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  1. iHelpersLLC

    Some Invoice & Reminder Emails Not Generated

    Yes? Everything else has been working fine on PHP7.2, but the cron was dying before getting to generating the invoices and reminders.. Never dug deep enough to get the actual failure errors/messages because I had a client on my back screaming about how no invoices going out means no money for him or some such thing, so as soon as I realized it was PHP7.2 I hastily went back to 7.0 ..
  2. iHelpersLLC

    Some Invoice & Reminder Emails Not Generated

    Confirmed.. The WHMCS V7.6.1 install did not play well with PHP V7.2 .. Reverted PHP to 7.0 and all is right with the world again..
  3. iHelpersLLC

    Some Invoice & Reminder Emails Not Generated

    Thanks @WHMCS ChrisD that article got me looking in the right direction.. Looks like there may be a problem with the newer version of PHP (7.2) that we upgraded to a few weeks ago..
  4. Version 7.6.1 I'm having a problem where some customers are not getting invoices or reminders generated and sent.. It's not they they aren't being delivered, it looks like the system is never generating item, based on looking at the email log list for the customers. Most invoices/reminders are being generated for the majority of customers, even other reminders & invoices for these particular customers that sometimes are not getting them. These customers have multiple services/products and it looks like some are just getting invoices/reminders, and others simply arent.. As far as I can see the particular products are all configured correctly (but, i could be missing something) -- How can I troubleshoot this?
  5. On the WHMCS admin login page, even when I click the "remember me" box, if I come back just a little while later, I have to log-in all over again.. I understand that this is important for security, but it seems to have a very short memory.. What is the "remember me" length of time and can it be adjusted?
  6. iHelpersLLC

    Change domain associated with hosting ?

    and not cause any other issues?
  7. I have a client that signed up and ordered hosting with a domain that they never used (wrongdomain.com).. They created an add-on domain (correctdomain.com) that they now use. The hosting product-list, invoices, etc, all show “wrongdomain.com”. Is changing their ‘primary’ domain from wrongdomain.com to correctdomain.com as easy as going into the Products/Services screen for their hosting package and changing the domain? Will this affect anything other than what shows on their bills, etc? ie; wont change/break anything in their cPanel account?
  8. iHelpersLLC

    I can not disable captcha

    Was having the same issue.. Using 7.7, but had customized copy of "Six" that I was using (not even sure how/why).. Switched to "Six" and the Captcha settings started to do what they were supposed to do.
  9. iHelpersLLC

    Oops! Column not found

    Thank you, i didnt even know those were there in the /resources directory and as you mentioned there were several others columns missing. Added them all and now no more OOPS!
  10. This is the 3rd or 4th of these missing column issues I've had in the last few months. It seems that somewhere along the line an upgrade went sideways.. This is the error I got today when trying to update domain pricing: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'grace_period' in 'field list' (SQL: update `tbldomainpricing` set `dnsmanagement` = 0, `emailforwarding` = 0, `idprotection` = 1, `eppcode` = 1, `grace_period` = -1, `grace_period_fee` = 0.00, `redemption_grace_period` = -1, `redemption_grace_period_fee` = 0.00, `updated_at` = 2018-11-26 11:02:06 where `id` = 1) In all previous cases adding the column was a quick easy fix, and each time I got the exact SQL statement needed or the data-type/info so I could manually add it in PHPMyAdmin from the experts here, so looking forward to more expert help. TIA !
  11. Is it possible to automatically run and email a specific report every day/week/month? If so, what is involved/how?
  12. iHelpersLLC

    Column not found error

  13. iHelpersLLC

    Column not found error

    Thanks.. I just opened a support ticket, but if you can give me that SQL I'll add it and make the support-guy's lives easier!
  14. iHelpersLLC

    Column not found error

    Ok, after some coffee i added the column, but now i get this error, which tells me something went wrong/was missed at some point during one of the upgrades: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'whmcs.tblmarketing_consent' doesn't exist
  15. iHelpersLLC

    Column not found error

    Duh.. thank you. Can anyone else confirm the name the column? In my error it's shown as "marketingemailsopin" but in @brian! 's post its shown as marketing_emails_opt_in .. Would i just create the name that the error indicates it's looking for?

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