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  1. Downgraded from the backup of may 18, I re-put the bx files only. Now again ver. 2.2.146, let's see...
  2. ok, easy question: Before the update, on may 18, I backed up the modules dir and no other update have been made, is it safe to reput only those files. I wish to be sure that no database modification is involved during the update, only files, right?
  3. The problems are continuing and I'm thinking to downgrade back to the 2.2.146. Now i'm noticing that in the notification email of the renewals the order Number is been put instead of the Proforma number and we was asking to the clients to put the proforma numer in the reason of the Bank Transfers...
  4. we are renewing them manually...
  5. Moreover, we notice that all the automatic renewals paid from credits of various clients were not executed even more the credit was took
  6. Hello, This morning a client of mine, after reload his credit account, tried to pay from credit and got the following error: Non puoi applicare più credito di quanto dovuto I tried to access his account and got the following error: Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again. If the problem persists, please contact us. « Back to Homepage For additional assistance, please reference the WHMCS TroubleShooting Guide » exception 'PDOException' with message 'SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 't1.subscriptionid' in 'where clause'' in modules/addons/BillingExtension/core/BillingExtension_Client/Hook.php:1239 Stack trace: #0 modules/addons/BillingExtension/core/BillingExtension_Client/Hook.php(1239): PDOStatement->execute() #1 modules/addons/BillingExtension/core/BillingExtension_Client/Hook.php(995): BillingExtension\BillingExtension_Client\Hook->LoadCreditBalance() #2 modules/addons/BillingExtension/hooks.php(390): BillingExtension\BillingExtension_Client\Hook->ClientAreaSidebarCredit() #3 includes/hookfunctions.php(0): BillingExtension_ClientAreaPrimarySidebar(Object(WHMCS\View\Menu\Item)) #4 vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/ClientArea.php(0): run_hook() #5 vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/ClientArea.php(0): WHMCS\ClientArea->outputWithoutExit() #6 vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Http/Message/AbstractViewableResponse.php(0): WHMCS\ClientArea->getOutputContent() #7 vendor/zendframework/zend-diactoros/src/Response/SapiEmitterTrait.php(27): WHMCS\Http\Message\AbstractViewableResponse->getBody() #8 vendor/zendframework/zend-diactoros/src/Response/SapiEmitter.php(34): Zend\Diactoros\Response\SapiEmitter->injectContentLength(Object(WHMCS\ClientArea)) #9 clientarea.php(0): Zend\Diactoros\Response\SapiEmitter->emit() #10 {main} Please note that I recently (3 days ago) updated BX module from version 2.2.146 to 2.2.168. WHMCS version is 7.7 php 5.6 (I'm going soon to migrate it to a new server...). How can I fix it?
  7. Hello, I'm going to set all of my clients to Oneinvoice invoicing. I only have one question: is it possible to invoice at the end of the month instead of at the beginning? That's because at the end of the year all the invoices of december will be invoiced in january, in the following year. The same thing happens at the end of the quarter (trimester), when Italian companies have to do the "Dichiarazione IVA". Thanks for your reply Pier Paolo Ronzino Ormag.com
  8. I have the same problem described here, for .it domains at registrations we put our nameservers and our tech contact because we manage them. How to disallow client to change the Tech contacts only? Is it possible to do it based on .it tld ?
  9. in few words the question is: how does WHMCS recognize that a domain is a free one (associated to a hosting with free domain)?
  10. Hello, I successfully imported all my services to WHMCS last year, I have to understand how WHMCS manage the free domain (associated to hosting) option, in order to tag those domains in some way and make them to be automatically renewed with the payment of the hosting. Any help?
  11. Hello, is there a way to disallow one or more payment methods for specific customers? Because I have some group of clients whith prices discounted based on payment methods. Thanks for your help
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