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  1. Here is an excerpt from the Activity log (Utilities > Logs > Activity Log): What I did - i just bought two .com domains and simulated a payment. The invoices are paid, but the domains are in pending state.
  2. As I've mentioned before, the registrars are configured properly. When an admin manually assigns a registrar to some pending domain and clicks "register" - everything goes well, a domain pops out suddenly at the registrar's side. Same as above.
  3. Dear all, we have a testing environment of WHMCS where a customer should be able to purchase a domain as soon as the customer pays for the item. The payment gateway is working in test mode and payments are processed normally. We configured two test registrars, ResellerClub and one custom registrar. In "Setup > Products/Services > Domain pricing" the "Auto registration" for ".com" is set to "ResellerClub": /http://nekenciu.tv/up/WHMCS%20domains%20autoreg.png However, when a user pays for domain, the registrar is not assigned to the domain automatically. When an administrator assigns a registrar to a domain and clicks "Register" (under "Clients > Domain Registrations"), everything seems to be fine. So as I assume, the registrar configuration is okay. I assume I should disclose more configuration options in WHMCS admin area but I'm not sure where to start from. Any hints would be appreciated.

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