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  1. I am setting up a module, and for some reason it is just going round and round saying Working... and just keeps on loading, there has to be a way to see the error log, where is it located? Usually in php it just throws error on the page, but here it just keeps on loading forever.
  2. Alright, so i have setup a code in a module, in my whmcs. I want to excute the main function again or a part of the function again usually what i can do is if(strpos($data, $word) !== false){ changeips(); } here changeips() is a function that i can call and it will go back to the top and run it again till the if is satisfied, but when i try to setup the code in module, like a function within function, it just doesnt run, it skips over, can anyone help me? Example - This doesnt run. function modulename_mycode($parms) { XXX XXX XXX XXX function changeips(){ YYY YYY YYY $data = 'XXX'; $word = 'YYY'; if(strpos($data, $word) !==false){ changeips(); } } However it just doesnt do anything, i trigger it in admin area, and i get no reply back.
  3. Hello, Is there a way to update/mass update all the services to current prices? My main currency is USD, but i also support INR, and currently there is 10-20% on old services that i want to update to new, but there are many such, any quick way to do it? Also anyway to set cron that would update the prices once every 10days or such?
  4. Hello, I wanted to pass a function that I have created so a client can execute it, but I do not want it to show in module_ClientAreaCustomButtonArray I.e. the sidebar. I have created clientarea.tpl for the same and want to execute it by click on submit button, but I cannot because it cannot be invoked by the client because it isn't in module_ClientAreaCustomButtonArray. Any idea how to do it? i do not want it on the side bar. alternatively, Is there a way to create a "page/tab" like Change Password in product area, where when we click on it, it shows a new #tab where you can enter pass and change.
  5. For some reason my mails are being sent like this - https://prnt.sc/rczl21 However i have set template like this - https://prnt.sc/rczllm It seems like all the css, and html codes disappeared. Any way to fix?
  6. I am planning to use both, for renewal - PayPal Basic & for new order PayPal Checkout & Basic. Is it ok? As the new paypal plugin is shite.
  7. @WHMCS John thats kind stupid tbh, considering many people and buyers prefer one time payment and have payment control.
  8. @WHMCS John but does it support express checkout as me and my clients are not fan of subscription.
  9. Nothing, it is just redirecting me to Paypal.com webite. Nothing else.
  10. Nope. Nothing.. I just have up on it. Plus I read bad reviews about it in community like it's only subscription. So now I just have PayPal Basic and Express enabled.
  11. Any update on this? Same issue with too. @WHMCS John
  12. It would be great to have an option like this, where we select the one we want to terminate and then terminate right from the same page, in mass termination, instead of going page to page Any way to do it? SC for REF - https://prnt.sc/qxpsaq
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