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  1. Ok guys, thank you. My two problems are now solved. Just because i don't wanna open a new thread only for this additional question: opensrs plugin (v, some of you know if it's compatible with whmcs 6.0.1?
  2. Dear, two questions: First one: on the clientarea.php, from the frontend on the listing domains page we reach a fatal errors (as the attachment). the php version here is 5.6.8 It's look like a problem on the datetime construct. Someone have got the same issues? Any chance to resolve it? Second one: On our installation we use several (i mean -several-) custom template for the orders form part. But it's look like that in this new version they doesn't works anymore. Any advise, how to get back to work? In others words, the cart.php page is pretty blank like that: Also in that case. Any advise? Thank you. Mark - - - Updated - - - ah...in addiction. This can you see is a develop license, because we want try what happen after the upgrade...before put them on production system!
  3. Yes, we are using the Modulesgarden itNIC Module (it's look like the only one, actually disponible for whmcs). Initially we was thinking that the problems come from this module (and we had also open a ticket with their support staff), but at this time i think that the problems comes from whmcs domain renew system. You think that the problem are involved on the module? If yes, why? Basically, from my understand, the itNIC Module is just used from whmcs in order to keep the expiration date of the domain (.it) updated. But what really change the status of the domain (on whmcs) are the domainsync.php script and the main cron script of whmcs. In my opinion is there the problem. And always on my opinion it's pretty strange that, no one, that as to handle .it domain as not noticed that. For example, you have to manage .it domain with whmcs? If yes, how can procede in order to avoid the auto-expire of the domain? ty
  4. Accredited Registrar on NIC
  5. Sure that is so simple. But the problem is that when the expiration date comes, whmcs put the .it domain as "expired" (because basically the expiration date is not renewed till 15 days after the real expiration), and never roll back to active, after that the autorenewPeriod is completed. How have you solved that problem?
  6. To the forum admin: Please can you modify the thread title from "Migration .it domain name" to "Manage .it domain name". Because was an error. Thank you.
  7. Dear, someone here manage some .it domain name with whmcs? Because from my side looks pretty hard to do that, because the nature of .it renew policy. Basically the .it has 15 days autoRenewPeriod after the expiration date, in that 15 days, the domain is not already renewed or expired. After that 15 days, the domain, if not cancelled before, will be renewed. Well. Actually due the expiration date renew of whmcs we have a problem. Let me try to explain a particular case: Domain: testdomain.it Expiration date: 18 April, 2015 The customer pay for that domain in advance, for example he renew that domain in 10 April, 2015. The expiration date of that domain will not be renewed, because itNIC renew them 15days post the expiration date. So at the 18/04/2015 the domain will be put on "expire state" on whmcs. And the domain will remains on that status always (because the main cron or domainsync cron script, doesn't work on expired domain). So, my question is. It's there a way to avoid that? Someone has noticed already something like that before? Thank you.
  8. Going forward on analyze i found that the only hook that look like in the "position" that i need is: http://docs.whmcs.com/Hooks:InvoiceCreation but unluckly: "This hook runs when an invoice is created. " :-( Any hooks on "before invoice is created"?
  9. Dear, we have managed to use this mod: http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?20219-MOD-Multilingual-Products-%28in-fact-any-value-you-want%29 in order to have product description and product name in two language. Actually we have a product name that is something like that: "<italian>myproductnameita</italian><english>myproductnameeng</english>" it's ok all over on the frontend and backend, for us, but we have this same name also in the invoice (pdf invoice). This is not ok. We need add in the product description of the invoice only the specific italian or english version of the name. I have browsed in your forum, and some describe how to modify the products description "after" that the invoice is generated. But my need is different because i need this modification before the invoice is generated. I have also googled for the hooks (http://docs.whmcs.com/Hooks:InvoiceCreation) but frankly i did't what hooks i need to use. Any suggest? Thank's
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