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  1. I don't mind eating the 3% gateway fee taking cards for small orders, but when we have a large order and the customer pays with a card, it hurts a little more. I've looked around for a module to charge a gateway fee when the transaction is over X dollars but haven't found a great way to do it yet. Has anyone seen or been successful in only charging a transaction/gateway fee when the payment is over $500 or whatever number you want to set?
  2. John and othellotech appear to be right. When the service is re-activated the next due date is not manually updated, even when auto-recalculate is checked. We fixed it by having to change the next due to to a point in the near future and then manually re-run the invoice. In hindsight, create a new product would have been easier.
  3. You have a customer for some period of time. Customer moves on and leaves a few invoices behind. Invoices are cancelled, balanced is zero'd out and account is inactive. Customer comes back, service is established, life goes on. Next due date is stuck on the due date of their first cancelled invoice and payments on new invoices are reflected but next due doesn't change, causing their service to be suspended. I don't really want to delete all of their cancelled invoices and this feels more like a bug than anything else. Has anyone else ran across this or has a good workaround?
  4. Digging through the new Six theme and found this while trying to remove the affiliate link: {elseif $condlinks.affiliates && $clientsstats.isAffiliate} We'd like to hide the affiliate link for all of our customers unless we have them manually setup to be an affiliate. Short of just removing the entire menu item, has anyone had success only displaying affiliates link if the customer actually is one?
  5. Thanks Blake, the "move the domain manually" is the gray area for me. How do you actually get OpenSRS to transfer the domain to Enom without email the client about getting permission?
  6. Say a client has domain.net purchased through us at OpenSRS using their module. We're going to transfer it to Enom for price savings. How can we transfer the domain on the backend without having to involve the client? Or do we have to do a full transfer complete with EPP code and notify the client?
  7. well I guess that makes sense... PHP Fatal error: Class 'NamecheapRegistrarIDNA' not found in /mnt/stor10-wc1-ord1/domain.com/web/content/modules/registrars/namecheap/namecheap.php on line 0 I grabbed a clean copy of the file from the most recent full download, ran it again, and got the same result. I removed the namecheap folder from the registrar directory and ran the cron again. It ran successfully this time and returned the following errors in the log: PHP Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /mnt/stor10-wc1-ord1/domain.com/web/content/modules/registrars/opensrs/PEAR/PEAR.php on line 569 PHP Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /mnt/stor10-wc1-ord1/domain.com/web/content/modules/registrars/opensrs/PEAR/PEAR.php on line 572
  8. Can't nail it down for sure, but I think in the recent upgrade from .12 to .13 our domain cron broke. We have it moved per the "further security steps" and has been running fine for years. Tried to manually run the cron (by scheduling it in the hosting control panel) and was not able to get it to run successfully. Moved it back into the main install and ran it manually by visiting the page and still the same issue. Enabled PHP errors in general > other and tried again, with nothing being output but a white page when it loads. WHMCS logs show the domain cron starting, but no steps are taken and it never completes. Anyone else ran into an issue like this?
  9. Got a DMCA takedown notice that we had to email to one of our customers through WHMCS. Got 2 pages worth of this same error when the email as sent: Smarty Error: [in emailtpl:plaintext line 1]: syntax error: unrecognized tag 'NO1CARES' (Smarty_Compiler.class.php, line 592) Smarty Error: [in emailtpl:emailmessage line 2]: syntax error: unrecognized tag 'NO1CARES' (Smarty_Compiler.class.php, line 592) First occurrence of the word in the DMCA notice has {} around it. Is there an issue parsing those in a Smarty Template?
  10. Thanks Brian, that makes perfect sense and it was set to http and not https. Thanks again!
  11. We've had a few domains transferred in recently that did not have invoices generated for them. First payment amount is populated with the correct amount but the order only shows "No Invoice Due" for some reason. There is nothing listed in transactions and the account log shows the original domain order and transfer request but no invoice creation. Has anyone else seen/experienced this type of issue with incoming transfers?
  12. The {$whmcs_link} link in this template does not respect https. IE, the site is set to require SSL but the email going out contains http rather than https. Clients have received this email about their password and had to call in to express concern about passwords going over non-encrypted channels. Can the {$whmcs_link} variable be updated to determine http/https based on the site settings?
  13. This plugin is built into WHMCS so I would assume that they would need to modify the logic to unlock the domain first, make the changes, and relock the domain like they do for other registrars the have this requirement. Like enom.
  14. When using the built in OpenSRS plugin for registration, when attempting to change the name servers OpenSRS requires the domain to be unlocked. The plugin throws an error that it can't change the name servers. It works ok for our technical staff but our customers get pretty confused by it. Can the plugin be updated to function like Enom, in that the lock is disabled first, the changes are written, and the lock is put back in place, all invisible to the end user?
  15. Hahaha, awesome. One of those. Does this seem like a bug to anyone else? IE, can we lobby whmcs to fix it since it does not behave as it should?
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