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  1. Thanks for the information Brian. We do have a defined grace period length for each TLD from our registrar so that part is good. Its great to make sure our invoice status updates accordingly. We want to make sure that WHMCS cancel the invoice when invoice status changes to expired from grace period (no redemption) and clients can no longer renew the domain. It seems like we're on the right setting now.
  2. Hi all, We configured our system to the following: Domain Grace and Redemption Fees Enabled Domain Grace and Redemption Fee Billing Generate a new invoice for the domain renewal including any Grace and Redemption Fees In our domain pricing configuration, we have set: Grace Period: 35 days, and Fee $0 Redemption Period: 0 days, and Fees $0 Basically we want to keep the option that client can renew the domain at no extra cost during the grace period. Should we be expecting WHMCS to create a new invoice and cancel the current invoice after the expiration date (when domain enter grace period)? or the invoice will remain in UNPAID status until the domain reaches Redemption Period (we're not offering renewal at this status) and becomes cancelled? Now our system does not cancel the invoice after expiration date. No new invoice is generated while domain enters grace period.
  3. It seems like a request feature about an year ago: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/recurring-cycles-limit-per-monthly-quarterly-semi-annually-annually-biennially-and-triennially
  4. Hi Chris, Thanks for the prompt reply. The issue with that is that our client have different installment product. For example, some has 12 month payment plan, some has 24 or more. However, they're all in the same product. Patrick
  5. We offer an installment for one of our product and service and we're trying to stop the system from generating more invoices once the final invoice has been generated. We can't find a solution to stop billing an individual client without terminating their product/service. For example, if its a 12 installment service, the client has paid 11 invoices already, and the 12th invoice has been generated, we wish the system will stop generating more invoices (since the installment will be completed by paying the last one). Please let me know if there's a way to stop invoicing for an individual client. Thanks a bunch.
  6. chris0055

    WHMCS 7.2.1 Login Issues

    I have the same issue, did you figure out why?

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