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  1. We are giving flat 30% off on ClientX WHMCS Client Area Template. To Avail this offer, please use this coupon code: THEME30 Buy Now at: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/clientarea-template/clientx/ Dashboard: Domain registration Page: Order Page: Custom Order Form Template: Many Other Pages
  2. We have ready module please contact us here
  3. Hi, If you need remote developer for your ongoing project please contact us here. We provide the high quality WHMCS development work. Thanks
  4. Thanks Yggdrasil. We will consider this for future updates. Regards WHMCS Global Services
  5. We are looking here for the feedback on our newly introduced Advance Page Manager feature in HostX template. We have created this feature in order to ease the burden of our HostX users. We all know how simple is it to create a page in WordPress, keeping in mind we introduced this page manager feature. With Advance page Manager, admin can create a new page in his WHMCS website (When Using HostX Template) very similar to WordPress. Find out how easy is it: 1. Go To Page Manager Under WGS HostX Addon 2. Here you can find this list of all created pages. We have given some options to every page like "Preview A Page", "Edit Page", "Enable Or Disable a Page", "Delete a Page". Start a new page by clicking on Add a New Page. 3. Now you need to "Add the Page Title", you can alter the URL slug as per your seo needs. We have created the Page Type options 1. Static Page 2. VPS Product Page 3. Dedicated Product Page Admin has to choose from these above-mentioned page types. If a user wants to use this page to sell VPS Products then they can choose VPS Product Page, in case of dedicated products they need to select the Dedicated Pages. We have differentiated these pages types as on the basis of the selection, admin can assign the Products Groups to these pages. If they VPS then they will only get options to assign the VPS products and similar in the case fo Dedicated Servers. 4. Banner Contents Management You can easily add Banner Contents according to the language. 5. On the right, you can add SEO tags and OG tags. 6. Select Menu Under Which You need to Make this Page Live Now you need to select the menu item under which you want to list this new page, the menu items are the top menu items of the front end website. 7. Set Banner Featured Image You need to select a banner featured image to assign to this page. 6. In the last, it comes to the main section Drag N Drop Page Builder. By default, you will find only the Banner Block. If the user saves the page without assigning the blocks, they will see such kind of page. So it is mandatory to assign the blocks to build the page. Please let us know, how do you like this feature in the comments. Product URL: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/webhosting-template/hostx-whmcs-theme-template/
  6. Thanks Devias, We understand 🙂 But you can well manage this for Cloud Services as well. Anyways thanks for your consideration 🙂 Regards
  7. Hi Devias, We have a WHMCS Template "HostX". We have given an option by which you can easily assign products to the home page. In case you are looking to redesign the website then HostX will be the right solution to you. Else we can make such custom feature for you. Please contact us at: https://whmcsglobalservices.com//custom-development Thanks WHMCS Global Services
  8. Find out how to create a new page in HostX: https://www.youtube.com/embed/VGKlkv4qnbc
  9. We have released a new generation of our HostX WHMCS Template, the core motive of this new version is to improve the UI & UX of the HostX Addon Admin Panel with some added frontend and client area features. Here is what the new v 2.0.0 version has brought in: New Features 1. New Blog Page added To add a new blog, admin just need to add a new announcement in the WHMCS announcement section. 2. New offer block added. 3. Redefined Architecture of WHMCS HostX Admin Area 4. Added Advance Page Manager (Create, Delete & Edit a Page) 5. Copy Any Block Feature Added 6. Banners Assigning Is Now Streamlined 7. Language Manager Introduced (Language manager allows you to edit the languages files in the WHMCS admin, rather than logging into the FTP or Cpanel.) 8. New Front End Banner Introduced 9. Marketing Popup Feature Added 10. OG Tags Added Other Improvements: Complete Admin Nomenclature Update Top menu validation over Guest Only or Client Only. Top Menu bar according to language variable Home Page Products Billing Improvisation Payment Page Improvisation On Checkout Page SEO Features Improvised. My Messages Bar Will Come After Client login Admin Editor Improvisations On Contact Us Page Company Name & Phone Number made Dynamic Footer phone number and email address made dynamic Dedicated slider improvisations Dedicated Server Page, price filter now supports multi-currency. Dedicated Page and Terms and Condition Page URL name Updated. Client Area Dashboard Products and Services Scrollers Added Login To Cpanel and login To Webmail added in the Client Area Product Detail Page. Know more about the updates at: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/webhosting-template/hostx-whmcs-theme-template/
  10. WGS

    WHMCS Video Gallery Module

    Yes, we can help you with this. Please raise a custom request on this link: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/whmcs-custom-development/
  11. Easter Offer is Running at WHMCS Global Services, it is the best option to invest in the open source modules or templates at WGS. We are offering Flat 30%OFF on all open source versions. Use coupon code to get the discount: EASTERBUNNY Visit: http://whmcsglobalservices.com/
  12. WHMCS Global Services EASTER SALE in now live. You can get an extra 30% OFF on all WHMCS Modules, WHMCS Templates, WHMCS Client Area Templates.
  13. Well @stevea , you are correct. You should choose a solution wisely. Just for your information, HostX documentation is fully deployed over our Knowledgebase. here is the link to this: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/members/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/16/HostX Also, we are providing an extreme level of support to our customers, so considering HostX is not a bad step. Rest is your decision 🙂 Thanks WHMCS Global Services
  14. Hello Stevea, We have developed HostX WHMCS Template You will find this template very unique and stunning, regarding its features there is nothing available in the market like this. Do get a watch on the HostX and share your views. Thanks
  15. WGS

    Redirection on payment

    HI, You need to check the gateway callback file. Might be developer have added the redirect url hardcoded. Thanks
  16. We are giving a flat 30% off on ClientX WHMCS Client Area Template. The offer will be applicable till 10th of April, 2019. To avail this offer, you need to use Coupon Code: THEME30 during checkout. Visit our website to avail this offer: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/clientarea-template/clientx/
  17. Please contact us if you still need help at: http://whmcsglobalservices.com/custom-development
  18. Hi All, We have released the new version of our ClientX WHMCS Client Area Template. Here is the changelog for the same: New Features Codegaurd page added in store Available Credit Balance can be seen on the Invoice, Add Funds Page New Pad Locks Added in SSL Products and Services Improvements RTL improvements Side Menu Bar Links Can Now be Open in New Tabs Bugs Fixed Captcha WHMCS Version Check Issue Fixed Sidebar Scroll Issue Fixed Sidebar menu icons issue fixed To know more about ClientX, visit: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/clientarea-template/clientx/
  19. Here is a list of our top-rated WHMCS provisioning modules that are developed in order to ease out WHMCS users. 1. Vmware WHMCS Module Admin Roles: Offers all VM as WHMCS products on a prepaid basis Reduce IT overhead cost Fully automate VPS provisioning & billing solution ACL to manage client area services tab like the option to remove the reinstall OS button Admin can offer snapshot and extra IP services. Client Area Roles: Client can manage VM resources such as Power ON / Off, Redeploy etc. Client can Upgrade/downgrade VM from client area. Client gets an option to view the usage statistics. Client can view the assigned server specifications. Many more features are there, to know more visit: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/vmware-whmcs-module/ 2. https://whmcsglobalservices.com/soyoustart-whmcs-module/ Admin Features: Resell Ovh, So You Start And Kimsufi Vps And Dedicated Server. Auto Provisioning VPS Server After User Purchase. Allows White Label Email Piping. Reduce Overhead It Cost. Send Automatic Notification To User For Spamming Or Overusage. Automatically Send Server Details On New Purchase Or At Reinstallation Time. Increase Your Sales By Selling Additional Addons Like Extra IP’s , Hard Disk And Control Panel License Etc. Client Area Features Manage Server From Client Area. Enable Or Disable Ftp – Backup From Client Area. Manage Ip’s From The Client Area. Reboot The Server From The Client Area. Upgrading The System Resources From The Client Area. Check Various Information Like, Data Center Allocation, Operating System Installed, Virtual Mac Address Used, Bandwidth Usage And Kvm From Whmcs Client Area. Other Provisioning Modules Cloudflare Reseller Module Owncloud WHMCS Module Nextcloud WHMCS Module Noc PS WHMCS Module WHMCS  Linode WHMCS Module
  20. We have released a new version 1.0.6 of HostX WHMCS template. In this latest version we have added these two new front end pages 1. Contact Us Page Added 2. Codeguard Page Added 3. GDPR Compatibility privacy notice added. 4. Backend Manager 5. Duplicate Page Block Feature Added You can easily make a clone of an existing block and use them anywhere in your website. Step 1: Go to WHMCS Admin Dashboard. Step 2 : Go to Addons > WGS HostX > Blocks. Step 3 : Click on Copy Main Block button. Step 4 : Select the block that you want to Clone. Step 5: Select the default language that you want. Step 6 : Add the Title of the Block and click SUBMIT Step 7 : Your newly created block will now appear under All Blocks Section and you can customize and use it in any page you want. 6. Custom Page Block Added Everyone in this world has a unique choice of design for their websites. It is not necessary to make in use of the existing block designs. You can yourself create the block design and move it anywhere you want. Step 1: Go to the WHMCS Admin Dashboard. Step 2: Go to Addons > WGS HostX > Blocks Step 3: Click on Copy Main Block button. Step 4: Select the "Custom Block" & Clone. Step 5: After cloning the custom block, you can do any changes you want to do in the block. 7. Banners selection made dynamic We have converted the banners selection into dynamic so that you are not bound to select the constant banner in the HostX web hosting template. 8. Improvements Dedicated Server Page Price Filter Low to High Dedicated Server Page Search Results Optimized To know more about this changelog, please visit: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/webhosting-template/hostx-whmcs-theme-template/
  21. Now Resell Cloud Hosting Services with our WHMCS Nextcloud Auto Provisioning Module without doing any manual work over Nextcloud. This is fully auto provision WHMCS module for Nextcloud. Find out how it can be beneficial for WHMCS admin: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/nextcloud-whmcs-module/
  22. WGS Cloudflare Reseller Module V 1.0.5 released. This new update has brought in some new features: New Features: Always Use HTTPS.The “Always Use HTTPS” feature will redirect all http requests for your site to your https address. The Auto Rewrites changes the links on your site to be HTTPS if Cloudflare knows the destination supports HTTPS. Pause/Resume Cloudflare on site: Your customers can now easily Pause and Resume the Cloudflare service on their website from WHCMS client area. Want to try the new feature? Buy now: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/whmcs-cloud-flare-module/
  23. Get flat 40% OFF on HostX - WHMCS Template. Use Coupon code: HOSTX40 to avail this offer. Get your hosting website ready in just one day with our HostX template. What comes with HostX WHMCS Template: 1. 21+ Prebuilt Pages - You can create more very easily. 2. Fully Redesigned Client Area 3. Fully Redesigned Orderform Template The complete template can be customized from WHMCS Backend with the newly introduced Drag N Drop Page Builder. Client Area Screenshots: Orderform Template Screenshots: Checkout the template now: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/webhosting-template/hostx-whmcs-theme-template/

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