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  1. Hi, I have a custom create module for my program and I'm wondering how I can have the WHMCS password post to my create module. So if a new user types "test" as their WHMCS password, I would like it to be posted to my create script so they will have the same password in my program. Right now I'm using a randomly generated password and it's confusing users with 2 different passwords. Thanks, Christian
  2. Hi everyone, I'm wondering how I can change the "Order Hosting" button to "Order Products and Services" in V6 Thanks, Christian
  3. Hi, I have a yearly subscription product and I'm selling it with WHMCS. I want to start an affiliate program but I only want the person to get paid for the first initial sale and not keep getting payments each year for that person. Is this how the affiliate program works or is it not possible? Thanks, Christian
  4. Hello, I'm coding my own ownCloud module. The issue is, there are errors in it, but I can't see what they are because when I place an order to text it, WHMCS is using an ajax or JavaScript method and it never redirects to that PHP file to see the errors. I'm wondering if I can have it run traditional post style where it will redirect to https://site.com/modules/servers/owncloud/owncloud.php so I can find the issue. Any ideas?
  5. I'm just trying to learn this stuff. Eventually, my overall goal is to run a subscription site which will run a PHP script to create the user an account to my sure upon purchase.
  6. So I created my PHP hook and all, but I'm a little confused as to how I assign it to a specific product?
  7. Hello, I was just wondering how you can get a PHP script to execute after a service has been purchased? I'm new to PHP programming and I'm not sure how WHMCS does this type of stuff. Thanks, Christian
  8. Problem solved. They sent me a patch in the ticket.
  9. Weird.. still having problems. I sent a ticket.
  10. Hello, Last night I purchased and installed WHMCS mobile. When it asks me to enter my login credentials I do and press login, it then just displays the loading circle GIF for ever and never even tries to login.. Please help! (NOTE: I can login just fine to the desktop WHMCS)
  11. Hello, I have resolved the issue - cart.php wasn't set to correct ownership LOL
  12. Hello, I cannot place an order as if I were a client when clicking "Go to Order Form" - how do I fix this? It only changes the URL from https://billing.emeraldhosting.net to https://billing.emeraldhosting.net/cart.php but the screen stays. Please help!
  13. Hello, I just updated to the WHMCS 5.2.16 patch - I can no longer place orders as if I were a client - I click "Go to Order Form" and it does nothing but the link changes from https://billing.emeraldhosting.net to https://billing.emeraldhosting.net/cart.php - I really need this resolved as I use WHMCS daily. Please help!
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