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  1. PDF logo size

    Thanks for the info Brian. In the end I loaded placeholder.png into affinity designer, edited it to contain a transparent background and my logo, then saved it as logo.png and the results are perfect.
  2. PDF logo size

    Yeah I hear you there but surely the templates should work and be brand able without any modifications to the code. If i create a theme by copying the file then when the theme is updated, changes may not be overwritten but no updates will be applied to the theme. Maintaining any changes is a massive pain. Especially for something that costs a fair bit to start with. I used to have a completely customised template I'd created, it was great but stying on top of changes - where, which lines and what - then trying to merge them with updates was a nightmare so I decided to stick with the stock template and not change anything. I'm after the most simple update and maintenance process possible when it comes to WHMCS! Seeing as I don't have the original logo anymore could you be so kind as to post it here? Or just tell me what size/dpi it is? Thanks for all the responses Brian, much appreciated.
  3. PDF logo size

    Why when I change the size of the image in px, is the image not actually changing size in the pdf? It's a different size, both in terms of px and mm. Well yeah, it should resize the logo to fit or whmcs should give an exact size/dpi to create a logo to fit. Or at the very least the size should be governed by a variable set in the general settings rather than a discrete template file (or multiple template files! - even worse) that may or may not get overwritten on an update.
  4. PDF logo size

    Awesome, thanks very much!
  5. PDF logo size

    Thanks Brian, that clears it up! Yeah it's huge on the invoice too What are the units of the value 75? Can you explain the maths and how you got 35? Hopefully I can work out exactly what size it needs to be but I don't understand the relationship between DPI and PX here.
  6. PDF logo size

    I've just changed my logo to be 75px wide but it still looks huge and pixelated and overlaps with content on any pdf generated...
  7. PDF logo size

    Does "75" refer to pixels? In that case it would be better just to make my logo the right size, at least that way I don't have to worry about template changes being overridden with an update.
  8. PDF logo size

    Does that mean the template doesn't work OTB? How odd to make a template that doesn't work!
  9. PDF logo size

    Hi, I'm using an unmodified version of the default "Six" theme. However, the logo in the quote pdf always looks too big - see my attached screenshot. I reduced the size of the logo and uploaded it to assets/img but then refreshing the pdf quote the logo is exactly the same size just pixilated. It looks awful. I don't want to edit template files because its a huge nuisance to update. How can I get the pdf logo to look half decent? Surely it should just be ok by default? Or is there a "best" size for the image to be?
  10. Domain Pricing Order

    Hi, I'nm using the Six template. How can I change the order of the domain pricing displayed on the domain checker page? I want .co.uk at the top of the "popular Domains" list so that people can see the price right away when the page loads.
  11. Hi, I have added a load of custom fields to my "Request a Quote" ticket department. They are working just fine, however, I'd like the custom fields to be displayed as text in the body of the ticket when it is submitted. This would also enable me to see all the custom fields when notification of a new ticket is sent to the admin by email (rather than having to log in to WHMCS, go to the ticket and then click on custom fields - a very clumsy process) While I'm on the subject of quotes, if anyone knows how to automatically open a quote from a ticket submission that would also be very useful!
  12. Support Ticket Departments Custom Fields

    @coghost Agreed!
  13. Hi, I've created my own custom template for the whmcs section of my website. As recommended it's based on one of the existing templates (portal) and then heavily modified. I noticed that the recent incremental update (5.3.7) includes chafes to quite a few files in the portal template. I want to add these changes to my custom template too... Is there a list of all the changes made to the template files for the update, otherwise, with the amount of updates WHMCS likes to release, my life could become hellish.
  14. Client Area Invoice History Display Order

    Thanks for the reply again Brian. I had tried @array_reverse but the pagination wasn't correct, i.e. page 2 still showed the newest invoices... However, thanks to your info on templates I just used the clientareainvoices.tpl from "Default" as a starting point rather than the one from "Portal". That works great and it'll be easier in the event of a major update as i don't have to add any files outside of the template folder. I should really have used "Default" rather than "Portal" as my starting point for making modifications but it's too late now...

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