy and to post here. I have started it myself but running into some conflicts.
  11. Hello, Is anyone able to help with some menu CSS on the SwiftModders WHMCS Client Theme?
  12. I had this same problem and found out that there was the same domain added as an add-on domain to another cPanel account. Removing the add-on domain there solved the problem.
  13. It is possible to remove this by editing the core template files. Not ideal I know, but this feature is really not production ready. Here is my post on disabling.
  14. Such a shame the way WHMCS is being managed these days.
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