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  1. 100% correct. I use just a few features and just one payment method (Stripe), not even PayPal. Also, when I got an issue a couple of months ago with just a SIMPLE invoice downloading they blamed my PHP/MySQL installation: And from the Support ticket (Response from Analyst): "With cPanel, I can confirm this setting is just a checkbox you select under PHP Selector, as we have documentation on cPanel systems. Since you are not using a cPanel server then please consult with your system admin or hosting provider to change this setting for you. Should you need assistance finding a server administrator, you may wish to visit http://go.cpanel.net/sysadmin " So, on top of increasing the price for "support", what confidence can I have for some real WHMCS issues down the road to be resolved without blaming my server ? I mean (about the issue in the ticket above) my server installation have not changed its core nor PHP/MySQL drivers, however after WHMCS last updates, this OLD "resolved" issue came back apparently , and looks like it was easier to blame this time my Server deployment or suggest to pay "cPanel university" certified sysadmin services (as in their response above) I paid $99 last year for support renewal on my existing OWNED license, and I've opened just 1 ticket during the whole year, but seems like that money paid was not enough to receive a proper support response, at least for an issue that clearly affects those servers not using Cpanel.
  2. "business unlimited $ 1,299.95 / mo " 🤣🤣 If my business is at 100k+ customers level, it should be profitable enough to afford the developing of my own -customized to my needs- billing solution. After all I don't need ALL the features/ plugins developed in WHMCS. This is the reason why I paid to develop my own VOIP platform too. Most of the SOFTSWITCH / VOIP solution providers have a tiered license model based on # of extensions. The most extensions in your platform, the most you have to pay them. And yes, It was expensive in the short term, but it is an smart investment and PROFITABLE in the long term. At least that way I have the control of it, and not depending on a greedy arrogant company changing of mind time to time. And don't get me wrong. It's up to companies to make price revisions along the business existence. It's normal and part of the business world. But this kind of drastic increases, including the suppression of "owned" licenses (and not honoring the existing ones anymore) forcing them to pay monthly from now on , is something I don't see often from other responsible businesses that cares about the relationship with their customers.
  3. I am trying to move to BLESTA. They offer both: OWNED and Monthly options. Branded Owned is $250, and $39 annual support/updates renewals. The only thing I see they don't have (that I use for my business model) is the "Billable items" feature. I need it to add overuse to the coming invoice.
  4. I have had an owned license for years, that I just paid the annual support back in 2020. I just read this email minutes ago about the discontinuation of owned license support. Just Terrible. My support expires in July. I will start looking for alternatives by then. I did the same with CPANEL, when they force everyone to their "new price model". I'm using VIRTUALMIN for 1 year already, and VERY happy with it. Some things are manually managed, yes, not that easy as Cpanel, but still worth it. I will do the same for the billing platform.
  5. I agree with Brian. I have no experienced this issue with former versions, but I do now with the latest "stable", which is supposed to be better than former ones. I don't use CloudLinux, nor Cpanel. I use Virtualmin. And my server works perfectly fine with multi-version of PHP-FPM 7.2 / MariaDB version 5.5.68 for all my clients, and Everything works, including Wordpress sites. The only "PHP/MySQL" issue that my server has now is with this "redirecting to login" behavior from WHMCS last version.
  6. No yet, but I will. No prob, thanks for replying.
  7. I'm using SIX template only. But yes, It happens with 21 too (I just tested). I edited invoicepdf.tpl in SIX template only (21 was untouched) and just basic conditions to customize the "UNPAID" stamp. I just posted the small changes here: Also, it works when I impersonate the customer ("Login as owner" link) under my ADMIN portal. It downloads the PDF perfectly. The issue comes when customers log into their account by themselves (not through Admin/portal impersonation).
  8. I guess I found something, so, replying to myself: I set the GLOBAL DATE FORMT to MM/DD/YYYY Then CLIENT DATE FORMAT to "USe Global Date format" (this is important. If I set something else for Client view format, the code below will not work) Then, in invoicepdf.tpl code explained in my last post, I changed the date equations: } elseif ($status=="Unpaid") { $today = getTodaysDate(1); $today = toMySQLDate($today); $duedate1 = toMySQLDate($duedate); then of course, the condition was changed using $duedate1 instead of $duedate ($today <= $duedate1) Then it worked. But I'm limited with the date format for CLIENT to "Use Global Date format" MM/DD/YYYY (I haven't tried with other formats)
  9. Hi, It has been a long time about this thread, but I feel the necessity to post something here, since I consider it relevant in my case: I consider the big red word "UNPAID" in a current open invoice to be kind of rude. I guess it is a matter of culture. Here in USA, we use to give OPEN invoices to customers, as just "OPEN". That's it. The invoice could have been issued today, but it is due in a future "X" date. So there is no need to put in big red "UNPAID", and even less necessary for those invoices that will be automatically paid at the due date with the method of payment on records. Again, here in USA, as a polite way. I have customers with a valid and current method of payment on file, and they are always current and never past due. More than one time I have been contacted by them, like being worried if their service will be shutdown or something because they read that "UNPAID" in big red font, which they understood it as "PAST DUE". On the other hand, I don't want to get rid of that stamp completely. I mean, I would like to keep something like that, but ONLY for those customers who really are past due with their balances. Example: if a customer is set as a "manual payment" customer (not automatic charged), and the customer forgets to pay the OPEN invoice on time before or at the due date, then the system should issue a reminder of payment the day after due date, but this time, yes, with the BIG RED word "PAST DUE" (not unpaid). This is the only case I would need that the invoice template shows a big red word For that effect, It tried to follow the instructions shown in this thread: It was working fine for me until last year, then the date parameter stopped working. I'm using WHMCS 8.1.3 and apparently the date parameter to retrieve today's date is not doing it in a comparable format to the customer invoice dates/due date. To explain better: I edited: invoicepdf.tpl and I used all these 3: $today = date("Y/d/m"); or $today = date("m/d/Y", time()); or $today = getTodaysDate($applyClientDateFormat); And also my condition was: } elseif ($status == 'Unpaid' && $today > $duedate){ $pdf->Cell(100, 10, strtoupper(Lang::trans('' . strtolower($_LANG["invoicesoverdue"]))), 'TB', 0, 'C', '1'); } elseif ($status == 'Unpaid' && $today <= $duedate){ $pdf->Cell(100, 10, strtoupper(Lang::trans('' . strtolower(($_LANG["openinvoice"]))), 'TB', 0, 'C', '1'); where "invoicesoverdue" term in my LANGUAGE file equals to "PAST DUE" (big red), and "openinvoice" is "OPEN INVOICE" (in small black fonts) Is there any way to achieve the mentioned function above, to show "PAST DUE" in big red ONLY when the invoice is really past due, and not before? Thanks. (note: the second pic attached is showing my custom note: "past due" incorrectly, since today's date is 03-22-21, and the due date for this invoice is 04-19-21)
  10. After 8 years of this thread , the issue is still present in the new version of WHMCS (2021) Version: 8.1.3 I've tried what the OP suggested (editing template file, with full path in the "dl.php" link ) and nothing. It still redirects to LOGIN page "Login This page is restricted" Then I tried ALL combinations under configurations / general settings page: - With or without WWW ( WHMCS System URL ) - All 3 options of Redirects: BASIC, Full Friendly, FRIENDLY index.php Nothing solves the issue. Customer is still not allowed to download a simple invoice, because after clicking on "download" button the user is being Logged out and redirected to LOGIN page again. My SSL certificate covers both: my domain with or without "www". What could it be the problem here?
  11. Thanks for the offer, looks good (completing missing points from the original Vault module), I will consider it, after making some tests. I just started using this Vault in my WHMCS (I was using regular Quantum gateway and was working good until this issue with the template), so I will see what happens. Regards,
  12. never mind, I think I found the issue (after some hours). It looks like an old main template I was using (created in old versions) had some broken code or incompatibility with updated version of WHMCS (and gateways). As long as I switched to the DEFAULT template in General settings, the iFRAME for Quantum vault started working again. I need to review those old files for my customized template in order to match teh new files from Default.
  13. Hi, and thanks for thr reply. Actually, I'm in the middle of a Vicious Circle. If I follow your steps, the credit card screen doesn't show me the Iframe from Vault, instead gives me this message: "You must pay your first invoice via credit card before you can update your stored card details here..." (yes, I logged in as a CLIENT) So, if I try to pay the first invoice of the customer, I can't use Vault gateway (since keeps giving me "No Card Stored for this Client in Vault") so I have to use the Regular Quantum Payment Gateway. And again, If I have checked the option "Disabling storing of CC info", the CC is not stored, but still Vault is empty since I had to use Regular Gateway, not Vault. And if that option is Unchecked, AGAIN, the CC info is stored Locally in WHMCS DB, not in Vault, so No Linkage with a Vault profile is created. And also, even being stored his CC locally, the message under Client UI: "You must pay your first invoice via credit card before you can update your stored card details here..." even having paid 2 invoices already, keeps showing. (I see the CC is stored locally) Still stuck. Pd.: My version is 5.1.13 (Can't install further security patches because my support service is expired)
  14. Hi, I tried to create a reply to this thread: https://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?46935-No-Card-Stored-for-this-Client-in-Vault but the system didn't allow me since it is too old. However, I am experiencing that issue with my installation, and I have tried EVERYTHING to make it work. I create new invoices, I tried with "checked and unchecked" "disable credit card storage" option, I paid firs invoice customer manually with regular Quantum Gateway, then I tried to use Vault for a second invoice, NOTHING! Always same message in the Bill Logs: "No Card Stored for this Client in Vault" (only WHMCS logs, there is nothing on my merchant gateway logs) I'm totally stuck with that, and I really need to make VAULT gateway works for some of my customer registered on my WHMCS. Thanks any help
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