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  1. Hey All, 


    We have launched our much awaited Hetzner Provisioning Module

    Marketplace Link: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4924

    With this module, Hosting owners can easily resell Hetzner Cloud Services to their clients. Not only owners can resell Hetzner services but they can allow their clients to easily manage their cloud servers from the WHMCS client area. 


    Get Introductory Offer of 30% OFF, use coupon code: HETZ30




    Clients Can manage following from WHMCS client area: 

    1. Reboot server: You can enable your clients to reboot their servers within the WHMCS client area to attain the server access again.

    2. Shutdown server: Client has the ability to shut down their servers whenever in need with the WHMCS client area.

    3. Reset server: You can help your client making a fresh start on enabling the Reset Server within the WHMCS client area.

    4. Root password reset: From the WHMCS client area, your client can easily reset the root password of the server if he forgets in any case.

    5. Check bandwidth usage: Your clients can also keep the record of the bandwidth usage within the WHMCS client area.

    6. Check upload and download data: Your client can totally examine the upload and download data of the server within the WHMCS client area.

    7. Rescue server: Your client can also easily enable the rescue mode for the server within the WHMCS client area.

    8. Rebuild: Under this option, your client can rebuild the whole cloud server by specifying the operating system in the WHMCS client area.

    9. Graphical Representation: All the server usages can be easily checked by the clients with the help of graphical representation in the WHMCS client area. The data which you view is CPU usage, Disk IOPS usage, Disk throughput usage, Network PPS usage as well as Network traffic usage.

    10. Upgrade/Downgrade: With this option, your client can also upgrade their server in the WHMCS client area. When the client upgrades to the next level configuration, the whole server will get upgraded. If your client wants to downgrade the server, then he does that but the disk size will remain the same.

    11. Upgrade/Downgrade options: Your client can also upgrade the IP as well as a volume with these upgrade/downgrade options in the WHMCS client area via our module.

    12. Backup Server: With our module, you can easily take the server backup which will eventually help in making a snapshot of the current server configuration and the data. With the backup, your client can re-build the server easily.

    13. Snapshot: Your client can also use this snapshot option in the WHMCS client area which will take the snapshot of the current configuration as well as data of the server.


    Other Screenshots












    https   devhostx shinedezign pro whmcs clientarea php action productdetails id 68 systpl hostx .png

    https   devhostx shinedezign pro whmcs clientarea php action productdetails id 68 systpl hostx (3).png

    https   devhostx shinedezign pro whmcs clientarea php action productdetails id 68 systpl hostx (1).png

    https   devhostx shinedezign pro whmcs clientarea php action productdetails id 68 systpl hostx.png


  2. We have released a more stable and feature-rich version 2.1.0 of the HostX WHMCS Theme. V 2.1.0 is now more stable and responsive than the previous versions.

    We have not left any stone unturned in this version, want to know what's new in this version?

    New Features

    • 3 New Variations Introduced
    • New Mobile Menu Introduced
    • Mobile Menu Domain Search Introduced
    • 7 New Blocks Added
    • New Banner Images Introduced
    • Fully Responsive
    • DNS Management, Get Epp Code, Manage Contact, Email Forwarding and Private Name Server options added in Client Area.
    • Product detail page add a button for Cpanel login, webmail login, cancel service, etc
    • Overall UI Enhancements
    • SEO Manager and OG Tags now supports Multiple Language
    • Top Menu now supports Multiple Language

    Improvements & Bugs Fixes

    • Responsive Improvements
    • UI/UX Improvements
    • Add Funds Issues Fixed
    • TLDs Showcase pricing issue fixed
    • VPS Page Checks has been fixed
    • Stability of the theme has been enhanced
    • Security of the theme has been enhanced


    New Versions Overview

    1322512044_WHMCSHostXPageTitle(3).thumb.png.e369b848ed5f45b3f80f9451a19edabb.png   648467609_WHMCSHostXPageTitle(2).thumb.png.2e311c4d7292287c7c7294402d81d106.png    620071544_WHMCSHostXPageTitle(1).thumb.png.d3ac5238c947ea61a13d3802a474477e.png


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  3. Hello WHMCS community Members, 


    Yesterday we investigated some websites that are selling Nulled versions of most of our WHMCS products. When we investigated further, we found that the owner of the website <Removed by Moderator - Leads to Nulled Software> has purchased our products. 

    And they are now reselling at a price of $20. The picture gets more clear when a user comes on our live chat and asked for the support of our recently launched HostX WHMCS Theme & when we asked him for this official email he told us that he purchased that from <Removed by Moderator - Leads to Nulled Software>

    We further investigated that the owner for <Removed by Moderator - Leads to Nulled Software> has actually purchased many products from our website, and in most of the cases they asked for refunds. We are sharing a screenshot of his services on our website:




    These guys then unauthorizedly sell our WHMCS modules and themes with added suspicious contents. Not only ours, but they are also selling Modules Garden Products. <Removed by Moderator - Leads to Nulled Software> and many other brands. 

    So this is a time to teach these guys a lesson.


    There is another website: <Removed by Moderator - Leads to Nulled Software>



    WHMCS Global Services


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  4. Hi Devias, 


    We have a WHMCS Template "HostX". We have given an option by which you can easily assign products to the home page. 

    In case you are looking to redesign the website then HostX will be the right solution to you. Else we can make such custom feature for you. Please contact us at: https://whmcsglobalservices.com//custom-development



    WHMCS Global Services



  5. We are looking here for the feedback on our newly introduced Advance Page Manager feature in HostX template. 

    We have created this feature in order to ease the burden of our HostX users. We all know how simple is it to create a page in WordPress, keeping in mind we introduced this page manager feature. 

    With Advance page Manager, admin can create a new page in his WHMCS website (When Using HostX Template) very similar to WordPress. 



    Find out how easy is it: 

    1. Go To Page Manager Under WGS HostX Addon



    2. Here you can find this list of all created pages. We have given some options to every page like "Preview A Page", "Edit Page", "Enable Or Disable a Page", "Delete a Page". 

    Start a new page by clicking on Add a New Page.



    3. Now you need to "Add the Page Title", you can alter the URL slug as per your seo needs. 


    We have created the Page Type options

    1. Static Page

    2. VPS Product Page

    3. Dedicated Product Page


    Admin has to choose from these above-mentioned page types. If a user wants to use this page to sell VPS Products then they can choose VPS Product Page, in case of dedicated products they need to select the Dedicated Pages. 

    We have differentiated these pages types as on the basis of the selection, admin can assign the Products Groups to these pages. If they VPS then they will only get options to assign the VPS products and similar in the case fo Dedicated Servers.




    4. Banner Contents Management

    You can easily add Banner Contents according to the language. 


    5. On the right, you can add SEO tags and OG tags. 




    6. Select Menu Under Which You need to Make this Page Live

    Now you need to select the menu item under which you want to list this new page, the menu items are the top menu items of the front end website. 



    7. Set Banner Featured Image

    You need to select a banner featured image to assign to this page. 



    6. In the last, it comes to the main section Drag N Drop Page Builder. 



    By default, you will find only the Banner Block. If the user saves the page without assigning the blocks, they will see such kind of page. 



    So it is mandatory to assign the blocks to build the page. 



    Please let us know, how do you like this feature in the comments. 


    Product URL: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/webhosting-template/hostx-whmcs-theme-template/


  6. We have released a new generation of our HostX WHMCS Template, the core motive of this new version is to improve the UI & UX of the HostX Addon Admin Panel with some added frontend and client area features. 

    Here is what the new v 2.0.0 version has brought in: 

    New Features

    1. New Blog Page added


    To add a new blog, admin just need to add a new announcement in the WHMCS announcement section.


    2. New offer block added.



    3. Redefined Architecture of WHMCS HostX Admin Area



    4. Added Advance Page Manager (Create, Delete & Edit a Page)



    5. Copy Any Block Feature Added




    6. Banners Assigning Is Now Streamlined



    7. Language Manager Introduced (Language manager allows you to edit the languages files in the WHMCS admin, rather than logging into the FTP or Cpanel.)



    8. New Front End Banner Introduced



    9. Marketing Popup Feature Added



    10. OG Tags Added



    Other Improvements:

    • Complete Admin Nomenclature Update

    • Top menu validation over Guest Only or Client Only.

    • Top Menu bar according to language variable

    • Home Page Products Billing Improvisation

    • Payment Page Improvisation On Checkout Page

    • SEO Features Improvised.

    • My Messages Bar Will Come After Client login

    • Admin Editor Improvisations

    • On Contact Us Page Company Name & Phone Number made Dynamic

    • Footer phone number and email address made dynamic

    • Dedicated slider improvisations

    • Dedicated Server Page, price filter now supports multi-currency.

    • Dedicated Page and Terms and Condition Page URL name Updated.

    • Client Area Dashboard Products and Services Scrollers Added
    • Login To Cpanel and login To Webmail added in the Client Area Product Detail Page.


    Know more about the updates at: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/webhosting-template/hostx-whmcs-theme-template/



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