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  1. There has been some discussion on the virtualmin community about openlightspeed integration. I read that someone has done it, however as far as I am aware it's not a drop in replacement in virtualmin like nginx is (requires some manual configuring). Apparently virtualmin ran a bit of an internal poll a number of years ago and the consensus was that more people wanted nginx...so openlightspeed was dumped off the to do list at the time. I am not sure if there are now plans to reverse that decision, although the community has rumblings asking for openlightspeed integration. In answer to your second question...I would have to check to remind myself...I don't use it, however one of the webpanels I use I thought had an option for that...I think it was the Virtualmin one. EDIT giithub has a virtualmin module that might be inline with what you are asking...https://github.com/evan-sctg/Virtualmin-server-install-script---installs-latest-NodeJS-NVM-NPM Off-topic...one thing I am starting to believe about ispconfig, it's quite manual in a lot of ways, however I think it teaches a much deeper understanding of ones webserver than virtualmin or cwp or Cyberpanel. So when things go wrong, I have a lot more faith in them being fixable on Ispconfig.
  2. May I also add an update to this, As of a few hours ago, I now have direct contact with Phillips data and they are taking a personal approach to helping sort out the CWP module issue. I would also like to apologize for going over the top in criticizing the abilities of the Phillips brothers...that wasn't appropriate and I should not have done that. I am not sure I understand the reasons they have given me in response to my support ticket disappearing...i can only say, the ability of a ticketing system to even send support ticket requests (for paid services)and receive confirmation emails, to the exact username and email account I use for my paid services, whilst being "apparently logged out", is fundamentally flawed (as that is what appears to have contributed to this in the first place) Having said that, I also posted on their community prior to finally deciding to send the support ticket request. The same administrators also actively monitor the community and had initially responded on the forums to ask me to pm my CWP and biling/provisioning dashboard login details (which i immediately provided). Shortly after that everything "went dark". For the sake of benefit of the doubt, perhaps my number just got lost in the queue? (certainly a reasonable possibility) @Brian...I dont believe it would be appropriate for me to ask for another whmcs free developer license, I already have an account with WHMCS with a number of past licenses and my intention would be to power my website e-commerce/auto provisioning of services...not development specifically (my Virtualmin system is already able to function with WHMCS module without too much trouble). In the event i cannot get a reliable working solution "over there", I would simply reactivate a paid license or apply for a new one on my existing WHMCS account as I am familiar with the WHMCS interface and have used it before.
  3. The most reliable cpanel alternatives I have used that are free are Ispcomfig and Virtualmin. Others that have free offerings are Centos Web Panel Cyberpanel Vestacp I am currently using Virtualmin, CWP, and Cyberpanel. Virtualmin is extremely complicated to use but by far the most feature rich for GUI use, CWP and Cyberpanel have much nicer interfaces (particularly for client/user dashboard). Cyberpanel uses Openlightspeed web server (it's the only one that natively does). For single use, Cyberpanel is a great alternative to whm cpanel. For webhosting use for clients shared hosting im fairly convinced that the paid version may be a necessary choice (due to the need to protect your server from client abuse by assigning user quota and limits in webhosting) If you want top notch support and reliability...definitely ISPConfig. However setting up a server to use it is a marathon...it's frustratingly slow to configure anything on Ispconfig...but once setup and fine tuned, a very reliable panel. Has no file manager! If you need file manager, maturity and stability, Virtualmin 100% (virtualmin docs and support aren't the best though...not terrible, but forums support for "virtualmin-gpl" free version could be a lot better than it is.) Virtualmin is a massive learning curve...its a very powerful control panel and its dashboard needs a street directory to find things! Centos Web Panel is a great looking control panel but absolutely full of little stupid mistakes that cause bugs in it...things like WordPress script installer stuffs up adding password to wp-config.php...hence a brand new user account WordPress install throws a "cannot connect to database" error.) If you did choose CWP, best option is the monthly lease...it's cheap as at like $5 per month for the main server panel "pro version"...so across 30 clients...That's miniscule At like 60cents per user(oops math terrible this morning...just over 16 cents) If you want free, stable, maturity and reliability, functionality, and provide shared hosting for clients, however have clients who are willing to put up with its somewhat disjointed interface design...out of all the free panels, virtualmin is "by far" the safest option. I cannot understate how big of a learning curve it is though. Also, if you start messing around with virtualmin defaults without 100% knowing what you are doing...you will destroy it and have to wipe the server and start again. I have been using it for 2 years and have done that many times.
  4. I am just extremely disappointed in the sudden decline in support once my money was handed over. They put on a pretty face up to that point. Once it (professional top notch support) was expected/demanded of them because I had paid money, they stopped answering any and all requests. That in my view is fraudulent and no better than stealing. In all honesty it's the level of what scammers do! My complaints are even ranking at the top of page one of Google searches from Blestas own community. Anyone who cares about the success of their business is foolish to not address client complaints before they rank on page one! Yes I am being harsh, I accept that, but I am shitty that they suckered me in with the promise of a great product and support only to let me down so badly. From my experience, Phillips brothers clearly are not particularly knowledgeable developers of this kind of platform...they also release modules that don't work because they haven't been properly tested, ad in to the problem zero documentation so clients can try to self help in the absence of developer solutions, is very poor form (the cwp module, like quite a few others they have developed, has zero docs). Now my gut instinct tells me that more than likely the problems actually come from the CWP end...but that is why the module developer needs to bloody test extensively in the first place!
  5. adamjedgar

    WHMCS and Microsoft Pay

    Ok thanks. Would be nice if it could be developed as another payment gateway for whmcs.
  6. adamjedgar

    WHMCS and Microsoft Pay

    I have recently had a survey phone call from Microsoft regarding its Microsoft Partner Program. This got me thinking, Microsoft has Microsoft Pay. I know nothing about it yet...so this question might not even be relevant to WHMCS for provisioning webhosting services, however, one thing that i do notice is that people quite often have microsoft accounts these days, and store credit card information on that account for paying for microsoft services such as Office 365. Is there a WHMCS payment module for MIcrosoft Pay? Has anyone got any advice/ideas on how webhosts and webdevelopers can take advantage of the Microsoft Partner Program and things like Microsoft Pay?
  7. Hi guys, i was a user of whmcs, however, i struggled with the SMARTY templating system and the default client layout for whmcs (those additional /double top menus are a terrible idea). So in light of this, i moved to Besta. After a couple of months of testing with virtualmin, i setup a paid montly lease with Blesta. Initially, everything was fine, however, after going live with a paid solution, i began to notice a few cracks in the armour in the platform. Things just were not working quite right at times. In particular, i began having problems with some of the modules developed by Blesta for provisioning services on control panel platforms such as Centos Web Panel and even Virtualmin (which i have been using for a while). I sent requests for help through blesta forums, even providing root access to my CWP server itself and admin access to my blesta installation. They came back to me saying everything was ok. I logged into the server and found nothing had changed and it did not even appear in the logs that anyone else had even logged into my CWP server to check it! So yesterday, i submitted an official support request through our paid support ticketing system...got the confirmation of recept email from them, and then waited. This morning i logged in to find the ticket request no longer exists on their system. It is my fear they have intentionally deleted it (because i have the confirmation email saying they have the ticket). So in light of all of this, i have completely lost faith in the Blesta system and now want to move back to WHMCS. Can anyone advise on the best way to move a small group of clients on a virtualmin system back into whmcs (i could manually enter them no problem if that is the best option). The client websties are static and wordpress ones on the same virtualmin system. Also, before moving back, can someone here confirm 100% that the both Centos Web Panel and Cyberpanel WHMCS Modules are working correctly for Centos 7? (i already know Virtualmin module works)
  8. adamjedgar

    Full Friendly URLS not working

    Just as an update, I tried to resync from windows 10 pc...didnt fix the problem. One thing i have noticed...if i enter https:billing.mydomain.com into browser....full friendly url is displayed, however, as soon as i click on any url link once on the website, they are not working. Now i am no programmer, however this seems to suggest that the rewrite isnt actually working. 1. Are full friendly url rewrites ignored if the theme coding is such that any links within the website are using non friendly urls? (ie can theme hardcoding be the cause of such an error?) 2. Also, because from the Wordpress interface, i have copied and pasted the url found in the corresponding section of the whmcs interface in order to take a user straight to the correct place when they selected a product or service advertised in the Wordpress page found at https:mydomain.com, can this cause the rewrite in the whmcs subdomain to not work? for example https://billing.mydomain.com.au/cart.php?a=add&pid=1 (as shown in whmcs>setup>products and services>edit product>links>"Direct shopping cart link") 3. Finally, can i manually change the whmcs>setup>products and services>edit product>links>"Direct shopping cart link" to a friendly url myself instead of the default one? (I am assuming not)
  9. adamjedgar

    Full Friendly URLS not working

    I will perform the sync using the laptop instead of mobile device and see what happens. If that fails i will put in a ticket.
  10. 1. Two people get into a car. The driver is stealing it...in a legal sense, is not the passenger also comitting a crime? 2. A person passes you in the street and offers a ridiculously cheap purchase for what is obviouly an unused new chainsaw. Are you going to convince yourself that by purchasing this saw you are not the recipient of stolen goods? Saying "i take no responsibility for the actions of third party suppliers on MY website", carries about as much insulation as person no 2 in my above examples.
  11. if that reflects the philosophy of whmcs then i clearly am with the wrong business and using the wrong product.
  12. adamjedgar

    Full Friendly URLS not working

    Surely there has to be an answer for this...the only one i have found so far is the last post on the following thread I hope that is not still the case...ill be pretty shitty if it is.
  13. I am not a programmer, however, as a relatively inexperienced client of WHMCS, I purchase this software and use third party addons almost exclusively because i find them via WHMCS main website. To me that means i can be rest assured they are safe to use. If my fledgling system and business got exposed before i get off the ground...I am destroyed before i even get started. that is a heartbreaking thought and fear. I have spend many hundreds of hours over the last 12 months researching, learning, testing, failing, cursing and crying over issues related to server management and now ecommerce platforms such as WHMCS. I am deeply worried to even read threads like this...it has me thinking that i need to change platforms to something else like Hostbill before everything i have put blood, sweat and tears into over the last year, blows up in my face. I appreciate, that its a difficult road for whmcs in providing the market website as a place for third party addons, but in all honesty, if one chooses to provide the opportunity for third party developers to put up addons for sale there, then one takes on the responsibility for third party f$#%ups and must be ahead of the game. I am surprised at how long it appears to have taken for WHMCS to decide to take down this vendor...it should have been immediately upon learning of the hack, not after anarchy arises from the community. If under the circumstances WHMCS doesnt have the staff to monitor such addons, then might i suggest they develop a financial strategy for filling that need (ie charge third party developers a fee for listing to facilitate employing a software engineer or two who can check). I really am enjoying the WHMCS product btw and am thankful for there particularly good support to me. My comments above are from fear, not loathing.
  14. adamjedgar

    Monthly price can not be canceled

    To me thus seems to be a permissions issue with your whmcs user. It doesnt have the right permissions to perform edits and/or updates on the database. Have you ensured that your datase user has "ALL" permissions assigned to it? (Check your user database permissions in cpanel for the whmcs database)
  15. adamjedgar

    Full Friendly URLS not working

    From my mobile i logged in and... Tried synchronising...no change. Swapped theme to six, then synchronise again...no change.I I should also mention, i have the main wordpress front end working on the same vps.... https://mydomain.com. clean urls are working fine on that wordpress site. I use virtualmin. Setup is Virtual server ... wordpress front end Virtual sub server ....whmcs I have other virtual sub server on same vps....friendly urls are working on those wordpress websites. So i am making the assumption that apache2 on the vps is setup correctly...it must just be a configuration issue in this webhosting account? (Virtualmin calls hosting accounts, virtual servers btw)

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