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    Full Friendly URLS not working

    Just as an update, I tried to resync from windows 10 pc...didnt fix the problem. One thing i have noticed...if i enter https:billing.mydomain.com into browser....full friendly url is displayed, however, as soon as i click on any url link once on the website, they are not working. Now i am no programmer, however this seems to suggest that the rewrite isnt actually working. 1. Are full friendly url rewrites ignored if the theme coding is such that any links within the website are using non friendly urls? (ie can theme hardcoding be the cause of such an error?) 2. Also, because from the Wordpress interface, i have copied and pasted the url found in the corresponding section of the whmcs interface in order to take a user straight to the correct place when they selected a product or service advertised in the Wordpress page found at https:mydomain.com, can this cause the rewrite in the whmcs subdomain to not work? for example https://billing.mydomain.com.au/cart.php?a=add&pid=1 (as shown in whmcs>setup>products and services>edit product>links>"Direct shopping cart link") 3. Finally, can i manually change the whmcs>setup>products and services>edit product>links>"Direct shopping cart link" to a friendly url myself instead of the default one? (I am assuming not)
  2. adamjedgar

    Full Friendly URLS not working

    I will perform the sync using the laptop instead of mobile device and see what happens. If that fails i will put in a ticket.
  3. 1. Two people get into a car. The driver is stealing it...in a legal sense, is not the passenger also comitting a crime? 2. A person passes you in the street and offers a ridiculously cheap purchase for what is obviouly an unused new chainsaw. Are you going to convince yourself that by purchasing this saw you are not the recipient of stolen goods? Saying "i take no responsibility for the actions of third party suppliers on MY website", carries about as much insulation as person no 2 in my above examples.
  4. if that reflects the philosophy of whmcs then i clearly am with the wrong business and using the wrong product.
  5. adamjedgar

    Full Friendly URLS not working

    Surely there has to be an answer for this...the only one i have found so far is the last post on the following thread I hope that is not still the case...ill be pretty shitty if it is.
  6. I am not a programmer, however, as a relatively inexperienced client of WHMCS, I purchase this software and use third party addons almost exclusively because i find them via WHMCS main website. To me that means i can be rest assured they are safe to use. If my fledgling system and business got exposed before i get off the ground...I am destroyed before i even get started. that is a heartbreaking thought and fear. I have spend many hundreds of hours over the last 12 months researching, learning, testing, failing, cursing and crying over issues related to server management and now ecommerce platforms such as WHMCS. I am deeply worried to even read threads like this...it has me thinking that i need to change platforms to something else like Hostbill before everything i have put blood, sweat and tears into over the last year, blows up in my face. I appreciate, that its a difficult road for whmcs in providing the market website as a place for third party addons, but in all honesty, if one chooses to provide the opportunity for third party developers to put up addons for sale there, then one takes on the responsibility for third party f$#%ups and must be ahead of the game. I am surprised at how long it appears to have taken for WHMCS to decide to take down this vendor...it should have been immediately upon learning of the hack, not after anarchy arises from the community. If under the circumstances WHMCS doesnt have the staff to monitor such addons, then might i suggest they develop a financial strategy for filling that need (ie charge third party developers a fee for listing to facilitate employing a software engineer or two who can check). I really am enjoying the WHMCS product btw and am thankful for there particularly good support to me. My comments above are from fear, not loathing.
  7. adamjedgar

    Monthly price can not be canceled

    To me thus seems to be a permissions issue with your whmcs user. It doesnt have the right permissions to perform edits and/or updates on the database. Have you ensured that your datase user has "ALL" permissions assigned to it? (Check your user database permissions in cpanel for the whmcs database)
  8. adamjedgar

    Full Friendly URLS not working

    From my mobile i logged in and... Tried synchronising...no change. Swapped theme to six, then synchronise again...no change.I I should also mention, i have the main wordpress front end working on the same vps.... https://mydomain.com. clean urls are working fine on that wordpress site. I use virtualmin. Setup is Virtual server ... wordpress front end Virtual sub server ....whmcs I have other virtual sub server on same vps....friendly urls are working on those wordpress websites. So i am making the assumption that apache2 on the vps is setup correctly...it must just be a configuration issue in this webhosting account? (Virtualmin calls hosting accounts, virtual servers btw)
  9. Hi guys, whmcs is running under subdomain so url is https://billing.mydomain.com I have installed the Maxhost theme. I go to dashboard>setup>general settings>general tab>Friendly URLs>Full Friendly Rewrite According to the built in whmcs checker, my server appears to be compatible with this option as it is highlighted green Whmcs says Done! Rewrite rule applied. Path Mode Value set to "Full Friendly Rewrite Trouble is, when i navigate to any of the menus in whmcs, nothing has been set to friendly urls. For example: HOME https://billing.mydomain.com/index.php DOMAINS https://billing.mydomain.com/cart.php?a=add&domain=register HOSTING https://billing.mydomain.com/cart.php?gid=1 Is this a theme/template issue with Maxhost, a whmcs issue, or a server issue? server is running apache2 with php version 7.2.10 Script execution mode = FastCGId
  10. adamjedgar

    disable View Button when cart is empty

    thanks, Brian...this gives me a place to start. What I don't understand about all of this, considering this is what I would have thought is a basic function that all shopping carts should have, why isn't it programmed into the interface by default? (for example, a checkbox in the admin area that allows us to turn it on or off) I am surprised that a platform that is considered a market leader should be missing things like this. I am also surprised that a platform that is considered a market leader, and therefore i make the assumption it turns over tens of millions of dollars per year, has one of the crappiest series of template choices I have ever seen. To say the default theme was designed would be an overstatement...it looks like something that fell out of the back of a horses ass. Even a lot of the third party ones are complete and utter rot (i use the term rot because they are worse than rubbish). Please don't take the criticisms above the wrong way...as a non-programmer, mechanically, for the most part, I am very happy with whmcs , however, considering we pay monthly for it, the revenue we generate should produce a complete product (including the client interface) and I am deeply disappointed with the lack of transparency and quality of the third party templates I have found in the whmcs marketplace thus far. This leaves people like me between a rock and a hard place. As someone who spends quite a deal of time with Wordpress, I am exposed to good and bad template interfaces. Anyone who has used Avada, for example, will understand what I mean. I am considering a Zomex theme for example. Anyone got any thoughts on best template to buy?
  11. hi guys, In whmcs , in my opinion, the "View Cart" button should be invisible unless the cart actually has something in it. Apparently this is some thing that tech support have said to me is a customisation they cannot help me with. What do i need to do to whmcs in order to make it so? (my assumption is, i will need to decompile the software, edit the relevant code and recompile it again?) kind regards Adam
  12. I particularly focus on your last comment "I will no longer invest my time an[d] money in having unhandy and unreliable integrations." The disavantage of the above approach you talk of is, in order for one to extend their webpage in whmcs, it seems to me that a lot of work is required. In Wordpress, this is but a small almost effortless task (especially with the Avada Wordpress theme/framework i use which is 90% "drag and drop" and shortcodes for everything else), and this is where i am at a crossroads...the much shorter long-sighted road is the Wordpress one because of the ease with which Wordpress websites can be upgraded and modernised. Playing around with the smarty templating system in whmcs editing layouts and creating addtional pages and functionality, is nothing short of a time consuming pain in the ass! What about the option to use both on parent domain + subdomain arrangement in a non-integrated arrangement. Wordpress for the main website, then url link to the whmcs interface on the sudomain for ecommerce stuff (such as hosting, domains, renewals etc)? In using this method i am essentially keeping both separated. It would mean that clients cannot log into wordpress and that login be used to access whmcs (which i would not want anyway). So if i were to take my above mentioned approach, reskinning whmcs is my next hurdle. As i said in first post, there seems to be an awful amount of source code when i "inspect" my wordpress page in google chrome.
  13. adamjedgar

    WHMCS Integration with CMS

    wow the inline css style is quite extensive...couldnt this go into a file instead of on the source page? also, does inline javascript have to go inside literal tags? (is this what is slowing down page load times or is that something to do with integration with Wordpress?) Very nice looking home page, i really like it a lot. how much would you sell this for as a white label whmcs template/theme?
  14. ah ok. one of the virtualmin guys said that i could leave all the files where they are and do it from the server side of things in virtualmin by changing the apache document root for this web hosting account to /public_html/whmcs/. However, it is so easy to remove and reinstall using the virtualmin installer script, i just did that instead.
  15. Ah i found the problem... In following the whmcs documentation on how to setup a new server, i thought the port number goes into the IP Address box. eg I had enterred IP Address 12.345.67.89:15000 (or whatever custom port one has sassigned virtualmin) In fact, it was one of the virtualmin guys who, in another community post dated some time ago, mentioned that the Hostname should contain port number ie server1.mydomain.com:15000 (or whatever custom port one has assigned to virtualmin) It takes me to the correct admin login screen now.

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