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  1. Hi @brian!, Perfect! Thank you so much 🙂
  2. In regards to the following step during a product signup process: Is there a way to modify this to just show a single option that states "Which domain would you like to protect" for a single product ID/type? I have a product that requires a domain to be entered but having all of these options for this type of product would be confusing for a customer. Unfortunately, product addons won't work as WHMCS is limited in terms of functionality (pro-rata) and configurable option isn't viable either. Hopefully, there is a way to modify this through a hook or something? Thanks!
  3. I'd be interested in taking a look at this 🙂
  4. akust0m

    Conditional language overrides

    Hi @brian!, thank you for your reply. We have the term 'Tax Invoice' currently set when viewing an invoice in HTML and PDF. This is also reflected in the PDF filename as well. This was achieved using the following language overrides in 'lang/overrides/english.php': $_LANG["invoicenumber"] = "Tax Invoice #";$_LANG['invoicefilename'] = "Tax-Invoice-"; The filename doesn't matter so much, but we'd like to have just 'Invoice' for tax exempt customers for HTML and PDF invoice copies. Can an 'if' statement be used directly in the language overrides file to check if their tax exempt status is 1 or 0? So, if not exempt, then apply what we have above.
  5. Hi there! Just checking to see if there is a fix for CORE-11819 yet? I checked the changelog but didn't find anything. The issue being that customers don't get unsubscribed from MailChimp if they opt out of marketing emails in WHMCS. It seems to be a fairly important issue that has been outstanding for some time now.
  6. Hi there! It's required in Australia if GST is charged to have the wording 'Tax Invoice' instead of just 'Invoice'. We achieve this with a language override in the file 'lang/overrides/english.php'. $_LANG["invoicenumber"] = "Tax Invoice #"; $_LANG['invoicefilename'] = "Tax-Invoice-"; However, we have some overseas clients that we don't charge GST to. These customers have the 'Exempt from Tax' option set to 'Yes' in their account. Is there a way to ensure that those that are exempt from tax have the wording 'Invoice' but those that are not exempt from tax have the wording 'Tax Invoice'? Thanks!
  7. I'm going to hit up ModulesGarden to see if they can fix the WHMCS add-on functionality to work with pro-rata.
  8. Hmmm, I'll look into this! Sorry for the confusion. I've got a hosted cloud incoming reseller account with Spam Experts.
  9. That was my thought also! I never received a notification in regards to the change of policies either. I only came across this response during a support ticket discussing some changes we're making in our own business.
  10. Hi @steven99 Yeah, we have a reseller account with Spam Experts directly. Thank you for your input regarding the standard product option. In regards to not being able to sell Spam Experts as a standalone product, I was advised this via an Account Manager in a support ticket: "Unfortunately, selling IN and OUT filtering as a standalone service is not something that we allow, not even under the reseller license. We only allow reselling on top of other services, hence only as an add-on." When I asked why this is: "Since SpamExperts was acquired by Solarwinds, we have changed a bit our licenses, including their policies. We stopped offering our customers the option of selling SpamExperts as a stand alone product, due to the pricing policy."
  11. Hi @WHMCS ChrisD, Thank you for your reply. I see that it's more expensive through MarketConnect, but I understand that WHMCS would be taking a cut and there is a convenience factor involved. Would using MarketConnect allow the Spam Experts service to be tied into the same billing schedule as the hosting service? Or does it follow the same issue mentioned earlier in regards to addons (the lack of pro-rata)? Are we given access to an admin level interface for Spam Experts when using Market Connect? The reason I ask is that during cPanel server migrations, it would be help to have access to the same bulk destination host change tools that are available in our current Spam Experts account.
  12. Hi there, WHMCS Community 🙂 We have an account with Spam Experts, and up until now we have been including Spam Experts inbound filtering with our web hosting packages. However, due to various reasons (one of those being cost), we are considering making Spam Experts inbound optional with an additional monthly cost for new customers. The question is, how to handle this within WHMCS. Here are my thoughts so far: - Set it up a standard product This could work, however, Spam Experts (since they were acquired by Solarwinds) do not allow the resell as a standalone product, it must be accompanied with another product such as a web hosting package. Setting it up as a standard product in WHMCS could allow non-existing customers to purchase the product standalone. In addition, we'd like the optional Spam Experts product to be offered or made visible to the customer during the checkout of a web hosting package. Due to the above, setting it up as a standard product may not be ideal - Set it up as an addon Unfortunately, as addon's cannot be set up as pro-rata and tied back into the same billing schedule as the primary product, it throws out this option straight away. Other functionality of add-ons is great, such as the ability to offer an add-on during checkout and the ability to connect it to a module create function. But, the inflexibility of the add-on system in terms of billing is a deal breaker. - Set it up as a configurable option I think this may be the only viable option given the information I've provided so far: It allows the ability to show this optional product via checkout It ties the billing on the same schedule as the primary product However: It doesn't seem to be able to connect to a module create function which would be required to automate the enable/disable process for Spam Experts. Due to this, provisioning would be a manual procedure. There doesn't seem to be an option to send an email specifically for when a customer upgrades their service with this configurable option. I suppose we could put some information about Spam Experts and that our team will be arranging their Spam Experts activation in a general product upgrade email, but it would be much better if we could target those that only choose to upgrade to Spam Experts Is my train of thought on the above correct? Am I missing anything? Is there any way possible to make add-ons tie into the same billing schedule as the primary service? Is there a way to offer this with our requirements that I haven't thought of? Thank you.
  13. Hey! So I was sending an upcoming scheduled maintenance email to our clients and due to a server-side process limitation, the email sending process was terminated too early. It has sent the email to some clients, but not all. Is it possible somehow to re-send the email to the clients that didn't receive the email the first time around without getting too manual? Thanks WHMCS community 😎
  14. akust0m

    Domain syncing has stopped since WHMCS 7.6

    Hi @WHMCS ChrisD, Thank you for the reply. The command doesn't give any output, but the domain sync process does run when performing that command. I've also applied the hotfix as I was on 7.6.1 🙂
  15. Hello, I'm hoping someone can assist with determining why our domain syncing has stopped since the upgrade to WHMCS 7.6. We upgraded to WHMCS 7.6 on the 30th of August. I've just noticed that we haven't been receiving the 'WHMCS Domain Synchronisation Cron Report'. I've also checked our domain registrar API logging and it looks like the API calls to check domain information also stopped on the 30th of August. I've since found out that the manual cron task is no longer required and the domain syncing is supposed to be handled by the internal WHMCS cron and configured on the 'Automation Settings' page. Unless I've missed it, this didn't seem to be clearly mentioned in the features of the WHMCS 7.6 upgrade? I've attached a screenshot of our domain sync settings. I've not sure if the manual cron task is supposed to work anymore, but I've tried all of the following via command line and none of them produce any output at all: $ php /home/username/whmcsdata/crons/domainsync.php $ /opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/bin/lsphp /home/username/whmcsdata/crons/domainsync.php $ /opt/cpanel/ea-php72/root/usr/bin/lsphp /home/username/whmcsdata/crons/domainsync.php Also our primary WHMCS cron is set to every 5 minutes and the automation status page seems to indicate that this functionality is working okay. What/where can I check to resolve this issue? Thank you.

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