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  1. I second this as well. Want to know about recurring payments and existing clients without SCA. Also i would really love if there was a way to have 3Ds on recurring payment as well.
  2. No no, i wanna move to official one only, want to know if any changes need to be done.
  3. I have a question, right now i am using roudiapps 3ds stripe plugin, how would i be affected? Also does this plugin have auto charge too under 3ds?
  4. Can I just take stripe from this and upload it to my current installation?
  5. What all things need to be updated in checkout and order form for it?
  6. sonuyos

    Registration after Payment and order?

    With that, the problem is how would it differentiate between the clients who did register or not. I was thinking to setup the hook with the first code you provided and replace it with SENDMAIL API, but i cannot set it up on random timing.
  7. sonuyos

    Registration after Payment and order?

    Problem is gonna be that it is just gonna keep sending mails till they do it, every hour, so i guess doing it once a day would be better option.
  8. sonuyos

    Registration after Payment and order?

    I am already looking into SendEmail API 🙂
  9. sonuyos

    Registration after Payment and order?

    Oh well, i just did something else. I just let it be blocked. And now trying to setup a hook that would send mail to users to remind them to complete registration 1 hour after registration. Wonder if it is possible. Anyways, thanks for your help mate, you are as usuz the best <3.
  10. sonuyos

    Registration after Payment and order?

    Ok, i dont know, but it works now. LOL. <?php # Force Client Details Completion v1.1 # Written by brian! function force_client_details_completion_hook($vars) { $client = Menu::context('client'); $requiredfields = array($client->address1,$client->city,$client->postcode,$client->state,$client->country,$client->phonenumber); $validpages = array("clientareadetails","supporttickets","viewinvoice","clientareainvoices","submitticket"); if ($client && !in_array($vars['templatefile'],$validpages) && in_array("", $requiredfields)) { header("Location: clientarea.php?action=details&status=incomplete"); exit; } } add_hook("ClientAreaPage", 1, "force_client_details_completion_hook"); HOWEVER. supporttickets & submitticket doesnt not work. I thnk cuz of vars for templatefile? Now here is the freaky stuff, viewinvoice works fine for some reason.
  11. sonuyos

    Registration after Payment and order?

    Even with FRR or Basic, it doesn't work. I think there is some problem here - !in_array($vars['templatefile'],$validpages) I think that vars is wrong for me i think.
  12. sonuyos

    Registration after Payment and order?

    No, No, redirection happens when i try to substitute the $validpages parameters in the prvious code, Ifjust putting the code in as you gave, that simply doesn't do anything at all. Tested in 7.7.1 with SIX too.
  13. sonuyos

    Registration after Payment and order?

    It indeed is, Brian? more like Brain :v
  14. sonuyos

    Registration after Payment and order?

    Nah mate, it straight right doesn't work. I tried to just update pages in $validpages too, still wouldn't work, would just stuck at redirection.
  15. sonuyos

    Registration after Payment and order?

    Brian, the solution you gave works, but i do not want the user to be able to access clientarea at all, except invoice and the details page, and to use the method you provided would give access to the whole site, and if i remove clientarea, it will stuck in redirection loop.

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