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  1. It's getting closer and closer to Black Friday, and we're also celebrating 10 years of Plambee. de! Celebrate with us and save 20% with the voucher code 1JNLM9D9R6 when you buy one of our 30+ WHMCS modules. The offer is valid until 28.11.2022 Link: https://www.plambee.de/en/whmcs-modules/
  2. Halloween is getting closer and closer and that's why we at Plambee. de have started our Halloween sale. Our product range of WHMCS modules such as the Cancellation Manager, the AV Contract Module or many payment gateways consists of over 30 modules. Secure a 20% onetime discount on the purchase of our modules until 01.11.2022. Simply use the voucher code Halloween2022 during the order process. Link: https://www.plambee.de/en/whmcs-modules/
  3. @WHMCS ChrisD Everyone understands that price adjustments are necessary after a certain time. But the way WHMCS wants to adjust its prices is simply shameless. A user with over 1000 customers used to pay $39.95, now he is supposed to pay $99.95 for the same service. That is more than a doubling, with what justification? WHMCS only counts active customers, that is true. But if I, for example, offer a product with a one-time payment, where the product remains for life, then this customer costs me money every month without me earning anything from it. The statement that owned licences remain valid is cheeky. Of course the licence itself remains valid, but at some point (with PHP X or security holes) the licence is no longer usable because you can't buy updates. Why couldn't they just adjust the price realistically? The 100$ per year for support and updates was really cheap and no one would say anything if it was 200$. But the fact that some users now have to pay 100$ per month or more is unbelievable.
  4. I really don't know what to say, the abolition of the owned licenses is a big problem for WHMCS developers, but at the same time they increase the prices for the licenses, for me that's a price increase of 900%. How is this supposed to work?
  5. This price increase, including the abolition of support for owned licences, is an absolute impertinence. I am curious how WHMCS wants to justify this, because this is how WHMCS is doing away with itself.
  6. There has long been a feature request for this, which has been ignored until now. https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/option-for-registrar-lock
  7. I think this could be this request: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/multiple-billing-accounts-using-one-login
  8. Making the failed import more visible in the log cannot be the solution. We can't look at the logs every few minutes to see if there is another entry!
  9. Unfortunately, I can only agree with the previous speakers. It is normal for a customer to use a different e-mail address to answer an e-mail. Just select the wrong sender address in the email app on the tablet/smartphone and it happens. Without any intention. But to completely block such e-mails is absolutely unrealistic and cannot be serious on the part of WHMCS. Why not include an option that we users can decide for ourselves what happens in such a case or that at least a new ticket is opened by such an e-mail? Because how does it currently look? The customer accidentally replies to the email with the wrong email address, our system blocks the email and neither we nor the customer receive any information about it. The customer who replied to the e-mail is now waiting for our reaction. But we can't react because we don't know anything about the e-mail. In the "best" case, we get a negative feedback on google which can damage our business, in the worst case, we have concluded an SLA with the customer which we cannot keep due to the senseless restriction of WHMCS and we are threatened with a contractual penalty. And that's where I come to my question: @WHMCS John please send me the relevant department at WHMCS so that you can take over these contractual penalties. If you change the functionality without consultation with us customers and do not even give us the opportunity to set this somewhere, then you also have to bear the consequences. In my eyes, it is time that WHMCS is more responsive to its users and implements functions that we need and agrees changes with us. WE are the ones who pay your salary.
  10. I am also of the opinion that there must be a delete function. That the admin should make the data anonymous by hand cannot be the answer to the problem. If I drive my car to the garage and the mechanic tells me that the solution to the problem is to take the bus in the future, he gets the spanner to his head 😉 So please WHMCS integrates a delete function, that does not cost you much work and relieves your customers, who are paying for the software.
  11. Does your cron possibly run with another PHP version where no ioncube loader is integrated?
  12. Right, the hook still uses the mysql db connection, try to replace $sql = "UPDATE tblticketreplies SET message = '" . mysql_real_escape_string(trim($message)) . "' WHERE id = '" . intval($vars['replyid']) . "'"; mysql_query($sql); with Capsule::connection()->statement("UPDATE tblticketreplies SET message = '" . mysql_real_escape_string(trim($message)) . "' WHERE id = '" . intval($vars['replyid']) . "'"); and add use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as Capsule; after the <?php
  13. You can try this hook: https://github.com/Jetserver/WHMCS-Reply-Above-This-Line
  14. Activate "Display Errors" in the WHMCS settings, then you will get more details about your posted error messages and maybe see which file is causing problems.
  15. At this point we would like to introduce our AV Contract module. The AV Contract Module (AV for the german "Auftragsdatenverarbeitung") offers you the opportunity to provide your customers with the Order Data Processing Contract, which since the GDPR is mandatory in many areas, directly via the customer area. Workflow with this module: The workflow with this module is simple. In the admin area you have the possibility to deposit your contract text in several languages. For this you have variables such as for the customer name, customer address etc. available. The customer can then go to the customer area on the module page and generate the contract as a PDF. Depending on how you want it, the contract with the PDF generation is immediately valid or the customer sends you the signed form per support ticket. In the admin area, you then have the option of confirming the receipt of the PDF and see which customer has generated a contract. Features: Order Data Processing Contract generation via the customer area Variables such as date, name and address are available for the contract text Editor for the formatting of the contract text Template System for Header / Footer of the PDF Overview of when which customer has generated the contract, with possibility to deposit the contract Option that the generation of the contract = contract is, if you want to work without a signature Both admin and customer can download the generated PDF at any time in their area Option to send emails when the receipt of the signed contract has been confirmed (email template customizable) Option that the admin will get an e-mail if the customer has deleted a contract (so that he can note this in his documents, for example) For WHMCS 7.2 – 7.5 For PHP 5.6 – 7.2 (need IonCube Loader 10.2) Interested? Then test the module with our free trial version. Details about the module can be found here:
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