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  1. Product Addon Pro-rata?

    Hi there! We've just started offering a WordPress Management plan and currently have it set up as an addon. However, there doesn't appear to be the option for pro-rata, is there a way to force pro-rata on addons? If not, we may switch it to a standard product/service to ensure it is on the same same invoice as the hosting service which is due on the 1st of the month. I've considered configurable options, but it doesn't seem like it is designed for this type of service we're offering. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for your reply. I haven't done so yet, I'll attempt the latest update again manually now. Edit: The manual update fixed the issue.
  3. Hey, When navigating to Utilities > Update WHMCS, I am greeted with the 'Oops! Something went wrong..' error. Temporarily displaying errors gives the following: TypeError: Argument 1 passed to WHMCS\View\Admin\HealthCheck\HealthCheckRepository::checkUpdaterRequirements() must be an instance of WHMCS\Installer\Update\Updater, string given, called in /var/www/vhosts/my.example.com/httpdocs/admin/update.php on line 0 and defined in /var/www/vhosts/my.example.com/httpdocs/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/View/Admin/HealthCheck/HealthCheckRepository.php:0 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/vhosts/my.example.com/httpdocs/admin/update.php(0): WHMCS\View\Admin\HealthCheck\HealthCheckRepository->checkUpdaterRequirements('67108864', NULL) #1 {main} How would I go about resolving this error? Thanks!
  4. List upcoming invoices

    Hi @brian! Works well! I've manually removed a couple of columns that I didn't need, but apart from that, it works great! Is there an easy to way to include a total for the 'Amount' column? Edit: Also, would it be easy to make this a custom report instead of a widget? Thanks!
  5. List upcoming invoices

    Hello, Is there a native or custom way to obtain a list of upcoming invoices that have not been created/issued yet? For example, if you have pro-rata billing for the 1st of the month but invoices haven't been raised just yet, is there a way to list these even though they haven't been raised yet? I was going to see if I could write a query but I thought I'd see if anyone had a solution first Thanks!
  6. Hello When navigating to either one of the following client area pages, all services are shown regardless of whether they are active, terminated, cancelled etc.. https://example.com/clientarea.php?action=services https://example.com/clientarea.php?action=domains You can filter the results by clicking on one of the "View" buttons on the left. However, is there a way to have "Active" set by default? Thanks!
  7. Whoa, I think I just solved my issue and I don't even do coding/development It is probably bad code, if someone could critique this method that would be fantastic. I've changed the top of clientareacreditcard.tpl as per the following: From.. {if $remoteupdatecode} <div align="center"> {$remoteupdatecode} </div> {else} <div class="credit-card"> <div class="card-icon pull-right"> <b class="fa fa-2x {if $cardtype eq "American Express"} ... and so on ..to the following {if $remoteupdatecode} <div align="center"> {$remoteupdatecode} </div> {elseif $clientsdetails.defaultgateway eq "paypal"} <div align="center"> {$LANG.denynewccwithpaypal} </div> {else} <div class="credit-card"> <div class="card-icon pull-right"> <b class="fa fa-2x {if $cardtype eq "American Express"} ... and so on So now the customer will not be given the option to add a new credit card if their payment method is set to PayPal. Is there a way to make this code change more permanent. Is it possible through a hook instead? - - - Updated - - - Ended up changing the exception code to the following in case any other payment methods get added: {elseif $clientsdetails.defaultgateway neq "" || "ewaytokens"} <div align="center"> {$LANG.denynewcclocalstorage} </div> {else}
  8. Hello, I've read the following request but there is still a problem I'd like to solve somehow: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/never-store-credit-card-information-locally-when-using-a-tokenized-gateway The eWay token gateway itself works great, customers can make payments with their credit card, the card details get saved with eWay, they can even update their card details from within WHMCS. This works great! But...if a client changes their Payment Method to PayPal for instance, they are able to save credit card details straight into my local database. This is a big issue and defeats the point of using a token gateway. If the clients payment method is set to the eWay token gateway and if they haven't also made a payment yet, then they are presented with a message that states "You must pay your first invoice via credit card before you can update your stored card details here...". This is fantastic. So essentially, if a client has their payment method set to anything other than the eWay token gateway and if they haven't made a payment before, then they are able to store credit cards locally. As per the WHMCS request linked above, in one of the new WHMCS versions it is possible to make token gateway payments with the Disable Credit Card Storage box ticked. Whilst this sounds great, it no longer allows the client (or even admin) to update or remove the token payment details from WHMCS at all. This sort of seems like 1 step forward but also one step backwards. If anyone else is using a token gateway and also have another gateway enabled (such as PayPal) then your clients also would have the ability to store credit card details locally in your database. Does anyone have a solution to this issue? Or any ideas? I suppose one good way to prevent this would be to block access to the credit card screen unless they have their payment method set to the eWay payment gateway. How can this be achieved though?
  9. Credit Balance in V6 Six Template

    Hello, Thank you for this hook! I don't understand why it isn't a standard feature in the Six theme. One small request if I may, how do I only enable this hook only the primary client area page? (/clientarea.php)
  10. Hello, I understand that many people have run into this problem but I would like to know how others are getting around it. The problem Plesk differs from cPanel in the way that it creates a customer level account and service subscriptions under that, this is a problem when it comes to providing the correct panel login details on the welcome letter. When the first service is created, the panel and FTP login details are okay on the welcome letter but from second service onwards, the welcome letter issues a new set of panel login details, these wont work as the second subscription is placed under the customer account created when the first service was ordered. On cPanel, a new panel login is created for every service so this isn't a problem. How do others get around this problem to issue the correct panel login details to the customer?
  11. I would like to be able to import all emails into WHMCS regardless if the ticket ID is not found. Is it possible to import all emails and assign a new ticket ID for those that don't already have one, even if they aren't assigned to an account? As some clients email our support email address directly, we have to constantly check both the email inbox and WHMCS which isn't ideal.
  12. Importing tickets

    Hello, Is it possible for WHMCS to import tickets if they don't have a ticket ID? The reason I ask is if a customer emails us directly instead via the contact page then we won't know about their email unless we use another program like Outlook. I'd like just use WHMCS for managing this email account. Also it possible to make WHMCS delete emails from the mail account inbox after downloading into WHMCS?
  13. View transaction history in client area?

    Thank you. Do you recommend a particular add-on module?
  14. Is it possible to allow customers to view their transaction history from within their client area?
  15. Plesk 12.5 WHMCS Module

    I just ran into this same issue. Ticking the box to use SSL mode for connections at the bottom seemed to fix the issue.

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