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  1. Hello, I come to you because I have a little problem, and I hope you'll help me. I integrated a presale support form in another page using js script to send the information. For this I use your Support Ticket System Links. It works but I against not validate the form with js. Can you tell me how I joined you print screens. Thank you in advance
  2. Hello, A big thank you to you, I say bravo. Congratulations to you, and above all, a thousand thank you. Can you just tell me if this is right
  3. Hello, A big thank you to you, you are really strong and I see that you love challenges. This one does not work, I think the php tag is not working on the ajaxcart. {php} $query = mysql_query("select * from tblpricing where relid='" .$template->getVariable('products'[$sd]['pid']). "'"); $row = mysql_fetch_array($query); {/php} <select class="billingcycle02" id="billpid{$product.pid}" name="billingcycle02" onchange="prodconfrecalcsummary01(this.value, '{$product.pid}')"> {php}$products = $template->getVariable( 'products' ); if ( $products[$sd]['paytype'] == 'recurring' ) { {/php} {php} $products = $template->getVariable( 'products' ); if ( $products[$sd][pricing][rawpricing][monthly] > 0 ) { {/php} <option value="monthly">{php}echo $products[$sd][pricing][monthly];{/php} </option> {php} } {/php} {php} $products = $template->getVariable( 'products' ); if ( $products[$sd][pricing][rawpricing][quarterly] > 0 ) { {/php} <option value="quarterly">{php}echo $products[$sd][pricing][quarterly];{/php} </option> {php} } {/php} {php} $products = $template->getVariable( 'products' ); if ( $products[$sd][pricing][rawpricing][semiannually] > 0 ) { {/php} <option value="semiannually">{php}echo $products[$sd][pricing][semiannually];{/php} </option> {php} } {/php} {php} $products = $template->getVariable( 'products' ); if ( $products[$sd][pricing][rawpricing][annually] > 0 ) { {/php} <option value="annually">{php}echo $products[$sd][pricing][annually];{/php} </option> {php} } {/php} {php} $products = $template->getVariable( 'products' ); if ( $products[$sd][pricing][rawpricing][biennially] > 0 ) { {/php} <option value="biennially">{php}echo $products[$sd][pricing][biennially];{/php} </option> {php} } {/php} {php} $products = $template->getVariable( 'products' ); if ( $products[$sd][pricing][rawpricing][triennially] > 0 ) { {/php} <option value="triennially">{php}echo $products[$sd][pricing][triennially];{/php} </option> {php} } {/php} {php} } {/php} {php} $products = $template->getVariable( 'products' ); if ( $products[$sd][pricing][rawpricing][triennially] > 0 ) { {/php} <option value="triennially">{php}echo $products[$sd][pricing][triennially];{/php} </option> {php} } {/php} {php} $products = $template->getVariable( 'products' ); if ( $products[$sd]['paytype'] == 'onetime' ) { {/php} <option value="onetime">{php}echo $products[$sd][pricing][onetime];{/php} </option> {php} } {/php} {php} $products = $template->getVariable( 'products' ); if ( $products[$sd][pricing][rawpricing][free] > 0 ) { {/php} <option value="free">{php}echo $products[$sd][pricing][free];{/php} </option> {php} } {/php} </select> with my Smarty code... ok perfect jobs I have a problem with php tag, it not work, and even whmcs support, failed to find a solution, you may be yes Code domainoptions.tpl: Code firebug: As you can see it not work, it only takes the information in the tag. thank you in advance
  4. Thanks for your feedback, I already try, it works well with your solution, the problem that these will show me a single price view screen prints (http://hpics.li/f4501d1). I try to have a complete price list, which updates the basket depending on the duration. (Screen prints http://hpics.li/5df0e7f) thank you in advance
  5. Hello, A big thank you for your return, I am trying to adapt to ajaxcart whmcs v6 it work well, however I have a problem with putting the domain in cart. The code I would like to add the products.tpl in for the display of prices. thank you in advance
  6. Hello, I come to you because I need your help. I have to change: {php} $query = mysql_query("select * from tblpricing where relid='" .$this->_tpl_vars['products'][$sd]['pid']. "'"); $row = mysql_fetch_array($query); {/php} For : {php} $query = mysql_query("select * from tblpricing where relid='" .$template->getVariable ( $products[$sd]['pid'] ). "'"); $row = mysql_fetch_array($query); {/php} And yet I have the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /home/whmcs/public_html/v6/vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/SmartyBC.class.php(464) : eval()'d code on line 3 Thank you for your help
  7. Hello, A big thank you for your return, I'm activate php tag, should add code to ajaxcart to run the tag? Ajaxcart starts to really work well, I work. thank you in advance for your help
  8. Hello, I come to you because I have a problem I'm currently working on ajaxcart for whmcs v6. The basket starts to work, though I have some programming problem, and that's why I come to you today. The problem is that at the level of research domains. Code domainoptions.tpl: <div class="domainregperiod">{$LANG.cartregisterhowlong} <select onchange="[color="#FF0000"]{php} if($_REQUEST['adddomaincustom']=='1'){ {/php} adddomain(); {php} }else{ {/php} completedomain(); {php} } {/php}[/color]" name="domainsregperiod[{$domain}]" id="regperiod">{foreach key=period item=regoption from=$regoptions}{if $regoption.register}<option value="{$period}">{$period} {$LANG.orderyears} @ {$regoption.register}</option>{/if}{/foreach}</select></div> Code firebug: <select id="regperiod" name="domainsregperiod[essai.aaa.pro]" onchange="[color="#FF0000"]adddomain(); completedomain();[/color] "> Thank you in advance
  9. Hello, I would run the cart ajaxcart on whmcs v6. If someone an idea. Thanks in advance
  10. Hello, I come to you because I want to understand why the display of the party, domain research, is so long to appear. Also this is only in cpanel long before the server was under nginx and field research was instantaneous. A big thank you for your help
  11. Hello, I come to you because I need help with a problem. I would like to add the address rewriting feature in the holder. This feature already exists in the administrator section, I would like my add it to customers. In the administrator section in the file viewticket.tpl line 285: <div class="quoteicon"><a href="#" onClick="quoteTicket('{if !$reply.id}{$ticketid}{/if}','{if $reply.id}{$reply.id}{/if}')"><img src="images/icons/quote.png" border="0" /></a>{if $reply.id} <input type="checkbox" name="rids[]" value="{$reply.id}" />{/if}</div> These complicated to explain my I think with the details you will understand that I seek. A big thank you in advance Happy holidays
  12. hello, I wonder if it would be possible to add the [No accommodation! Click to add] to ajaxcart as the template verticalsteps. I regret that we must buy abort a domain when you do a search domain, you can add a plan faudrais avaec buying a domain. Thank you in advance for your help
  13. Hello everyone, I come to you because I want to change the class, cartsummary in affix. Thank you for your help. Thank you in advance
  14. hello, Yes, I managed, because of you. A big thank you, I look long, however, is with you it was easy. Another big thank you
  15. Hello everyone, I want to thank you for your help, your system is operating at 100%. A big thank you
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