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  1. Thank you very much for this information 🙂
  2. Hi there, I'm currently looking into exactly how the Stripe payment process works for PCI compliance reasons. The thing I'd like to know is whether the clients credit card information ever touches WHMCS or the server WHMCS resides on, or does the data get posted directly to Stripe? Any clarification on this would be great! Thanks!
  3. Hi there! Today a client sent in a support ticket to advise that their hosting services weren't automatically billed to their credit card. They have a credit card saved and is set as the default payment method on their account. However, at a hosting service level, I can see that the 'Payment Method' was set to 'Bank Transfer'. Is this the reason why the payment wasn't taken automatically from their credit card on the due date? Also, I'm not seeing anywhere from the client side for the client to update the service level payment method? Is this an admin-side only thing? Thanks!
  4. As you may be aware, cPanel now offers the WordPress Toolkit, either in the Lite or Deluxe version. I've assigned the WordPress Toolkit to one of my hosting packages and would like to implement a conditional menu item that only shows for this specific hosting package in WHMCS. The menu location being this one: https://prnt.sc/ycadgd WHMCS already has Quick Shortcuts for some tools in cPanel (https://prnt.sc/ycaftx), I was hoping I could create a similar link for the WordPress Toolkit so that customer's can go straight to the WP Toolkit. I see that the URL structure for the Quick Shortcuts are like the following: https://example.com/clientarea.php?action=productdetails&id=128&dosinglesignon=1&app=Email_Accounts I've tried the following for instance, but it doesn't work 😞 https://example.com/clientarea.php?action=productdetails&id=128&dosinglesignon=1&app=WordPress_Toolkit Would anyone happen to know how I can create a single sign-on to take visitors directly to the WordPress Toolkit? Thanks!
  5. I've actually disabled it altogether for now as we don't really use it at the moment.
  6. Do you happen to have the Tawk To module installed? I found that this was causing this issue after updating from WHMCS 7 to 8.
  7. I honestly don't understand why WHMCS hasn't implemented this yet. It really hinders our ability to promote addons without pro-rata capabilities.
  8. In regards to the following step during a product signup process: Is there a way to modify this to just show a single option that states "Which domain would you like to protect" for a single product ID/type? I have a product that requires a domain to be entered but having all of these options for this type of product would be confusing for a customer. Unfortunately, product addons won't work as WHMCS is limited in terms of functionality (pro-rata) and configurable option isn't viable either. Hopefully, there is a way to modify this through a hook or something? Thanks!
  9. Hi @brian!, thank you for your reply. We have the term 'Tax Invoice' currently set when viewing an invoice in HTML and PDF. This is also reflected in the PDF filename as well. This was achieved using the following language overrides in 'lang/overrides/english.php': $_LANG["invoicenumber"] = "Tax Invoice #";$_LANG['invoicefilename'] = "Tax-Invoice-"; The filename doesn't matter so much, but we'd like to have just 'Invoice' for tax exempt customers for HTML and PDF invoice copies. Can an 'if' statement be used directly in the language overrides file to check if their tax exempt status is 1 or 0? So, if not exempt, then apply what we have above.
  10. Hi there! Just checking to see if there is a fix for CORE-11819 yet? I checked the changelog but didn't find anything. The issue being that customers don't get unsubscribed from MailChimp if they opt out of marketing emails in WHMCS. It seems to be a fairly important issue that has been outstanding for some time now.
  11. Hi there! It's required in Australia if GST is charged to have the wording 'Tax Invoice' instead of just 'Invoice'. We achieve this with a language override in the file 'lang/overrides/english.php'. $_LANG["invoicenumber"] = "Tax Invoice #"; $_LANG['invoicefilename'] = "Tax-Invoice-"; However, we have some overseas clients that we don't charge GST to. These customers have the 'Exempt from Tax' option set to 'Yes' in their account. Is there a way to ensure that those that are exempt from tax have the wording 'Invoice' but those that are not exempt from tax have the wording 'Tax Invoice'? Thanks!
  12. I'm going to hit up ModulesGarden to see if they can fix the WHMCS add-on functionality to work with pro-rata.
  13. Hmmm, I'll look into this! Sorry for the confusion. I've got a hosted cloud incoming reseller account with Spam Experts.
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