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  1. I remember that in older versions ther was a log of all outgoing Email. How can I see now all the mails that have been sent by the system?
  2. You can change the logo scaling factor at line 4 in invoicepdf.tpl in case of <code> if (file_exists(ROOTDIR.'/images/logo.png')) $pdf->Image(ROOTDIR.'/images/logo.png',20,25,75);</code> 75 is the scaling factor.
  3. Looking for help I found some older threads regarding to this. For all who are still searching for a solution to get rid of this VAT-Number and adress confirmation: Simply comment out line 77 and 78 in includes/additionaldomainfields.php. /*$additionaldomainfields[".de"][] = array("Name" => "Tax ID", "LangVar" => "detldtaxid", "Type" => "text", "Size" => "20", "Default" => "", "Required" => true,); $additionaldomainfields[".de"][] = array("Name" => "Address Confirmation", "LangVar" => "detldaddressconfirm", "Type" => "tickbox", "Description" => "Please tick to confirm you have a valid German address",);*/ Just wanted to let you know.
  4. If I understand it right, services are allways invoiced in advance. If I set the due date to 1.6.2013 for monthly billing, invoice will be generated for the period from 1.6.2013 to 30.6.2103 on 1.6.2013. So the client will have to pay for the following month. In my case clients use to pay after, what means they expect the invoice for the period from 1.6.2013 to 30.6.2103 on 1.7.2013. How do I have to convigure WHMCS to do this?
  5. It should be the last option under "Billing Settings".
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