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    After log-in, index.php loads blank page

    I upgraded my WHMCS to the latest version last week, and just today and yesterday, after I pass the login page for the admin section of WHMCS, it loads index.php but shows only a blank page. This happened on the two times a new customer signed up, but I think it's due to inproper SSL settings, I tried changing the URLS inside the admin panel to SSL's https and it's loading that by default now but showing just a blank page. The guys at tech support recommended I copy new files into the directory to "restart" WHMCS, but I don't want to lose all my settings. Also, I now get a PHP error:
  2. ConduciveMammal

    One HTML email template for all?

    Thanks to both of you for your help. Using the split div method, it now works great. Thanks again
  3. ConduciveMammal

    One HTML email template for all?

    But isn't that just for a header and footer? What about divs etc, any idea?
  4. ConduciveMammal

    One HTML email template for all?

    I'd like to make a HTML email template for use in WHMCS but with almost 50 different templates already in use but only as basically plain text, I'd rather not have to re-adapt my template for every pre-installed template. Is there a way I can create just the one and have it as a base template in which all the others automatically use?
  5. ConduciveMammal

    Product/Services template?

    Ohh okay, yeah I get that. It's just since I'm new and still trying to grasp the prices etc, I have no issue filling in the data, it's just thinking what data to use. Thanks anyway
  6. ConduciveMammal

    Product/Services template?

    Hey, No sorry, you misunderstood. I meant like a Product/Service costs and prices list that's been pre-filled that I can use to then enter into my site and just change to suit. Like, an example price table kinda thing. Thanks
  7. ConduciveMammal

    Product/Services template?

    Hey guys, I've just gotten started with hosting, and I was just wondering if there's any pre-filled templates of hosting packages that I can use and edit to my needs?
  8. ConduciveMammal

    Faster way to input new tld pricing

    Hey guys, I'm kinda new here and to hosting. I found this module from Reseller's Club Mods which ramps up the capabilities of your WHMCS, I used it to import my TLDs into my WHMCS with prices pre-filled http://www.resellerclub-mods.com/en/products/free-mods/free-resellerclub-tools.html. Hope this helps.

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