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    Assign variables in php within a hook

    Not all heroes wear capes!! You are really awesome. ...And a last question. How can I use the {debug} variables in php of a page? In tpl files, It's really easy, as they have the same name. But how do I use them in php? Do I have to assign them somehow? And if yes, can it be done within a hook?
  2. Stathinho

    Assign variables in php within a hook

    Great! Thank you indeed Brian! It's working 🙂 How about, if I want to push the variable into the traslations? For example, if I wanna say: "Your id is $client->id and you I am your account manager" 'label' => Lang::trans('account_manager_label1').$client->id.Lang::trans('account_manager_label2'), I guess, that could be it? By splitting the 2 translations?
  3. Hello, I am trying to create a hook for adding a new element in sidebar. I have created the hook. add_hook('ClientAreaPrimarySidebar', 1, function($primarySidebar) { /* @var \WHMCS\View\Menu\Item $primarySidebar */ $newMenu = $primarySidebar->addChild( 'accountmanager', array( 'name' => 'Home', 'label' => Lang::trans('account_manager'), 'order' => 1, 'icon' => 'fas fa-life-ring', ) ); $newMenu->addChild( 'accountmanager', array( 'label' => Lang::trans('account_manager_label'), ) ); }); I am trying somehow to get the userid, and assign it to a variable. And is it possible to be used in translations? I tried with this one here but it's not working: $variable = $template->getVariable('variablename')->value; $template->assign('variablename ', 'variable');
  4. Stathinho

    POP3 Connection Error

    Not sure how you are getting all your email accounts linked into 1, since the only difference was the port change...
  5. Stathinho

    POP3 Connection Error

    We have fixed the issue, by replace port 995 (pop3 SSL) with 110, and it seems the issue has been fixed for almost 2 weeks now.
  6. Stathinho

    POP3 Connection Error

    Hello :) We are receiving the same strange emails with different support departments. We are not using cpanel, but another panel, so the problem is not coming from the panel. I am confirming that the emails are getting imported successfully and no errors (apart from this) are coming up.
  7. Stathinho

    Custom Client Field & Hook

    Bring My Post Up
  8. Hello guys! I want some help here. I am trying to build a hook, that will check a client's custom field on the order. The custom field will be from a drop down, which the user can select one of the values. It's like that: if (custom.client.field[6] == 'some text here'){ $aff = '40'; //just do not think of the number here } if (isset($aff)){ add the affiliate to the order } So, basically, I would like the hook, to give to every order the affiliate id I have set. Do I have to know the WHMCS API, for the adding of the affiliate to the order, or can it be implemented through mysql queries? Thank you
  9. Stathinho

    Different WHMCS

    It would be a problem! If I fix something in the .eu WHMCS, then it won't be changed in the .gr WHMCS! Also, I need 2 licence keys don't I?
  10. Stathinho

    Different WHMCS

    Hello! I have hostchefs.eu which is in english and has WHMCS. But since my clients are coming from Greece (most of them) we decided to buy the .gr domain name, and have the same site, translated in english! So WHMCS will be GR language too! I have downloaded the gr language and its 'ok'. The thing i want to ask, how can i install the same, or have the same WHMCS with the same settings, products, blablabla, in the .gr website? Thank you!

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