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  1. in few words the question is: how does WHMCS recognize that a domain is a free one (associated to a hosting with free domain)?
  2. Hello, I successfully imported all my services to WHMCS last year, I have to understand how WHMCS manage the free domain (associated to hosting) option, in order to tag those domains in some way and make them to be automatically renewed with the payment of the hosting. Any help?
  3. Hello, is there a way to disallow one or more payment methods for specific customers? Because I have some group of clients whith prices discounted based on payment methods. Thanks for your help
  4. Ehhh, you're right :)) , it should be useless ... But unfortunately on the market there are some concurrent company doing so...
  5. Ok, I think this may be a solution. Is there another way in order to have the official product price = the first year one ?
  6. Thanks Brian, I need the promotion code to be applied automatically, not by the user.
  7. Hello, I have the following need: I must set the price of a product in order to be discounted only for the first year, how to do ? With domains you can set the registration price and the renewal one, with products?
  8. I thought I could modify the email "Domain Registration Confirmation" as follows: Dear {$client_name}, {if $domain_registrar eq "Email"} This message is to confirm that the registration of your domain name has been started. {else} This message is to confirm that your domain purchase has been successful. {/if} The details of the domain purchase are below: {if $domain_registrar != "Email"} Registration Date: {$domain_reg_date} {/if} Domain: {$domain_name} Registration Period: {$domain_reg_period} Amount: {$domain_first_payment_amount} Next Due Date: {$domain_next_due_date} You may login to your client area at {$whmcs_url} to manage your new domain. {$signature} I did a try but it doesn't work, maybe the conditional code in the email template is wrong?
  9. Hello, in order to get the requests of NS cheange from my clients I put the registrar Email to some domain extensions. The problem is that for new registrations an email of "Domain Registration completed" is sent just after the payment but the domain needs to be registered manually... How may I manage this?
  10. hello, I have the exact invers need of the following 3d: the field Tax ID does appear during the order in th contact section but is disabled (gray), how may I enable it?
  11. Hello, at our whmcs site we are doing a sale for .it domains, so we wish the promo codes for domains not to works for .it in this period but for renewals, how to do?
  12. Hello, I have some local clients for whom we renew their domains but we usually get payments after some weeks. The problem is that when we register the payment of the invoices on WHMCS the domains get renewed again automatically. How may we avoid that?
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