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  1. @cyberhostpro These developers are not legitimate - and most certainly did not make our version, built by ourselves in-house. Instead they purchased our source code a while ago and have been selling it as their own. We wouldn't recommend their products to anyone, and multiple DMCA/copyright notices to their host have been ignored.
  2. All - jumping back in again here to note that we have sent all active users an email notification that v3.0 of our module is ready and available for download in your account with us. Again - this is not an official thread and will not be used/monitored by us for further troubleshooting, support, or information.
  3. All - just jumping in here with a single update. We don't provide support over an external system like this community, and we're not planning on adding any additional replies here as we don't consider this an official thread. All updates to our users will be / always are sent via email. That being said, all tickets are being responded to. Tickets where a request is made repeatedly for an update have been placed on hold until there is an update to share. Blindly asking for an update over and over again only serves to delay our support team and cost time that could have been dedicated to the rather extensive development and testing that's required for our gateway to support WHMCS 7.8.2. That being said, we're 100% sympathetic to all our users using this gateway - both those who have upgraded to WHMCS 7.8 and who have not yet. We use this gateway internally and have always planned to continue to keep it updated. WHMCS 7.8 contains HUGE changes due to Pay Methods - that are not a simple update in tokenized gateways like ours. We're on the tail end of testing/confirming that our basic gateway functionality works with the WHMCS Pay Methods after quite a bit of development changes. If testing goes well, we hope to have a beta version ready these week. We'll be emailing all our users once this is released. Any further questions are welcome - via support ticket in your account with us.
  4. Currently, if you have a renewing license (or trial) with most Saas companies - and you add a card on file, or update an expired/declined card one file - your open/overdue invoice is charged a few minutes later. We think this makes a lot of sense for not only automatically upgrading trials, but keeping renewals automated, so the user doesn't have to go manually view/pay the invoice after fixing their card details. We're working on doing something like this with the CapturePayment Internal API command inside the CCUpdate hook - using the CCUpdate hook, then looping through the Unpaid invoices on a user's account using the GetInvoices API and then checking if the invoice is set to a specific gateway - then running the CapturePayment API function on each. We're happy to share our code here once developed, but just wanted to put some feelers out and see if anyone's done this before - has any interest in something like this?
  5. Introducing Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Payments for WHMCS! Need to process credit cards securely and automatically for your clients, with low Intuit rates? Look no further! Our WHMCS QuickBooks Merchant Services Gateway is your complete solution for WHMCS to use your Intuit Merchant Services account to charge clients. Combined with our QuickBooks Online Sync module for WHMCS, you can completely automate your business billing & accounting! We’re the ONLY Intuit gateway provider using the NEW Intuit QuickBooks Payments API, so connection to your Intuit account now takes only 3 seconds, instead of 30 minutes! It’s much more secure as well, and it supports completely tokenized recurring payments! PERFECT COMPLEMENT TO: WHMCS PayPal Billing Gateway This gateway is a MUST have to use with our PayPal Billing gateway, as it provides the perfect other half to your automated billing in WHMCS. Our PayPal gateway will automatically bill your clients paying with PayPal, and this Intuit gateway will automatically bill your clients paying with a credit card! Welcome to a 100% automated recurring billing solution! QuickBooks Online + WHMCS Sync Module Paired up with this gateway, you'll be able to real-time sync all your clients, invoices & payments to QuickBooks Online. FEATURING: - One-Click connection to your Intuit or QuickBooks Online account! - 100% PCI Compliant - using tokenized billing for security and automation - Supports instant payments & recurring billing - capture a charge whenever you’d like! - Instand Refund Support - Latest Intuit QuickBooks Payments API (stability & security) - 5-star reviews (Check out our reviews here!) - No monthly fees + low transaction fees from Intuit! See Rates Order today for the low price of $39.99 $34.99! - The Team @ MyWorks Design
  6. Happy Wednesday! Today we're excited to announce the update of the most popular PayPal gateway for WHMCS: WHMCS PayPal On-Demand Billing Agreement Module! NEW FEATURES - V2.3 NEW: Make PayPal Account Optional! NEW: Pass PayPal Fees to Client as Line Item in Transaction! NEW: Set a custom PayPal payment button! NEW: Optionally enable additional One-Time Payment button! NEW: Added IPN functionality to check eCheck & Billing Agreement Status! FIXED: Rare case where duplicate payments could be made by clicking twice. SEE MORE / VIEW SCREENSHOTS / GET FREE TRIAL for MyWorks WHMCS PayPal Billing! Next Update: WHMCS + QuickBooks Online Automatic Two-Way Sync Module
  7. We are encountering this exact same issue. WHMCS - please update your code with this. @panacheweb - we'll be testing this code out in our modules. Thanks!
  8. JWB, Great question Yes, it does! Currently we're set up to let you connect up to 2 WHMCS instances to 1 QuickBooks Online company, but we'd be happy to build in capability for a 3rd WHMCS instance for you This would allow you to connect all three WHMCS installs to one QuickBooks Online company. Peter
  9. We also import our transactions from WHMCS to QuickBooks Online - using our own custom module WHMCS + QuickBooks Online Sync It's a pain for us as well, because if we bulk-pay a few invoices in WHMCS, like if the client paid with a check - it puts in the same transaction number ( the check number ) for these transactions just fine!! But if we try and add another single transaction with the same check number, it gives us the error. There's absolutely no need to limit by transaction number. Our QuickBooks Online module does handle it perfectly, syncing mass payments over to QuickBooks Online!
  10. We developed our own WHMCS Module for QuickBooks for internal use, then released to the public about a year ago - and both our team and 200+ clients love it! It automatically syncs your WHMCS clients, invoices, payments and more to QuickBooks Online - in real time! It also pulls data in from QuickBooks Online and lets you manually push historical data over from WHMCS to QuickBooks Online - and much more It will save you a ton of time exporting out of WHMCS and manually importing into QuickBooks Online! Our module is right here: http://myworks.design/software/whmcs-quickbooks-online-automatic-sync-module Let us know if we can answer any questions
  11. Just released v1.8.4 with a ton of new features and even better stability - as well as more compatibility with even more WHMCS setups / systems! Check it out here - our 7-day free trial couldn't make it easier http://myworks.design/software/whmcs-quickbooks-online-automatic-sync-module
  12. We're excited to announce an awesome new update to our WHMCS QuickBooks Online Automatic Sync Module - V1.8.2! Sync your WHMCS clients, invoices, payments, refunds and more in real-time to QuickBooks Online! VIEW MODULE Our WHMCS QuickBooks Online Automatic Sync Module is your complete solution for a two-way streamlined billing and accounting workflow if you use QuickBooks Online to manage your accounting for WHMCS. Use the code MARKETPLACE to get 20% off our QuickBooks Sync Module for WHMCS! Here’s a quick taste of the new features we’ve brought to you in V1.8! We’re on the Intuit App Store!We’re on the WHMCS Marketplace! Security Certification by Cigital Transaction Fee Support Class Support Invoice Refund & Credit Support Complete Display Name Support Service Date & Memo Support View ‘Sync Status’ of all clients, invoices & payments Now push clients, invoices & payments to QuickBooks Online! Now pull clients, invoices & payments to WHMCS! General Bug Fixes …so much more! Check out our changelog for the whole story! We’ve introduced over 20 new features, 15 improvements and many bug fixes in V1.8 to bring stability and flexibility to your WHMCS and QuickBooks Online workflow! Check out our changelog to see all of the new exciting updates! If you don’t already have this amazing module, now is the time to get it! Take advantage of our March Madness SALE & the opening of the new WHMCS Marketplace, as well to get 20% off! ORDER NOW FAQS CONTACT US
  13. Just custom edit the WHMCS 5 one, and use the hook for the WHMCS V6. Good job on the hook!
  14. I don't think thats possible. WHMCS V6 totally re-worked the menu bar. WHMCS V5's menubar was a simple .tpl file, where V6 is now controlled by hooks.
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