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  1. fiberit

    Upgraded to 5.3.9 and can not login

    If you delete the passwordhash the new password will work and you can login.
  2. fiberit

    Upgraded to 5.3.9 and can not login

    Same problem here ! I can`t login anymore ! I have reset the password and is not working! Please fix this problem! I don`t understand how can u offer an update that is not working !!! Please test before !!!
  3. fiberit

    Admin login not working

    I have upgraded to 5.3.9 and I can not login anymore. I use standard login.
  4. fiberit

    Some language error

    I have romanian language, this is different for standard whmcs language.
  5. Where I can find this case numbers ??? So how can I resolve this problem ? I don`t understand this online support. ALWAYS redirect me to other person or support. WHMCS has the worst support ever ! Never get a solution ... always redirect support to others !!!
  6. After update to 5.3.7 Sequential Paid Invoice Numbering is not working.
  7. I get this error: PHP Notice: Undefined index: Language in /home/xxxx/public_html/index.php on line 0
  8. fiberit

    checking domain available

    version 5.3.5 ... I will update and come back to forum Updated to 5.3.7 Domains: .GR and .AERO not working.
  9. fiberit

    checking domain available

    I get domain unavailable for extensions: .eu .be .aero .gr I have check this issue with some long names and always get "unavailable".
  10. We need 2 curencies on the invoice. 1. Add daily curencies rate to database for invoice values conversions 2. Show 2 curencies on invoice (EUR base curency and RON second)
  11. fiberit

    Can't Change Currency

    WHMCS has the worst curencies system ever !!! If I try to change currency for one client the invoice values are same and only the symbol changes. This is the stupid way !!! Please corect this problem ... WHMCS promote the best billing system but you can change clients currency. This is so stupid )) !
  12. fiberit

    Invoice currencies

    vieinvoice.tpl and invoicepdf.tpl In Romania we must add both currencies on the invoice, EURO and RON.
  13. fiberit

    Invoice currencies

    Nobody ? We can pay for this solution.
  14. fiberit

    Invoice currencies

    We are from Romania and we need to currencies on invoice, RON and EURO. How can I add 2 currencies on the invoice? All prices are in EURO but on invoice we must have RON too. I have attached an example.
  15. fiberit

    Custom invoice currency

    Did you solved the problem with EUR and RON on custom invoice ?

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