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    Unable to poll new emails

    Hello, My support tickets are not imported since I updated to v6.x. The cron returns a PHP fatal error. Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28576]: (nginx) CMD (php -q /srv/whmcs/production/private/crons/pipe.php) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28576]: (nginx) CMD (php -q /srv/whmcs/production/private/crons/cron.php escalations) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28577]: (nginx) CMD (php -q /srv/whmcs/production/private/crons/pop.php) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28573]: (nginx) CMDOUT (POP Import Log) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28573]: (nginx) CMDOUT (Date: 24/11/2015 05:45:01) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28573]: (nginx) CMDOUT (---) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28573]: (nginx) CMDOUT (PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function PhpImap\imap_search() in /srv/whmcs/production/public/vendor/php-imap/php-imap/src/PhpImap/Mailbox.php on line 174) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28573]: (nginx) CMDOUT (Host: pop.gmail.com<br>Email: support@brivelt.nl<br>) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28573]: (nginx) CMDOUT (Fatal error: Call to undefined function PhpImap\imap_search() in /srv/whmcs/production/public/vendor/php-imap/php-imap/src/PhpImap/Mailbox.php on line 174) Nov 24 05:45:01 server1 CROND[28574]: (nginx) CMDOUT (This file cannot be accessed directly) Any help would be appreciated. -Brian
  2. Hello, When I do a domain lookup it keeps hanging. So I checked the logs and see WHOIS lookup Error: 101 - Network is unreachable. Any thoughts? -Brian
  3. Db2000

    Custom fonts in PDF version 6.x

    Thank you this worked for me!
  4. Db2000

    PDF Fonts

    I am not using freesans and moving the font files to the new location does not solve my problem. It seems to be that the custom font is not found.
  5. Hi, I'm not using freesans, but a custom font. It seems to be that the custom font is not being found..
  6. I do have an issue with a custom font for pdf. It worked fine before the upgrade. I also copied the custom font files to /includes/classes/tcpdf/fonts but it's not working. Ant suggestions?
  7. We've been working on support for all order forms, including custom order forms. Currently all order forms are edited with jQuery. An implementation guide for custom order forms will be written soon. Please note that implementation require jQuery and Javascript knowledge.
  8. Hi, Thank you all for your feedback and positive words! Here's a quick update on the bug fixes and added features. Changelog 0.9.9 - [bug] Fixed the MEMORY NULL message - [bug] Fixed the width of twitter non-active button - [Feature] added type and value to promotion table for a better overview - [Feature] added instant twitter follow if client does not follow you and activates the promotion - [Task] added a user and installation guide The updated version (0.9.9) can be downloaded from our website http://client.lupio.nl Updates planned for 1.0.0: - Support for all WHMCS standard orderforms - Implementation guide for custom orderforms. Screenshots: Regards, Brian
  9. Hi SiteOx, We have set our password strength to '80'. You may refer to http://docs.whmcs.com/Security_Tab#Required_Password_Strength to see what it's requirements are. I have to say, the documentation is not straightforward. - - - Updated - - - Hi Lance, Thanks for downloading our addon. Currently it only work with the 'modern' orderform. We are working to get it working on every standard WHMCS orderform. A technical guide with implementation instructions for custom orderforms will follow on initial launch. We look into your submission "MEMORY 15401536 NULL ffffddddtt::::". Thanks for your feedback! -Brian
  10. Hi Guys, The first beta is ready. You can already download it for free at http://client.lupio.nl/cart.php?a=add&pid=23 There is no live preview since it's still a beta and may have a security risk. We advise to test this module on a closed development/test environment only. I will post an update tomorrow with a user guide for those that don't get the module working. Feel free to provide us with feedback and ideas. -Brian
  11. Hi, I did had some test orders, but when I deleted them it 'broke' when I tried to delete the last pending order. There are no errors thrown. It seems to be you can not cancel a pending order when there is just 1 pending order. It really irritates me to see that I have 1 pending order, but can't do anything with it.
  12. Google+ is not supported yet. Will add it later when Twitter and facebook are out of beta. Any feature request / enhancement is welcome. - - - Updated - - - Thanks for your help
  13. Hi Alex & factor, I noticed that I do not have the right permissions to change my PM settings on this forum. I will keep you posted on this thread. Thanks, Brian
  14. Hi, We are testing our new WHMCS 5.x module called Social Promotion. What does it do? Adds a Facebook and Twitter button to the checkout form. When a customer clicks on the Facebook or Twitter button, the module will check to see if the customer “Likes” or “Follow” your company on Facebook / Twitter. When they do, a promotion code will be applied to the cart. Of course it's still possible to use any other valid promotion code. We are looking for some peeps who would like to test the module for us. Please PM me if you would like to participate. More information on pricing will be announced on product launch. -Brian
  15. Hello, We've been working on a new fully domain featured TransIP registrar addon. Within the new TransIP addon you and your clients can manage their domains them selfs, including cancel a domain, and setting up a automatic reminder and domain termination service. List of features: Register domains Transfer domains Cancel domains Let clients cancel their domains Renew domains Registrar lock Get EPP Code Domain Sync Script Cron: checks for expire date vs incoming payment (No payment = domain automatically cancelled) Client get notified when their domain qualifies for termination. i.e: when no payment has been received before the expire date, the client will receive an reminder email. If you would like to see any other feature included, please let us know. The module release is scheduled on October 1st 2013. Pricing: €19,95 (Limited time only, owned license + 1 year of updates) €34,95 (from January 2014, owned license + 1 year of updates) €14,95 for additional year of updates For now, there will be no developers license. Regards, Brian Veltman

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