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    Ticket Changed Popup

    I'm afraid we got absolutely zero response, njolin. In the end we just abandoned using a custom admin template and went back to Blend. That did the trick, and we've now given up on custom templating as it breaks things so often and we don't have time to debug things every time there's a new release. Sorry I can't give you a better answer.
  2. Hi there Since a recent upgrade, we are getting "Ticket Changed" popups every time we update a ticket. Could someone advise please, because it's frustratingly frequent! Thanks and regards
  3. @iserver I agree in that this was a real problem for us too. But v7.5 is out now and does resolve this issue. Since we upgraded we can now set the option correctly. So sometimes people do care and things do get resolved! :o) I'd like WHMCS to think harder about implementing alterations to financial calculations in the future though. This particular problem was very foreseeable by anyone with a bit of basic accounts knowledge.
  4. Dear WHMCS Can you tell us when this fix will go live please? A client just advised us that their invoice had calculated differently to usual by several pence. When I checked I found that a number of our invoices this month are incorrect - whereas they've always calculated just fine. There is now a discrepancy between what WHMCS calculates and what our accounting package calculates (FreeAgent - fairly mainstream!). It was very wrong of you to mess with the calculation unexpectedly on what is our live client-facing system. It's also wrong to say that the change corrects things for us in the EU. It's wrong for us too. Who calculates the tax on a line by line basis? Thought I was going mad until I discovered this thread. Arrrgh!
  5. Thanks for this, John. The problem has now been resolved by WHMCS support. It seems that not all the v7 files had got copied over successfully. All working now.
  6. Thanks again Brian. No hooks in this install - and it all seemed to go fine when we did the test upgrade last weekend. Just goes to show! Will try the cache thing, good idea.
  7. Happy Friday to you, Brian! Thanks for responding. Re-uploading the "vendor" and "includes" folders was worth a try, but did not resolve it I'm afraid. This happened when we upgraded to v7.1.2 (from v6). I've got a ticket logged with WHMCS but if you have any other thoughts they'd be welcome. At present we cannot add any invoices, orders or tickets so it's pretty grim. Best regards, JK
  8. After upgrading to v7.1 we find that all the client dropdowns in the back end are empty. So if you try to add a ticket, a quote or an order, you cannot select a client. See screenshot example. But if we go to the Clients area, they are all showing fine and active. Everything else seems to be working OK. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  9. wellend

    Admin area permissions array admin_perms

    Hi Joe Did you ever get to the bottom of this - it's exactly what I need to do too. Thanks and regards Jeff
  10. wellend

    Invoices due to be created

    Hi John Thanks very much for the pointer, I hadn't actually explored the calendar and that may well prove useful in a number of ways. For this thread though I was really looking more with a financial hat on - ie a list of all the monetary amounts on those quotes, invoices, products/services and billable items. From the calendar I would need to drill down to each item individually to get amounts. I checked out the reports but they all seem to focus on one item or another. The best thing I've come up with so far is to customise the Income Forecast report, but I couldn't find a way to get Billable Items included on there. It's probably worth saying that we may just be a bit out of sync with most of WHMCS users because hosting is only a part of our business. As well as the regular domains and hosting, we use the quotes/invoices route for fixed price development projects and the Billable Items for hourly consultancy work. So what I want to see is a forecast of income across those three "subsystems", if that makes sense? At present I'm managing that aspect offline using Excel but would love to do it all within WHMCS. Kind regards Jeff
  11. wellend

    Invoices due to be created

    I'm a relative newbie to WHMCS and need some advice please. We're using a number of different methods to create invoices in the system. For some circumstances we use Quotes and then turn them into invoices. We have some regular Products/Services which auto invoice on a recurring basis. And we use Billable Items for ad hoc work. What I can't find is any way to see an upcoming list of everything in the system which is going to be invoiced in a given period (for instance the coming month, or the coming year). This is quite important to us from a planning perspective. Does anyone have any tips about how they deal with this? Thanks! Jeff

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