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  1. In this thread we would like to inform you about our Summer Sale. Until the 30.06.2017 you get a discount of 15% on all WHMCS modules at Plambee.de with the coupon code: Summer2017. Our offer includes, for example, German translations as well as modules such as the SEPA direct debit module or the gateway limiter (with which YOU can decide which client can pay with which payment gateway). Interested? Then take a look at us, you can found a full list about our WHMCS modules here. We offer free trial versions for all modules. Hurry! Sale Ends June 30, 2017!
  2. WHMCS licenses or modules are calculated differently than a custom development. Or do you think that the development of WHMCS costs only 300 Dollars? In the case of licenses, the company earn money only after XX sales. By a custom development is only one client who has to pay the whole development costs.
  3. Charity solution/addon

    You can use a Config Option or a Product addon for this.
  4. We are happy to announce the release of our Gateway Limiter. This module gives you the ability to provide payment methods only selected customers. From the module you can select, for each gateway active in WHMCS, the individual payment methods which are to be made available to specific groups of customers. In this way you can limit payment methods to customers in certain countries, and you can even choose to stipulate that the customer must have paid a minimum of X invoices > €0.00 before (s)he may use the respective payment method. Define the countries for which the payment method is to be made available Define whether the payment method is to be available to all (including new customers) or only to existing customers who have already paid X invoices Explicitly prohibit certain customers from using a payment method, even if the other prerequisites are not met Explicitly allow certain customers to use a payment method, even if the other prerequisites are met To enable the module to work, small adjustments to the template are necessary. Strictly speaking, you must replace 1 Word in 5 template files. Once you have made the adjustments to the template and the module is configured, it is ready for use. If a customer now wants to place a new order and chooses a payment method which is not assigned to her/him, (s)he will receive a warning message when trying to submit the order, and the order will not be made. Within viewinvoice,masspay, in the customer details where the customer can choose his default payment method, when the product is upgraded, and when the customer add a amount to his credit balance, payment methods that should not be available to the customer are completely hidden Nosy? Then try it out our free trial version. Without obligation. And if you are convinced you can get the module for 29,95€ (incl. Vat). You can find more details on our Page: https://www.plambee.de/whmcs-erweiterungen/whmcs-gateway-limiter-eng/
  5. Plans for PHP 7 compatability?

    Currently the PHP7 support for Ioncube is still beta, nobody knows when its final. So WHMCS will wait for the final version. Furthermore the new Loader needs encoded files for PHP 5.6, but I think WHMCS still supportes PHP 5.3, so WHMCS will support PHP7 maybe with WHMCS 7.
  6. Looking for whmcs 6.3.0 Patch Sets

    You get patch Sets only for Updates where the last number changes for example 6.2.0->6.2.1->6.2.2. For Upgrades where the first/second number changes, you get only full downloads for Upgrades.
  7. email templates issues after upgade to 6.3

    Hi, This error is WHMCS already known (Case 9896). When you open a ticket you get a hotfix for this.
  8. Mass Mailer over API

    Hello! Is it possible to use the Mass Mailer with his queue system over the API? Actually I have a module which use the sendmail API command to send clients a mail, but when I must send many mails over the API, it takes quite a long or if there are too many, there is a php timeout. Or is there another solution? Thanks.
  9. I think that the author is no longer working on this project.
  10. Hello, I have a small problem with the new sidebar menu. I have a menu that works well (it has 4 entries), but I would like to highlight the current entry like WHMCS do it by the support tickets, there is "Open" blue after you click on it. I had found the setClass Command in the documentation, but how can I work whis setClass? I've already tried it with a IF in the addChild array of the menu, but only get a white page. And without If, the entry is always highlighted. Can someone help me? Thanks!!
  11. Because the author is not often here in the forum, the question should be better placed on GitHub.
  12. We have all experienced it, your own registrar proposes a great domain offer, for example a .bio domain for 20€ instead of 60€, if you register within the promotional period. A great offer which you would like to propose to your own clients, but at night after a hard day’s work you forget to re-enter the original price. The customers are happy because they can secure the deal for an even longer period, but after the promotional period, your registrar demands the original price from you, in other words for each cut-price registration, you pay the original price. And this is where the Domain Offers module supports you. You can store offers in the module, which then enters the new price at the start of the WHMCS promotion and restores the original price when the promotion comes to an end. For this purpose, the module uses the daily WHMCS cronjobs. Automatic price changes at the start of a promotion Automatic restoration of the original price at the end of the promotion E-mail notification when changes occur including details of what has changed. (can be deactivated) Hook to highlight offers on the domainchecker.php site (WHMCS v6 only) multilingual Compatible with multiple currencies for WHMCS 5.3 & 6.0 Interested? Then visit our page, here you will find screenshots (I get an error when I want to upload images in the forum) and the opportunity to order a free trial version. English Description: https://www.plambee.de/whmcs-erweiterungen/eng-domain-offer-modul/ German Description: https://www.plambee.de/whmcs-erweiterungen/whmcs-domain-offer-modul/
  13. Tracking File Downloads

    great Hook, but I have one question: is it possible to add the client id in the logActivity? (I can't find a $_REQUEST to get the current client id) Thanks!
  14. I am interested on your module. Does it saves only the PDF invoice or the data for the HTML view, too? (so that I can deactivate the "fixed data" module)
  15. VATMOSS & EU VAT changes

    When entered VAT Number, the price changes unfortunately only after sending the order.

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