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  1. Hey Equiphase, Thanks for the workaround. I didn't have time to try it earlier in the week. Sorry.
  2. Yeah, probably a bit too messy at this stage. PHP Version: 7.2.15 OS: Centos 7.6.1810 The ticket I have topen with WHMCS Support is : BNT-662698 (That may or may not help at this stage)
  3. Nope, additionalfields.php doesn't exist in webroot/resources/domains/ I also checked the older (pre version 7.0) location of includes/, which also doesn't have the file additionalfields.php We haven't touch this server untill the 7.9 update, untill last Friday? (when we upgraded WHMCS to 7.9.0)
  4. This is probably a WHMCS 7.9.x fault, but using the TPP Wholesale Registrar. We have noted that when registering or transferring some domain types such as domain.com.au or domain.net.au, we see an error of " *Indicates a required field". This can be ignored but we then recive a grey error screen saying Landing URL: /ordersadd.php We have been using the domain standard domain registration Period of two years. Nothing has been changed since the upgrade to 7.9.0 on Friday and 7.9.1 today. I was hoping the 7.9.1 may address this issue (always worth a try). I have done some digging and found that not all the domains will do this. Error found for the following domains: domain.com.au * Indicates a required field domain.net.au * Indicates a required field domain.com Okay (no prompt) Tried some others: domain.co.uk * Indicates a required field domain.co.nz Okay (no prompt) domain.me Okay (no prompt) Domain.edu.au Okay (no prompt)
  5. For others, I found that I need to copy the missing six templates for our customer theme. This was quicker than getting a response from the theme developers upstream. Namely: the file: templates/six/invoice-payment.tpl directory subfolder: templates/six/payment/
  6. We have also been seeing this issue since updating to 7.7.x (currently on 7.7.1) The curl test shows the following. But still we are getting a Red Padlock. I have checked the tblsslstatus database table and found that the following fields are blank or NULL: Subject_name Subject_org Issuer_name issuer_org started_date expiry_date Servier OS: Centos 7.6.1810. Please advse if there is something we could do to check further. I have obfuscated the domain details as it's a live customer domain, though plenty of others are doing the same. Thansk for your consideration, Geo.
  7. We have noted that the domains that have been transferred out of our Registrar account are showing a status of "Active" but are no longer in our account. As the domain is staying with the same Registrar (but different resller account), the "Transferred Away" status never occurs. Referring to https://docs.whmcs.com/Domain_Transfers under the Section "Transfer Automation" WHMCS will automatically set the domain's status to "Transferred Away" once the transfer to another registrar has been completed. This will prevent WHMCS from generating renewal invoices for the transferred domain. Just wondering how others are handling this scenario? Should we be manually setting these domains to "Transferred away" Some quick stats of what might be relevant. WHMCS: 7.6.1 Registrar: TPP Wholesale PHP version: 7.2
  8. We recently found out that leaving out the Client's Last Name would cause this generic error also. We are running version 5.3.6 of WHMCS on Centos 6.5.
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