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  1. sgonzalez

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    Very sad day for hosting companies.. We trusted cPanel for years and now they didnt even think about us.. just a massive increase and survive if you could.
  2. having the exact same issue here... I am using WHMCS 7.6.0 Any idea if there is a fix for this? Thanks!
  3. sgonzalez

    tblmodulelog setting

    Thanks a lot, that helped :)
  4. sgonzalez

    tblmodulelog setting

    HI! How are you guys! Just noticed that my tblmodulelog table is using almost 1GB of space itself. Is it possible to set a maximun ammount of days of logs to retain? I dont want this table to continue growing. Thanks!
  5. Thank you so much for being so clear Brian. I cant understand how I missed that before hehehe Thanks again!
  6. I already know the service name and the service ID. What I dont know is how to list all the clients that have that product
  7. Hi, I am trying to delete a product, but WHMCS tells me that the product is actually being used by a customer. I cant recall wich customer is using that product. Is there any way to find out all the clients that are using that specific product? Error message: You cannot delete a product that is in use. To delete the product, you need to first re-assign or remove the products using it. Product ID = 364 Thanks!
  8. sgonzalez

    Recalculate All Prices for your Customers

    I was able to make this plugin Work. It works with any version of WHMCS ( Tested it from v7.5 and works fine ) but this plugin REQUIRES PHP 5.6 (it doesnt work with php 7.0 nor 7.1). If you need any more help please PM me. THanks!
  9. Hi, how are you guys? I was wondering if someone can help me with an SQL query to identify all the products/packages that have a different price instea of the original package price. Sometimes we set a custom price for a client entering a new value on "Recurring Amount", now I would like to find all the clients/products that are not using the default price but an overwritten price. THanks!
  10. sgonzalez

    Mailchimp integration issue

    Is there any way to list the orphaned products? maybe an SQL query or something similar to identify that products... thanks!
  11. Hi ! I was looking for the exact same option... maybe we need to create a feature request to see if we are lucky and we get this done.
  12. sgonzalez

    Mailchimp integration issue

    Hi, I have been testing the mailchieenmp integration. and I found 2 issues. 1) If by mistake you dont create a list right after you setup the mailchimp API key, you wont be able to do it after... There MUST be an option to create a list after the API key has been saved. I had this problem and I was forced to disconnect the mailchimp connection and make it again to be able to add a list. 2) When I try to add the list , I receive this error.. Any idea? type - Schema describes string, NULL found instead vendor - Schema describes string, NULL found instead Thanks!
  13. sgonzalez

    blank page after order is received

    I disabled some addons and the error dissapeared thanks!
  14. sgonzalez

    blank page after order is received

    ok Thanks!

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