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  1. Managed to work this out eventually, so for anyone else who runs into this issue here is the solution pid[0] = 10 pid[1] = 15 etc..
  2. Hi Everyone, I seem to be stuck trying to add an order via the API method AddOrder. Specifically, I cannot get the API call to work when there are multiple values in the pid field. The api documentation for AddOrder says to use an int array. I have tried all kinds of syntax and can't get anything to work, including 10,15 "10","15" (10,15) array(10,15) [10,15] etc...etc... Can anyone help me with the correct syntax?
  3. tasgray

    Extending API?

    Thanks for your response. Can you point me to some documentation? I wasn't able to find anything myself.
  4. tasgray

    Extending API?

    Hi everyone, Since 7.4 release it no longer seems possible to extend the API using methods described in other posts. Does WHMCS plan to make this available again? We desperately need functionality to export information that is not available through builtin API methods. Many thanks
  5. tasgray

    Client File Access via API

    Any security on that code?
  6. tasgray

    Calculating tax on billable items

    Hi Remitur, When tax type is set to inclusive, billable item prices include tax. There is no way to override that behaviour. If the tax rules are complex it becomes difficult to calculate, and also redundant. It would be much easier if WHMCS gave us an API method to calculate tax for a given customer.
  7. tasgray

    Hello everyone

    Hello community, Long time WHMCS user and huge fan. Look forward to being part of the community
  8. Hi Everyone, We are currently writing a module which will create billable items. There is a small challenge with billable items when the tax rules are set to inclusive. In this scenario, the total price has to include tax and the amount of tax will vary depending on the tax rules configured in WHMCS. Rather than extracting the tax rules in code and then calculating the tax, does WHMCS provide a function which can provide the tax for me based on the customer and amount provided?
  9. tasgray

    Automatic suspension question

    I went away and tested this myself and you're right. WHMCS sets the due date to the current date, while the invoice states the due date to be today + 14. Just one of those things to be aware of. Thanks SiteOx
  10. tasgray

    Automatic suspension question

    It turns out you are right SiteOx. The due date on the product/service is different to the due state on the invoice. Any idea why that would be happening and more importantly how to fix it?
  11. tasgray

    Automatic suspension question

    Hi everyone, Hoping someone can shed some light on a small issue I'm facing. I have setup Automation Settings with automatic suspension enabled, configured to to wait 7 days before suspending the account. I had a situation this week where I provisioned a hosting account for a customer manually via the admin area, so there was no upfront payment. The invoice date is 16/06/2015 and the due date is 30/06/2015. Last night's CRON job suspended the service, despite the invoice stating a due date of 30/06/2015. It would appear that the CRON is using the Invoice Date rather than the Due Date on the invoice. Has anyone else run in to this issue? Any help appreciated. Tas
  12. Hi there, I'm very new to WHMCS and only recently set it up in my business. It has worked spectacularly well so far, however I've run into an issue with the email backup. It was working and without notice I stopped receiving the email. I have checked the activity log, which used to include an entry for the email backup and it is no longer appearing. I've tried removing the email address from the form field and then adding it again with no success. The site is running the most up to date version. I've hunted on google for the answer without success. If anyone has come across this before and knows a solution I'd be most appreciative Cheers, Tas

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