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  1. New prices are In effect from July 1st 2021.
  2. So i updated WHMCS to latest this week, waited long enough for all the issues to iron out. but now i am facing this issue. I have a custom script that uses variables which is passed on the client area by template. "$template->tpl_vars" and to be able to use this, i had added a code in configuration.php $smarty_security_policy = array( 'system' => array( 'disabled_tags' => [], 'enabled_special_smarty_vars' => array( 'template_object', ), ), ); However in latest update, if i have this added, the site does not work, throws random error like Smarty Error: Syntax error in template "file:/home/USER/public_html/billing/templates/orderforms/standard_cart_twenty_one_point_oh/checkout.tpl" on line 53 "<form method="post" action="{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?a=checkout" name="orderfrm" id="frmCheckout">" special variable '$smarty.server' not allowed by security setting How can i make sure that both, the WHMCS and the custom script works here?
  3. Well first of all i am irritated with Paypal. Especially after their latest shenanigans with refund feels being deducted by me. Even when their fraud system fails. And when that one time out of 20th, when it does detect a fraud transaction, it flaunts about it, but what about the other 19 times? Last month i have spent about $50 in just dispute and refund fees. which is ridiculous. Are there any plugins or anything that can prevent it? And also what are the measures and methods you use for ditching this abysmal fees and dispute fees. PS: Dispute Fees are still ok, the refund fees arent. which are ridiculous.
  4. Title. Its sad that even after beta & RCs, me and many others ahve to be scare to upgrade to mainline release.
  5. I have promox vps module from modulesgarden and it is throwing this error. It is weekend so i assume their support is offline. Anyway to sort this? https://prnt.sc/ussijb
  6. Any way to roll back to old theme? this one doesnt even have time 😕
  7. You get it wrong, I do not want to check available node resource, just set a limit on WHMCS itself and then let it manage it, regardless of the available resource.
  8. Hello, I want to know if there is any app or anything that would let me using Load Balancing. As i have multiple plans in WHMCS, so number of users on a server becomes redundant, main thing that matter is ram, and how many users are using the ram on the server. So if there is any load balancer that automatically chooses the server which has most amount of ram available, would be useful. Example 50GB Ram Assigned to a Server of which 5 clients of 4gb package are assigned to it, still 30gb RAM is pending. and then WHMCS select thjat server to setup. And way to do this?
  9. I am building up on preexisting module and wanted to see the available variables and debug information to fix bugs, but for the life of mine, i cannot figure out how to debug it in admin area clients service page. When i click on the button i created, it just keeps on loading and does not stop or give out error. How can i debug it?
  10. Thanks, however that didnt work, so i rectified the code a littlle, and now it works. $pid = (int) $_REQUEST['id']; if (Capsule::select(Capsule::raw('SELECT t1.id FROM tblhosting AS t1 LEFT JOIN tblproducts AS t2 ON t1.packageid = t2.id WHERE t1.id = "' . $pid . '" AND t2.servertype = "' . $moduleName . '"')))
  11. I want to add a link here - https://prnt.sc/t9bjob Something that would let me click and go to a link directly, it is just a link, nothing special. Anyway to do it? I want to add it only on a specific module, say module/server/XYZModule/ I want it for that module only. Any idea how to do it?
  12. I am flattered that you have my website bookmarked <3. As for the URL, actually the checkout is set on my development website. I have made it life. If you can come over chat at my site, i can show you, its really cool, 1 page checkout. As for the cart, i havnt gone thru the css, it is a totally different cart. Optimized to chheckout on 1 click.
  13. I am using a custom form from a provider, hence why i was wondering to go with hook, so it would be none problematic even if the script is updated regularly, i will give a try to what you posted.
  14. Hello, I am looking for a hook, that would remove fields like address on the checkout page. Why? because i do not want to edit template on each update, so this would be much better option. Just want to hide fields like Number, Street and Address line, these details can be added later by the user. As they are not crucial for checkout.
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