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  1. Don't you have any work to do. What is this above story now ??? What do you want, should I stop working or developing WHMCS modules. Plz let me know what you want from me ???
  2. AlfnyHost : FYI they all are ours and in our development server and I have been developing modules from last 4 years. I even do have my 2 WHMCS development license. It looks like 2-3 members do not want to market my modules here. So u guys are doing this. I know no one around the world has that much modules that I have. Only thing is now I have started selling it on my site. Thanks
  3. Liz 926 : To clarify you we were using it from last year and now since we have made the company so we have created company account and not using other account. Rest if admin thinks I am wrong or spam I will accept it. Thanks
  4. Afnyhost : I just copied the idea of design not the website code or module code. Still i removed once u said that. It does not means that I cannot clone like facebook. your comments ?? Thanks
  5. Infopro: I said if they can prove it then i will close it. That I have purchased module from them and then selling it.
  6. Chrismfz : You can try now !!
  7. Hi Nimonogi: If you can prove this that I have bought and then I am selling it on my website I will shut down my http://whmcsglobalservices.com and will give you all the modules. If you say i have purchased you might have get the IP details from where it was bought. Further more I am ready to give my code for this addon to review. Thanks - - - Updated - - - Liz926: where I spammed you ??? And if you have problem with Indian developers why do you hire them ?? Go and hire developers from your country. And No need to reply on my thread now.
  8. Hi (1) AFTER seeing your ad/info above, about your module, I found that WHMCS has its own module for "PayPal Pro Reference Payments" ... I have not seen that one in action nor your's. So, please be patient. But can you explain what the difference is between your module and the one that already seems to come with WHMCS? ... this one: http://docs.whmcs.com/PayPal_Website...rence_Payments --> There are several features that differentiates the default WHMCS module with ours. 1) It also supports recurring billing. so client is charged automatically for the subscriptions. 2) Client is redirected to the paypal to make the payment. so client can pay through his paypal account as well as Credit Card. 3) Our module works on "Billing Aggrement ID" send by paypal. so once client accepts the billing agreement on paypal they can be charged next time with out redirecting to the paypal. 4) Client is not asked for the CC details on the website. This makes them feel more secure 5) Charge client manually : Admin can manually charge client. (2) Is there a way to install your module TWICE within the same WHMCS. The reason for this: we try to replace our existing old 2CheckOut accounts for British Pounds and EURO with PayPal ... using your module. But that means we need to send our British Pound-paying and our Euro-paying customers to two different links, as they pay in two different currencies. You do not need to install it twice, but we can customize the module to suit your requirements. Let me know if you want more clarifications. Thanks
  9. Hi Can you got to the home page of http://whmcsglobalservices.com Under the modules tab you can find all latest modules. Let me know if you still have issues. Thanks
  10. Hi We have released Cloud Flare WHMCS Module. For More details you can follow the link below http://whmcsglobalservices.com/provisioning-module-cf_manage-clouldflare/ Thanks WGS sale@whmcsglobalservices.com
  11. Hi It's working. I just clicked the link and it opened the link. But below is the link again if u are not able to access it http://whmcsglobalservices.com/provisioning-module-cf_manage-clouldflare/ Thanks
  12. Hi Liz 926 : What excatly you are saying that I am spam. When did I spammed you ?? WHat do you mean by your comment below ???? user like Manvinder very bad peoples. Dont trust this guy at all and dont give them your email or you got a response by they other developer tell them that they dont work with them. Alfny Host : Yes, I got the design ideas from different whmcs site. Its still under development and will be far more different from what currently we have. My mail focus is on Modules development so thanks for your feedback. I will check with my designer about the design concerns you have. Thanks
  13. Hi http://whmcsglobalservices.com/ec-sales-list-for-vat-tax/ This is the correct link I have installed wordpress plugin due to which it was redirecting to that page. I have deleted that plugin now. And I m not a spammer Thanks
  14. OK Thanks ! I will take care of it in future.
  15. Hi Please send us your email so that I can send you demo. Thanks - - - Updated - - - Hi Also you can create a ticket so that we can provide you better support or demo http://whmcsglobalservices.com/members/submitticket.php Thanks

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