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  1. THANK YOU this was an incredibly helpful answer, exactly what I needed, helped me get what I needed done!!
  2. I'm working with the order forms, and when you check a domain to see if it's available, it immediately adds it to your cart. >Congratulations! example.com is available! >This domain has been added to your cart. There is no "remove from cart" option--the only way to move forward is to click "Continue" I'd like to give customers a chance to confirm that they actually want that domain before adding it to their cart, especially since each TLD is a different price and they don't find out the price until they've checked if it's available.
  3. Ok, my bad! I don't think I can delete this but I'll move over to the Marketplace Forum. Basically I am just trying to put together the absolute simplest template that is possible--doesn't have to be robust, it just has to do one thing (any thing). Once I get that in place, I can expand it out, but apparently I'm either doing everything completely wrong or I'm not putting enough in.
  4. I want to do something super simple: I want to create a test order form that submits an order via AJAX. To get to that point I have about 30 stupid questions that need to be answered, and I don't want to spam up these forums with dumb questions like "Where do I save the file?" "What file extension should it have?", etc. If you're willing to help me put together a working demo script using the internal API and answer my questions via chat or email, I'd be happy to pay you for your time (I guess using PayPal?). I guess it's best to PM me. If this isn't an appropriate question (or an appropriate place to ask this question) let me know and I'll delete it.
  5. I'd be willing to pay someone to help me out with this a little. I just need a little guidance to figure out how to make the internal API work... the documentation is not making sense to me so I'm clearly missing something, and I'm starting to feel like I'm annoying people on these forums when I ask for help.
  6. Hey, did I maybe post this in the wrong place? Where can I go to get an answer to this? Does the question make sense?
  7. Thanks for the response! It's similar. He states: But that is not true for me--if I leave that blank, I do get the redirect loop. However, I will look into whether nginx/fastcgi is right for me. Maybe it will help.
  8. Update: I also get a redirect loop whenever trying to renew a domain. I can change the problem if I change the System URL and SSL System URL. With this configuration: WHMCS System URL: https://whmcs.mydomain.com WHMCS SSL System URL: ...I get a redirect loop on many actions. With this configuration: WHMCS System URL: http://whmcs.mydomain.com WHMCS SSL System URL: https://whmcs.mydomain.com ...I get sent to the *client* login screen on the same actions. What is happening here? Help!
  9. What could cause this? I am on SSL, so I thought maybe it could be related to the WHMCS SSL System URL. WHMCS is installed on https://whmcs.mydomain.com. If I put HTTPS for the System URL, it makes the SSL System URL blank. WHMCS System URL: https://whmcs.mydomain.com WHMCS SSL System URL: https://whmcs.mydomain.com becomes --> WHMCS System URL: https://whmcs.mydomain.com WHMCS SSL System URL: At any rate, why would I only get in the redirect loop when trying to add a promotion code?
  10. shout

    Overage Billing Questions

    I'd love to know the answer to this too. Does anybody know? Or did you figure it out?
  11. Update: I manually set the recurring amount, but on the "next due date" an invoice wasn't generated. Any ideas?
  12. I am trying to apply an $8.50 discount to a customer using a promo code. On the client's profile, under Products/Services, I selected the promo code under the menu labeled "Promotion Code (Change will not affect price)". It truly did not affect the price! Price stayed $10. Why does it do that? Anyway I checked "Auto Recalculate on Save" box under Recurring Amount. However, the recurring amount changes from $10 to $0, instead of to $1.50 as expected. What am I doing wrong? How do I apply a promo code to a customer?
  13. I'm creating a custom Order Form template and I'm finally starting to understand the internal API. However, I'd like to run the <b> domainid</b> function to get WHOIS data on a domain--and I'd like to be able to do this through Ajax. I created a script "whois.php" and put it in my template folder, but I can't figure out what the URL of it would be. It would need to be a standalone PHP file and not a .tpl file, because the .tpl files return tons of HTML and stuff, I just want a minimal yes/no sort of answer. Has anyone done custom Ajax before, and if so, how do you do it? How do you define a URL to the PHP?
  14. I want to create a stand-alone order form based off of the code provided in this thread. The code from that thread is quite old and is written using the external API instead of the internal API, so I'll be re-writing it and I want to simplify it to just the bare minimum that is required by WHMCS to create an account. I have been searching the documentation and I don't see anywhere a list of what fields are required. My goal is to have a template which is a single page that collects all information and then does one single localAPI() call with everything needed to set up the account with a given product and domain choice.
  15. I am wondering the same thing. If this works, it would be very useful.

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