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  1. Estimado, ¿Sabes que es la demagogia? Yo no necesito ser sincero con mi negocio. Solo contestar una pregunta. "se puede hacer un modulo para registrar .com.uy?" respuesta: "no" saludos,
  2. Revisa que el cron esté configurado como aparece en Setup->Automation Settings Si es correcto, proba ejecutar el cron de manera manual: http://tudominio.com/crons/cron.php Con respecto al error 500 prueba volver a subir ese archivo.
  3. I did not try it, but the language files are PHP files. Do not include the echo. $ _LANG ['copyright'] = "& copy; Copyright". Date ('Y'). "All Rights Reserved";
  4. Hello. First you have to validate if the client is correct using the API. http://Http://docs.whmcs.com/API:Validate_Login This will return you if it is correct and the userid Then you would create a new ticket using http://docs.whmcs.com/API:Open_Ticket As you already have the id you do not need to include the email
  5. Lo que pregunta justamente es si se puede hacer un módulo para REGISTRAR .com.uy
  6. All -> where() are AND If you need an OR is orWhere() $data = Capsule::table('tblcustomfieldvsalues')->where('field','=',2)->where('relid','=',3)->get(); You can check full Capsule documentation in: https://laravel.com/docs/5.2/queries
  7. Hi. Okay. You have to use Capsule and look in the transaction log for some data that serves as id (can be the id of the transaction) - First of all, at the beginning of the script (before any class or function) Use Illuminate \ Database \ Capsule \ Manager as Capsule; - Then look for that id $ Data = Capsule :: table ('tblgatewaylog') -> where ('data', 'like', '%'. $ Id. '%') -> get (); That returns all matches of that $ id Now, Remember that for your module you can create a specific table to save what you want and retrieve it easily. That's why I asked you what value you specifically needed. The id of the transaction is in 'tblaccounts' which also has the customer id and the invoice id.
  8. Hi. You can get it from the table 'tblcustomfields' and 'tblcustomfieldsvalues' with Capsule.
  9. Hi. Could you be a little more specific? What information do you want to get from the transaction log? RAW data is information that you record, usually it is what the api returns. You could use Capsule to get information from the mysql table tblgatewaylog But when you record it, you have it to do with it whatever you want.
  10. This data is saved into tblgatewaylog. you are writing a custom gateway module? which data need?
  11. Hi. The tpl receives a variable called $ panels (Std Object) and arms the bootstrap panels with a smarty function with each of the panels. Check out this hook: http://docs.whmcs.com/Hooks:ClientAreaHomepagePanels I do not know if you can change the content that WHCMS creates by default. What I think is, with the hook create a new panel and inside the tpl delete the item "recent Support tickets".
  12. Hi. add at the start of your callback.php and call it again direct in browser <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set("display_errors", 1);
  13. Hola Jorge , Antel no tiene disponible API, por lo tanto es imposible desarrollar un módulo para registrar .com.uy La "solución" usar como registrar el módulo email y hacer el registro manualmente. Saludos y puedes contactarme si necesitas desarrollar cualquier otra cosa (estoy en Uruguay)
  14. Yes. you're Irony was not necessary when someone tries to help you. I do not know an undocumented way of doing what you're asking. Try changing the global variables in the hook TransliterateTicketText, or in the emailpresend. good luck
  15. Hi, The support tickets path consists of "company name" (Settings-> general-> company name) + the name of the support department (Settings-> support-> support departments)
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